Kari Lorz

Hi there, I'm Kari

Blogger, mom, wife, donut addict and freelance writer! I write content so that you have the time to do what you do best in your business!

You:  Plan, organize, coordinate, dream big, reach goals, repeat!

Kari:  Write, write, write, mmm… donut, write, and write!


Who I write for

I write for audiences that want a fun, easy read. Yet are full of value about important topics that we genuinely want (and need) to know about!

I’m not a fan of fluff, I write about real strategies, trends, tips & hacks! I love how-to guides and anything that takes a reader from newbie to pro in 2,000 words!  Your readers will feel like they got a ton of tips to take away and implement!

I write about

All things related to personal finance!  Budgeting, saving money, money management strategies, long term financial planning, getting out of debt, etc.

I’m also interested in writing about…
– Managing your home & minimalism
– Women’s health & fitness

What I write

I write pieces that are straight-shooting, come from the heart, delivered with humor, factually based, and are actionable!  

I specialize in writing short & long-form blog posts that content with your reader and make them say, “OMG, that’s me!”  This builds a personal connection with them and builds trust with your brand.  

From trust, they turn into loyal followers that sing your praises while waiting in the school pick up zone, and are perfect for sharing on social media!

My posts are..
– SEO optimized, so your content will be found
– Fully formatted for WordPress (this means less work for you!)
– Cite well respected sources that build trust and dependability
– Fully edited and easy to read to increase reader retention


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