I'm Kari

I love helping mamas (just like you) learn about all things money, be it budgeting or saving!

All to help you can make a secure future for your family, while still having fun!

what I do...

I know that dealing with money can be intimidating and scary, I was there once, and I don’t want that for you! I want you to feel excited to learn about money (I know that feeling seems a far way off right now). But trust me, you’ll get there, and it will be exciting!

why me...

But first, I know you’re wondering, “Why should I trust her?”  A completly fair question; let’s go over why I’m qualified to help you…

but let's talk about you...

I can absolutely help you get to where you want to be, no matter where you’re starting from! So if you’ve ever said any of these things, then I can help!

“Why is budgeting so confusing?”

“I want to give my kids the best life possible, full of the things I didn’t have, but I don’t know how!”

“How can I stretch my grocery budget to get everything I need?”

“Am I even doing this right?”

“I’m so sick & tired of stressing over money!”

“I can never get ahead! When I buy one thing for my house, something else breaks!”

I’m here to help you get a few steps closer to your own mystical land of financial freedom.

I do this through education, inspiration, and actionable steps to help you get to where you want to be. For the past five years, I have devoured all money topics, combined that with a Masters in Business and an (almost) obsessive nature with all things planning.

I focus on family finance topics, sharing stories of my past financial struggles, and letting you in on the plans for my family’s financial future. Hint – it definitely involves a lot of sandy white beaches, WDW vacations, as well as a college savings account for my daughter.

your next steps...

Want budgeting to be easier?

Of course you do! Trust me
budgeting can be easy,   you just need the right tools and the right strategy.


Want to actually save money?

You can save for everything you need
AND for most of what you want!
You just need to know how. 


about Kari...

When I’m not working, I am in my comfy pants, feverishly and gleefully comparing features of retirement planning calculators.  Here’s more about my story.