25 of the Best Items to Flip and Make Massive Money

Here are the 25 most profitable items to flip in 2022 – Plus 10 tips on reselling your items for the most profit

Author: Kari Lorz, Certified Financial Education Instructor

Author: Kari Lorz – Certified Financial Education Instructor

You have an eye for a great garage sale find, and you love bringing items back to their former glory. Maybe you even dream of being on Antiques Roadshow – sigh, one day.

You could become a flipper, and with your talent & skills, maybe you could make hundreds of thousands (read below for those who have done it).

But how do you get started flipping, and what are the best items to flip? Don’t worry; we’ll go through everything you need to know about the best things to buy and sell for profit! You can even get started today!

25 best items to flip and make massive money

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How much money can I make from flipping?

Rob from Flea Market Flipper started flipping items in 1996 on eBay, just as something fun to do. In 2015, their income was over $42,000, putting about 10-20 hrs a week, and in 2016 Rob & Melissa earned over $133,000 with 15-30 hours a week!

You can learn more about their story right here…

1. Books

For books to be a lucrative option, you need to know what authors and titles are in demand; this is usually due to scarcity. If you come across some nice complete sets that can be big, 1st editions can be a good money maker.  

For the big-ticket books, take some time to research the market and look into rare books and all the work that goes into it. It’s a lucrative market if you can travel, but it’s not for everyone. To get a better idea of everyday bookselling, check out Charlie Williams, who makes $4,000 a month selling used books.

“Textbooks and hard-cover non-fiction books tend to be worth the most. Charlie recommended the ScoutIQ app for serious book flippers to scan barcodes quickly to find the profitable ones.”

Or you can focus on FBA book flipping. check out Amazon FBA Book Reseller Pro [Flipping Books with Software].

2. Sporting goods

These can be a steal come summertime (or off-season), as people are cleaning out the garage of their failed New Year’s resolutions. Sorry, but it’s true. You’ll probably need to clean them up some but they’re one of the easiest items to flip and resell.

Be sure to be ready to sell at the holidays and New Year’s (or the beginning of a particular sporting season), as you can make a nice profit.

Look for sporting goods like golf clubs, hockey equipment, ice skates, bicycles, high-end stationary bikes, etc.

3. Video game consoles

You can flip older gaming consoles and make decent money, but the big money comes from new releases. Usually, you can find these at a garage sale or yard sale.

New video game consoles generally have a limited inventory at first, so you can buy consoles and sell them later for a significant profit when supply is low. To make a big go on a new release, you’ll need lots of extra cash on hand and a few friends to tag along, as sometimes these have a buy limit.

You can make even more if these are released close to Christmas, as “sold out” is a parent’s worst nightmare! Seeing a higher price (more than retail) is common in these instances.

If you’re into gaming, be sure to check out how you can earn free PayPal money with games. You get to relax, have fun and make money, all at the same time!

4. Solid wood furniture

This can be one of the most lucrative (and satisfying) items to flip as furniture can be in horrible shape or have outdated finishes and hardware. All it takes is watching some YouTube how-to videos, elbow grease, and minimal supplies.  

Don’t waste your time with low-quality mass-produced furniture; you want the good old-fashioned solid wood. Be sure that if this is going to be your niche that you have an easy way to transport (moving truck, flatbed, etc.) and plenty of strong friends, as wood furniture can be heavy. You’ll also need a place to fix the furniture up, a workshop, an oversized garage, etc.

Be sure that you know your local area; it’s a pretty safe bet that neighborhoods will have garage sales every Saturday come late spring (that’s when the home moving rush starts). People don’t want to move their big items, so out to the yard sale it goes!  

You can narrow your search down even more and become an expert in your field (if that interests you). Mid-century modern furniture commands a higher price right now. Or maybe you like Stickley; finding a complete (but worn) dining set could be your big break!

Brush up on your furniture flipping skills right here…

5. Electronics – New

If electronics interest you, you may want to narrow down your are to either vintage or new. The skills needed to repair these items will differ, so know what you’re getting into before going all in.  

Remember, many people are not tech-savvy, so your skills here are worth a lot of money! And many people think things like this aren’t fixable, so they will happily get rid of them for free or even trash them (which is again free for you!)

Newer:  Monitors, smartphones, tablets all retain their value for a few years, usually until the operating systems don’t support them anymore. Apple products and Galaxy phones do very well, and you can expect to get a few hundred for these, while MacBooks can go up into the low thousands. These are go-to’s for reselling and generating quick cash.

Don’t forget that people may want just a single part to fix the item themselves, so you can list those for sale if you know you have usable pieces.

Have you ever visited your local dump’s electronic recycling center? It can be a goldmine for pieces (and for parts). Now play it cool; the workers might not appreciate you digging through it and making a huge mess. But some careful dumpster diving can be very lucrative!

You can also sell the electronics you repair online on a specialized electronics site. You get an instant valuation for your items at Decluttr when you put in the make, model & condition of your item. Then, if you accept their price, you pack it up and ship it (they’ll even send you a shipping label to mail it for free).

Check out Decluttr now and make some money off those dusty old electronics!

6. Vintage Electronics

Vintage electronics like VCR players and old cathode ray TVs are considered collector items. So are some record players, do your research and keep your eyes open for a great deal! This can be a great thrift store flipping item as lots of electronics end up here.

7. Designer and vintage clothing

Some people never wear the same outfit twice, and thrift store shoppers love them for it! You can find nice things that have barely been worn at second-hand stores (especially in high-end neighborhoods) for a bargain.

All it takes is a good eye, some skills with stitching for repairs, some de-pilling may be needed, or some shoe polish, and you’ve dramatically increased the resale value!  

Be sure to study up on designers that command high prices or styles that are coming back in style. I don’t know if I could ever wear high-waisted jeans ala the early ’90s, but if you kept them in your closet for years, you could make a killing reselling them right now.

Vintage clothes, pre 1970’s, can also be a great niche, especially if it’s designer brands. You’ll want to pay special attention and care when cleaning these as fabric & thread deteriorate. You can find itmes like this at an estate sale, flea market, and at a thrift shop.

According to online clothing buyer & seller, ThredUp, “Secondhand Market is Projected to Double in the Next 5 Years, Reaching $77B.” I have used ThredUp many times to sell my own clothing. It’s so easy; you just box it up, print a label, and ship it out (for free). Then once your box is processed (4-6 weeks), they post your items for sale, and you get a portion of the sale!

8. Tools

These can also be big moneymakers, as people think they “need” tools, so they buy them and never use them. Oh well, just get rid of them, they say!

People can pick these up for a reasonable price, especially if they are large and heavy (think table saws), as people just want them out of their garage. Then here comes Father’s Day and Christmas, and they are in high demand and you can resell for a decent profit.

Be sure that you’re buying a high-quality tool, as no one wants something that will break on day one of their big project. According to Bob Villa, the best tool brands (being made now, not vintage) are…

  • Makita
  • Bosch
  • DeWalt
  • Craftsman
  • Stanley Black & Decker
  • RIDGID Tools
  • Kobalt
  • Skil
  • Husky Tools

Be on the lookout for great woodworking tools, as it’s a growing side hustle niche right now! Surprised? Yup, you can make great money at home making wood crafts. So if you’ve ever thought about working with your hands give this hobby a try (and you might even be able to make money at it too!

9. Bikes

Many people are turning back to bikes, especially in cities where parking is becoming exceedingly challenging and expensive. This one may take some time to get good at, as being a bike mechanic takes some training.

Many local non-profit bike places need help fixing bikes to resell, and many times they train you. So get some skills from the experts while doing a good deed for the community!

Once you tune the bike up and give them some fresh brake pads, handles, tires, and a new chain, you can sell them for considerably more than you bought it for. Especially if you live in an urban area where biking is a standard method of transportation.

10. Baby items

Baby equipment can be the easiest thing to flip. Baby items, in general, is a good option as it’s usually very gently used, and new items are costly. Also, be on the lookout for high chairs (especially solid wood ones), baby carriers, etc.

A note of caution, strollers can be very lucrative, BUT they can be a hard resell if you pick up one that has a recall on it. Even if you fix it, many new parents will be wary. Some pieces of baby equipment have expiration dates (car seats, for example), or they are considered not safe to use if they have been in a vehicle that has been in a crash. So be particular with that kind of item.

Start looking on the internet for “best baby + piece of equipment,” and there will be tons of lists that come up. Take note of the top brands, and start there. Many moms only buy “the best” for their new bundle of joy, so these items are highly sought after.

If you find some quality pieces you want to hold onto, then consider renting out your baby equipment instead of selling it.

According to their site, “BabyQuip is one of the highest side gig income opportunities; second only to Airbnb hosts! On average, our Quality Providers are earning over $600 a month. Some Quality Providers are making $5,000 or more a month.” And you get paid upfront, and takes about 2 days for it to hit your bank account.

11. Outdoor furniture

This is another item that people just want out of their home & yard! Take it for FREE, please they beg you. Okay. All you need is to pressure wash the moss off it, wash the cushions, scrub away the cobwebs, and you’re good to go! Think of sourcing these items in winter-early spring, and have them ready to go by the mid-spring season for maximum profit.

Again, before going into this category, be sure that you have the room to store it for a few months.

12. Antiques

To be lucrative, you need to have some background with flipping items in this genre or be good with your Google skills. Hunting for antiques can be fun, and you may find the steal of the century and end up on Antiques Roadshow (yeah you!)  

But often, if you’re not careful, you’ll end up with cool-looking items that aren’t worth anything. If you’re looking into this niche, it’s a good idea to specialize in only a few types of related antiques. Such as furniture, or kitchenware, or clothing, or collectibles like porcelain figurines.

13. Collectibles

This is another item that you’d want to be a subject matter expert on. It would be hard to learn everything there is to know about baseball cards, Steiff stuffed animals, Hummel figurines, and vintage GI Joes. So pick a genre that interests you, and check to see what kind of market there is for it. There’s no point in choosing something that doesn’t have a resale market.

For newer items, veering into just reselling, limited editions make a great buy-in or things from special events. Many people make money buying a ton of something and then turn around and resell it on eBay for a profit. Think DisneyWorld Limited Edition 50th Anniversary pins – these can command a higher price than what it sold for even a week ago.

14. Specialized hobby gear

Again, you’ll want to either already know something about these markets or be eager to learn. General knowledge won’t be quite enough to know when you’ve scored a deal or if something is even fixable. There are lots of hobbies that require special (and expensive equipment), that people prefer to buy on the resale market.

  • Photography (see below)
  • Camping equipment
  • Dirt biking
  • Musical instruments
  • Looms for weaving

If you happen to be great at repairing hobby equipment, you could make a lot of income off of a single investment by renting out your stuff. FriendWithA connects people who have things like dirt bikes, cameras, film equipment, paddleboards, tools etc. with those that want to rent these items.

15. Vintage Video Games

Gamers are gamers, no matter how old. That means those old, original (and out of production games) can cost quite a penny.

According to Marketwatch, “Global videogame revenue is expected to surge 20% to $179.7 billion in 2020, according to IDC data, making the videogame industry a bigger moneymaker than the global movie and North American sports industries combined.”

Yes, vintages games are only a tiny portion of it, but the older gamers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon (they’re only in their 50’s max), so the market is only growing now. Besides, many people feel very nostalgic about the older games; they remember playing them as kids and would pay big money to recreate those experiences.

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16. Concert t-shirt

These are the quintessential limited edition item to resell (and some of the easiest items to flip). Bands and singers design shirts to sell for this very limited time period, and once it’s over, the shirts are gone.

I am the proud owner of a Kenny Rodgers 1981 tour shirt, and I absolutely don’t want to know how much my husband paid for it. It was expensive. So someone back in the day bought this for maybe $5, and now it goes for $100+; that’s a nice markup!

17. Antique Jewelry

This item deserves to be in a category all on its own as the market is huge and varied. There are so many distinct styles & eras of jewelry, and they are always in fashion (even if it rotates a bit).

Usually, you just need to clean it up, polish, make a few minor repairs (hopefully, you have the skills to do this), and you can make a lot reselling it, especially if you have a complete set of something. You know the earrings with a matching necklace, sometimes a bracelet and sometimes a ring too.

If you don’t have the capital or skills to repair authentic pieces, consider becoming an expert in costume jewelry. There is a massive market for this too!

Etsy has one of the best marketplaces for selling jewelry, especially dainty items that have unique touches to them. So if you’re looking to sell on Etsy, be sure to read how to get the most sales on Etsy for some valuable pointers.

18. Sneakers & Shoes

If you were a basketball fan in the early ’90s then you already know that fans were fanatical about Air Jordan. “

According to Luxatic, “Beyond the fashion symbol and what they mean for the most avid of the Jordan fans, the sneakers have grown to become one of the best selling and at the same time most expensive sneakers on the market. Many of these famous sneakers now behave like those old valuable classic cars. The older they get, the higher their price and demand. And believe us, there are a lot of people who want to get their hands on a historic pair of Air Jordans. And they’re ready to drop tens of thousands of dollars for them.”

You can make a quick profit on these, as collectors are very eager!

19. Baseball Cards & Pokemon Cards

According to Dicebreakers, “While a number of first-edition cards from the Pokémon TCG’s early days are worth some money – assuming they’re still in good nick – due to their limited availability and age, this specific version of the holographic Charizard absolutely stands out as one of the rarest and most valuable Pokémon cards ever released. A mint-condition first-edition shadowless holographic PSA 10 Charizard sold at auction in October 2020 for a whopping $220,574 to the retired rapper – and Pokémon fan – Logic, setting a new record for the already valuable card, according to card game outlet Cardhops.”

Trading cards have long been a popular collectible. In fact, fathers with baseball cards are getting their kids into pokemon cards as a hobby to do together. These can be a great find in yard sales or estate sales.

Keep your eyes open and you could find cards that complete a collection and make it a lot more valuable. These are easy things to resell as they need hardly any work, more so just to be put in protective containers/sheeting.

20. Home appliances

Smaller kitchen appliances can also be a great option for making extra money. Vitamix’s are a popular option for quick cash, and especially popular around Christmas and the New Year’s resolution crowd.

Many times homebuyers take their appliances with them (washer, dryer, and refrigerator are common). So that leaves new home buyers in the lurch. After spending so much on a downpayment, the don’t want to pay full price on new appliances as well. So refurbished appliances are common and can be a great deal for the seller and the buyer.

21. Photography gear

Photography is usually a hobby for people, a very expensive hobby, so they are looking to save money whenever possible. Photography accessories are also part of this resale market – tripods, camera bags, flashes, and more.

The skills you will need usually revolve around cleaning the gear to get it in tip-top working condition.

Photography gear can be a great resell for a decent profit. Equipment usually lasts a long time, and older models can be fixed. Camera lenses hold value really well.

Don’t forget; you can rent out any photography gear that’s in good working order on FriendWithA. They only take 10% of the rental fee.

22. Vintage board games

These can be a great field to get into as so many people have games collecting dust in their homes. So keep your eyes peeled when you go to a yard sale or estate sale! If if you find incomplete sets you can use them as parts to complete other sets.

According to Ranker, the top three board games are…

  • Swift Meats Major League Baseball (1957) – Up to $2,644
  • The Elvis Presley Game (1957) – Up to $2,150
  • Win-A-Card (1969) – Up to $1,795

23. RV’s & Campers

So this one is for those hardcore flippers, as RV’s take quite a bit of upkeep. But the market for vintage campers is HUGE! Especially if you get a nice make & model (think Airstream).

This one also takes a bit of time to see the fruits of your labor, as a lot of it is manual labor, such as remodeling.  One mom has made over $60,000 in profit from her rehabs!

This can be an incredibly lucrative business in snowbird areas like Arizona, New Mexico, and Florida.  

Another bonus is that if you want this to be a full-time gig, you can live in the camper while rehabbing it and save money on housing. Then when you’re done, you buy a new trailer, move into that one and sell the one you just finished! House hacking 2.0!

If you are an RV all-star, I have even heard of an Airbnb that’s an RV camping site with nothing but vintage trailers on it. How fun would it be to manage that!

Don’t forget that you can also rent out any RVs that you have (instead of selling them) on Outdoorsy. Click the link and you can put in your RV’s make & model and they’ll tell you how much you could be making if you rented it out! (And yes, they offer lots of insurance for lenders & renters alike.)

24. Websites

This one is a different animal, as it’s not a physical product, but the great thing is that this can all be done from the comfort of your couch! People often make websites, build them up for a few years and then get tired of it, so they sell it.  

For example, if you’re really good at monetizing a site, you can buy a site that has a popular niche, you can buy it for cheap (if it’s small enough), you can monetize it and increase the value. Then go and sell it, a typical selling price of 20-40 times monthly earnings.

These projects take some time though, as there are external factors that you don’t have control over impacting a site’s value, such as domain authority, your backlink profile, etc. These take time – a few months to a year. So this isn’t for the fast money.

You can also focus on just buying domain names, as they can be worth a lot of money. For example, if you’re a trend watcher, you could pick up a domain for the latest thing, and then put it on the market for sale at a much higher price (depending on how popular the item becomes.

Cash-flowing websites are bought and sold every day on marketplaces like Flippa

25. Houses

Yes, everyone wants to be a house flipper; it seems so exciting! AND, you can make a lot of money, but how much?

According to Smart Asset, “In fact, according to ATTOM Data Solutions, the average gross profit for house flipping was $62,300 in the first quarter of 2020. This equates to an average percent return of 36.7%.” But, In ATTOM’s methodology, you’ll see that this number does not include the cost of rehab and renovations, which flipping veterans estimate will run between 20%-33% of the home’s value after repairs.”

You’d need to pick your purchases carefully from a real estate standpoint (aka the right neighborhood) and pick a house that you can comfortably rehab on your own. Yet, it always seems that unexpected expenses pop up – a new foundation for the garage, new electrical throughout, etc. All these things add up, and it could mean you take a loss on the house.

Homelight gives a hypothetical house flip based on US averages…

  • You buy a house for the median price of $160,000to flip it.
  • Based on the current averages, your gross profit would amount to $64,900 (or 40.6% ROI) for a sale price of $224,900.
  • Your average cost of renovations as 20%-33% of the after repair value (in this case $224,900) amount to: $44,980-$74,217.

At best, your calculations work out like so:

  • Sale price: $224,900
  • Purchase price: $160,000
  • Rehab costs and other expenses incurred (low end) $44,980
  • You take home: $19,920 flip (12% profit)

At worst, you lose money:

  • Sale price: 224,900
  • Purchase price: $160,000
  • Rehab costs and other expenses incurred (high end): $74,217
  • You lose: $9,317 on this flip (-6% profit)

Get started by checking out some online classes…

How much money can I make from flipping?

It all depends on what you’re flipping. Is it a rare item? What condition is it in? Is it a complete set? There are so many variables here. But it’s safe to say that you can make a lot of money if you have a good eye for a bargain or have a high-end skill set (i.e., general contracting or electronics repair).

Your profit margin must make the effort of sourcing, rehabbing, photographing, listing, and shipping the items worthwhile. Don’t underestimate how much your time is worth to you!

Rob from Flea Market Flipper started flipping items in 1996 on eBay, just as something fun to do. In 2015, their income was over $42,000, putting about 10-20 hrs a week, and in 2016 Rob & Melissa earned over $133,000 with 15-30 hours a week!

Their best flip was a prosthetic titanium leg; they bought it for $30 and sold it the very next day on eBay for $1,000! Another high-ticket item was a parking lot security tower which they bought for $6,200 and then sold it for $25,000 in a month! (Yet, they did a lot of research on this before buying, so it wasn’t just a happy circumstance.)

Now, it took the couple years to get to this level. There’s a lot of trial and error in this industry, and the more you do it, the more you learn and the more contacts you make.  

The couple says it’s common for beginners to earn anywhere from $200 – $2,500 per month in their first year of flipping. Which mostly depends on how much time you can put into this side hustle. But even at $500 a month in earnings, the extra money is a great supplement to your income. You can start small and slowly work up to making $200 a day with flipping!

You can grab Rob & Melissa’s free guide on 47 Household Items to resell and get started right now. Or watch their free webinar on how to turn your passion for flea market shopping into profits! (Plus insider secrets on how they did it!)

How do I learn how to flip things?

It’s not rocket science to know that people learn best by making mistakes, but that doesn’t mean they have to be your mistakes. So many people put their flipping journey online, documenting struggles, and showcasing their success. Why not follow along and learn as you go!

For myself, I have completed many projects by watching YouTube videos. Depending on the field you pick, there may be lots of resources for you. Flea market flipping is especially popular, and you’ll find lots of info online.

Or maybe you find an experienced person who needs an assistant. You can learn the trade, gain some skills, and then go off on your own. Hopefully, you can go into a slightly different local so as not to poach good deals from your mentor.

Flea Market Flippers offers a free video series on how to make $100 this week flipping, so you can learn all the basics and get your feet wet. If you want more, they offer a premium course to help take your flipping business to the next level. Also, be sure that you check out the big online platforms, as they have a ton of classes!

Where do I find the best things to flip?

The good news is that deals & steals are all around you. You just need to keep your eyes open. Here are the best places to find your next best item to flip…

  1. Garage Sale – keep your weekends free in the late spring for yard sales as many neighborhoods host sales. Many sellers just want the items gone, so be sure that you negotiate prices (especially if you’re visiting at the end of the day).

  2. Estate sales – these happen throughout the year, and again you can find people eager to negotiate and unload items.  

  3. eBay- is a place for selling and finding items. Sometimes people just don’t know the value of the things they are selling, or fixing them is beyond their scope.

  4. The junkyard – I love the junkyard; so many people are dropping off things throughout the year. And since the items cost nothing, it’s all 100% profit. You can also check out scrap yards if you’re flipping bikes or appliances. Not sure about this one? I get it, scrapping seems outdated, but it’s a thriving industry. If you’re curious, find out everything you need to know about scrapping for money.

  5. Facebook Marketplace – Again, many people are eager to unload their items, so negotiating is expected. Most people on here aren’t professionals, so if you know you’re stuff (and how to negotiate), you can get good deals.

  6. Buy Nothing groups are usually based on Facebook, where people give items to whoever in their neighborhood shows interest; you just have to go and pick it up. Sometimes people do stipulate that the goods they are offering are not for resale. People giving items away want prompt pickup (with 24 hrs), so be sure that you can go and get it.

  7. Flea market – you can find good antiques and vintage items at a flea market, but negotiating prices may not be appreciated.  

  8. Thrift stores – if you have a good eye for what sells, you can find great items here at a low cost. These stores may not have the time to research things and price accordingly, so you can buy low here and hopefully sell high later. Did you also know that thrift stores have dump bins? Yup, these are the items they don’t want, they go into huge boxes to be disposed of, and you can take away those big boxes of stuff for almost nothing! Just ask at your local thrift store.

  9. Auctions – depending on your field, you’ll find great deals here, things like cars, farm equipment, heavy machinery, etc.

  10. Bulk sellers – If you want to take newer goods and DIY them into something amazing, then you can get great deals when you buy in bulk. While not technically rehabbing something, you’re still flipping it. If you’re not sure what to sell but you like the creativity of this idea, be sure to check out the 25 best items to sell on Etsy.

  11. Pawn Shops – I know this advice sounds outdated, but pawn shops are a thriving business! You can find some prime pieces in these places, but be sure to brush up on your negotiation skills beforehand as these people are pros and getting top dollar for their goods.

    You can find out everything you want to know about how to find the best pawn shop near me right here.

Tips for negotiating down price when buying

When trying to get an item for cheaper, be sure that…

  1. Don’t offer a ridiculously low price, as it’s just insulting and a waste of your and their time. Offer something low, or suggest paying the asking price with another item thrown in.

  2. Cash is king – people are more willing to take a lower offer when they don’t have to pay fees on the transaction (as with a credit card) or wait for it (as with a check, don’t ever offer a check). Offer to pay with cash, and it’s more likely to be accepted.

  3. Have a good eye – feel free to point out defects on the item, or let them know that comparable items are offered cheaper elsewhere (be ready to show them online where it’s cheaper).

  4. Be willing to walk away – if it’s too expensive, then walk away.

  5. Hesitate – show interest but not too much interest. Walk away for a while and check out other items. Maybe the seller with rethink their pricing strategy (fingers crossed).

  6. Be comfortable with silence – don’t fill the silence with mindless chatter. State your price and wait, keeping eye contact and a smile.

  7. Ask the salesperson what’s the lowest price they will take. Make them start the process; then, you will know where along the price line to make your offer.

Where do I resell my items?

There are many places to sell your items and make extra money. Depending on how big/heavy the item is, online marketplaces make it very easy.

These sites are a great place to see how much items are selling for. You want to be somewhere in the vicinity of comparable items if you want to sell successfully. If you try and make fast money and undercut other sellers, people might assume something is wrong with your item.

  1. Mercari – You can find lots of categories of goods on here, even vintage.

  2. Poshmark – is a great option to sell clothing & accessories.

  3. Swappa – is your go-to place to sell electronics – tablets, computers, cameras, home tech, watches, phones, etc., are all welcome.  

  4. OfferUp is an excellent option to sell locally, perfect for more oversized items like furniture, cars, yard sheds, etc. But many do sell small things as well.

  5. VarageSale – this is another local buy & sell platform.  

  6. Etsy – this can be a great option to sell vintage items, especially jewelry and clothing.  

  7. Craigslist – while an older platform, it’s still active and widely used. Not as many frills on the platform, but it gets the job done.

  8. eBay – similar to Craigslist, eBay gets the job done with minimal fuss. The main plus is that the marketplace is huge – 183 million buyers to be exact!

  9. Flyp – is a different kind of platform; it connects you with sellers. So you list your lot of items, take pictures, and the pro sellers do the rest for a part of the commission.

  10. Kidizen – is the perfect place to sell your gently used baby/child and new mama items.

  11. Facebook Marketplace – easily one of the most accessible platforms to sell on locally. You can find almost anything – large retailer clearance goods by the boxload, RV’s, apples, just about anything.

Tips for reselling items

  1. Start with a genre of goods that you know something about or are very eager to learn about. 

  2. Start small – do your research, try a few flips and get a feel for it. What do you need to learn about to do better?

  3. Network – flippers usually run in similar circles, be friendly, helpful, and always keep your ears open.

  4. Get good with photography – pictures are probably one of the most important pieces of selling goods. You need good lighting, a decent camera, attractive backdrops (if applicable). A good camera is nice, but plenty of people use their phone’s camera. Be sure to Google product photography tips to help you get started.

  5. Be detailed with your descriptions. Along with good photography, you’ll want to write a good, detailed & descriptive description. Bes ure to answer any questions that potential buyers may have.

  6. Be completely honest with the condition of the goods you are selling. Most sites give buyers the option to review the seller, and reviews influence potential buyers.

  7. Be a prompt shipper – customers count on fast shipping! Remember to underpromise and over deliver on this aspect!

  8. Know that you will lose money on some flips. This is how you learn; keep your fingers crossed that you don’t lose too much money.

  9. Study up on what your competition is doing. What are they doing that’s right? Where are they falling short? What can you do to make your listings stand out from the others?

  10. Be money smart – don’t invest all your money in one item; if it takes a while to sell, your business will be on hold. Remember to set up your money from sales as a business. A portion of funds needs to go to
    1. be reinvested back into buying new items to flip
    2. be reinvested into overhead costs (shipping boxes, etc.)
    3. be paid to you as your wage

Can I rent out my flips instead?

Yes! There are lots of platforms where you can rent items out to people in your area. Sometimes people may not be a great time of their life to go camping, but they don’t want to sell their stuff as they may want it later. Or, you’re intrigued by he idea of recurring income. Either way, renting can be a good option…

  • Outdoorsy – RVs, camper vans, travel trailers
  • BabyQuip – all things baby equipment
  • FriendWithA – film equipment, bikes, cameras, tools, paddleboards, etc.

At the end of the day

Figuring out the best items to flip and finding your perfect fit can be a trial & error process, but know that your persistence will pay off. You just need to find the trifecta – a place where the three areas all overlap, like a Venn diagram (you know the three circles, and where the overlap is, is the sweet spot). The three circles are…

  1. What you are good at (or can get good at through learning)
  2. What do you love to do or are interested in
  3. What society will pay you to do (skills you have but they don’t, and they need those skills).

Once you find that niche of the best items to flip (for you), then go full speed ahead and rake in that extra money.

What stands out as the best thing to flip? Whatever it is, get started today!

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  1. You are a hard worker. Enjoy looking at all the 10 fixer up. I’ll read what you have and hope it helps me to get started in flipping things that can make money. Thank you for the information.

  2. This is so great! I see people talking about these great finds at thrift stores they sell for 10 or 20 times what they paid for it and have wondered what to look for! Thanks for the comprehensive list!

    1. Yes! So exciting to think of the things that you might have in storage! It’s a great way to get motivated to go through all those boxes in the garage huh!

  3. When I was younger I new a lady who flipped books. She made a good amount of money from it. Its great with apps and online websites that help with re selling items.

    1. That’s cool! Flipping old books must be so interesting with all the history that goes into it, not just the manuscript but the art, the binding, the printing press, etc.