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Let’s Get Real Here…

Formal financial education for most people is nonexistent. You took economics in high school, which is probably as close as it got because HS standards aren’t that practical for real-world implementation. If you went to college, you took your basics and your major & minor specific ones. Oh, and you took yoga for an easy A.

But now real life is staring you in the face, more aptly its glaring right at your checking account, and it’s laughing at you. Oh how funny.

Oh hell no!

It’s time to flip the script and get down and dirty with your money! It’s time to get your family finances in check, get a hold on what you don’t even know that you don’t know (don’t cha just love that). Most importantly, it’s time to plan for your future, the future you’ve always dreamed of for your family. A future that is secure, filled with options, full of love, laughter, and hope.

Let’s get going, your life is calling you.

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I’m Kari, a money nerd mama with a passion for helping women just like you discover the tools, and develop the skills needed to uncover your own path to providing a secure financial life for your family!

I love everything about money! Earning money, planning for retirement, money tips and strategies, and of course spending money too, yaaaaa for vacations!

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t sit behind my desk like Scrooge McDuck gleefully counting shiny coins all day. I love money because of what it can do for my family.

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