Here’s how to use a bullet journal savings tracker to crush your savings goals!

Bullet journaling is a trend that has taken off recently, and for a good reason. Could it even be called a trend when it’s so practical? Or are we just lucky enough to be here for the beginning?

The BuJo is so versatile; you can use it for almost anything that your brain can think up. It will help you organize all those mumble-jumbled thoughts into a highly productive planner, guide, and central hub for your life, all in one cute little notebook.I

It’s time that we put this method into action by highlighting and showcasing the exact ways you make your own bullet journal savings tracker and start saving more today!

10 easy bullet journal savings trackers

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Can using a bullet journal savings tracker help me save money?

Yup, it sure can! Now, don’t get me wrong, you won’t save anything just by using an item. But what the BuJo will do is help you keep “saving money” up in the front of your brain, as you most likely use your BuJo every day!  

When something is in front of you every day, it’s hard to ignore it, so you will constantly be reminded of your savings goals! And let’s face it, everyone needs some help staying motivated while saving money, so this is a huge win!

Plus, when using a BuJo savings tracker, you get to color it in, and let me tell you, coloring in each and every line is so satisfying!  I recently did a no-spend month and used printables on my fridge. One was coloring a piggy bank, and honestly, coloring in my savings was the highlight of my week! My 5 yr old little girl loved to color it in too.

What should I be saving for?

Has anyone ever asked you what you wanted for your birthday and you froze up? You literally have no idea. The same can be true for saving money. Let’s go over a few bullet journal tracker ideas that are a necessity and a savings goal that is just for fun!

At the very least, you need to have a 6-month emergency fund. Yes, you can do a 9 month or one year, but don’t go below a 6-month fund. This amount should include all of your living expenses. The standard recommendation is that you save 10-15% of your gross income.

While you’re filling your emergency savings you should also be contributing to your workplace retirement accounts. That percentage varies depending on what your company offers for a matching amount. If they match 5% then you put in 5%, if they match 10%, then you do the same. This is FREE MONEY, don’t leave it laying on the table.

Once you are contributing the match amount, and putting a decent amount into your emergency fund, then it’s time to save for the fun stuff! You can start a vacation fund, a clothes shopping spree fund, a hobby fund, or if your responsible then a home/car repair fund (yes, this one isn’t so fun).

When saving money is your goal, it can be useful to also have a spending tracker. This way you can see exactly where your money is going, and spot any potential trends that you may need to get a handle on.

Bullet journal ideas for finance spreads

Before we dive into the savings trackers, let’s look at a few other bullet journal ideas for personal finance. There are so many different ways you can use a BuJo for your money, let’s go over some of the best bullet journal ideas for personal finance.

  • Monthly budget tracker
  • Expense tracker/ spending log
  • Savings tracker- use these to get some ideas
  • Financial Goal spread & bullet journal inspiration page
  • Bullet journal debt tracker
  • Monthly bill tracker/monthly expenses
  • Habit Tracker – spending habits (making own coffee, not eating out, etc)
  • Savings challenge spread
  • Emergency fund log
  • Income tracker

Let’s dig into the best bullet journal savings tracker layouts, and you can start yours today!

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10 BuJo Savings Tracker layouts that you need today

I tried to pick layouts and images that are easy to recreate. I know the super cute florals, swirls, and designs look great, and we all want our bullet journal look great. But, I honestly struggle with drawing a simple stick figure. I really do. Since the point is to inspire you to make your own, I wanted it to be friendly to all drawing abilities. If you’re a rock star with markers, then cool, add all the cute swirls you want!

Don’t forget that if you’re looking for bullet journal supplies, check out this post on why a finance BuJo is a necessity! I go over some great products that will take your dotted journal to the next level!

1. The Classic Savings Jar

I am a big fan of classics, and a savings jar layout is the best place to start if you are new to using the bullet journal! It’s hard to mess up a basic jar, and you just color in your savings along the dot lines! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

2. Simple BuJo savings tracker

If drawing out a savings jar kind of makes you nervous, then never fear; anyone can do the simple layout of this savings tracker! Just block out square and BAM! You can either do the same amount in each square, or as this one shows, you collect random amounts, and once you have it, you color it in! Just be sure to add up your amounts a few times before finalizing it in pen (personal experience speaking here)!

3. Make Saving Money a Game

I love the creativity of this one, such a good idea! Here they’ve used a Monopoly game as their bullet journal savings tracker. Each week you roll the dice, move your marker, and the amount you land on is the amount you’re supposed to save!

4. Monthly Money Saving Challenge

I love how specific this bullet journal savings tracker is! The creator wanted to save money by bringing her lunch to work every day instead of going out to eat! Which is such a great way to save money! According to Visa, their survey “shows that American consumers are spending nearly $2,746 on midday meals each year.

Hmmm… I could do a lot with that kind of money, couldn’t you?

5. Holiday BuJo savings tracker

Saving money for the holiday season can be one of the best things you can do for your finances, as the holiday debt hangover is real! According to MagnifyMoney, “31% of Americans took on holiday debt, at $1,381 on average. Ugh, that’s a hefty bill come January. Instead, use this super cute Christmas tree savings tracker!

6. No spend month savings tracker

I am a massive fan of doing a no-spend challenge to save money! I know it sounds extreme, and it kind of is, BUT it’s fun too! I like challenging myself to do hard things, and spending a little as possible is hard, but the savings makes it all worthwhile!

(she posted this on February 16th, so don’t worry, she hadn’t given up, it was just still in progress)!

7. Full year bullet journal savings racker

I like this one as it shows her progress over the entire year, as watching your numbers grow and grow is encouraging! This is an excellent example of using sinking funds and separate bank accounts (or cash envelopes) to save money. It looks like she’s saving money for…

  • investing
  • super
  • holiday
  • general

8. Saving up for something specific

Okay, so I’m slightly cheating here; the original creator has intended this to be a mood tracker. But it lends itself perfectly (as most mood trackers do) to be a perfect bujo savings tracker!

Each yarn ball has a numbered section, and then each wood slate on the basket could be a section. Add those sections all up and divide that by the total you need. That’s how much each section is worth. BAM!  

So if your hobby was knitting, and you wanted to buy more supplies (that you need to save for), then this fits perfectly. You can use an image of any hobby item – a new iPhone, a paddleboard, a new pair of XYZ!

9. Big Ticket Savings Tracker

You could use this idea for anything big that you wanted to save for, just get a visual representation of it and transfer it into your bullet journal layout. Here, this user is saving for a wedding! Or you could do one of these for a vacation, a new home, anything basically!

10. Bullet journal goals page

I am a huge fan of setting goals, so why not do a financial goals page in your BuJo? I love this one as it lays out SMART goals, and when you mix that with your personal finances, that a winning combo!

What if using a bullet journal just isn’t for me?

I hear ya, sometimes the pressure to think up a creative & cute bullet journal spread takes all the fun out of it, and it just becomes a chore. That’s exactly what we don’t want. You can always use a savings tracker printable instead! This way, all you need to do is fill it in, easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Or you can check out a budget planner, these all have a few pages dedicated to saving money, and they’re already preformatted so all you have to do is fill in the numbers.

If you’re looking for a free printable savings tracker then I’ve got you covered! Just go here, fill out your email and I’ll send them right over to you! You can literally start filling it in within 5 minutes.

At the end of the day

Using a bullet journal savings tracker is a great way to keep your savings goals up and in front of your consciousness. It keeps saving money fun and something you look forward to, which can be tricky during the long haul. So anything that makes it easier and more fun is a money must-do!

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Are you going to add a savings tracker to your BuJo?