30+ Fun & Legit Games That Pay Instantly to PayPal

How to earn PayPal money playing games – have fun and exercise your brain with these games that pay instantly to PayPal

You’re looking for a way to make some extra cash, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time doing it.

It can be tough to find an easy way to make some extra money. Most things require a lot of effort and time, but that’s not the case with playing games on your phone.

By playing games on your phone, you can easily make some real cash in your free time, while sitting down and relaxing. There are many different games that will pay instantly to PayPal, so you can start making money right away doing something fun.

Let’s go through some of the best games that pay instantly to Paypal.

30 games that pay instantly to PayPal

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Look for the ✅ to see our picks for the best programs, apps, and sites to save money and earn you some free PayPal money!

Earn PayPal money playing Skillz Games

Solitaire Cube

4.6 out of 5 stars with 87,000+ ratings

Solitaire Cube is the ultimate solitaire game app. The aim of the game is to be the first to finish against your opponent. You’re both delt the same cards so move fast and you could win!

Each victory is rewarded with points. But you can play on your own too, and you may also join tournaments to increase your earnings even more.

The game is more than just solitaire, you can challenge people around the world on this platform, complete with leaderboards, trophies, physical or virtual prizes, and a loyalty program that rewards you for playing!

It’s important to point out that you can play for free, but tournaments do have a cost, from $1 to thousands of dollars per entry. Players are matched based on their abilities in order to provide them a real chance of defeating their opponent in a fairly matched game.

user review- Arayev – rated it 4 stars

“Starting off I thought this game was a scam, losing more than I won, and a lot. Lost a lot of money, but then I realized I needed to actually learn the skill of the game and work the strategy because believe it or not, there are people who’ve mastered this and it’s called a Pro League for a reason!”

Can you make money with Skillz games?

In 2014, Skillz told CNBC it cannot reveal the identity of the gamer that scored the big $46,000 win, but said the bulk of her winnings came from the matching game, Diamond Strike (talk about striking gold!).” CNBC reports.

21 Blitz

4.6 stars out of 5 with 21,000+ ratings

Blitz is a combination of Blackjack and Solitaire. It’s a fantastic method to practice your blackjack abilities, sharpen your brain, or pass the time. Play against real people for free before moving on to cash games if you want to test your skills!

How to Play

  • Make 21s or stacks of 5 cards to score points.
  • Each game has 1 full deck of cards, a perfect challenge for aspiring card counters.
  • Finish the deck before the clock runs out and you’ll receive a time bonus.
  • Find Combos and Streak bonuses to perfect your strategy.

Games may be played in the head-to-head mode against other users or in multi-player tournament-style sessions. Both players use the same deck, and the player who finishes with the most points wins. Again it’s free to play on your own, but playing in the tournaments costs money.

Note: There seem to be a few disgruntled players that aren’t a fan of this game. Between discrepancies on points and who won, it gets confusing. But others have said that you just need to learn the game. User Kilo says “The only useful piece of advice I can give is that there seems to be a pattern early game if you’re able to find that pattern then you’ll always, for the most part, have the cards you need.”

How to open up a PayPal account:

If you don’t already have a PayPal account then no worries, you can easily sign up right now and immediately connect it to your game apps so you can start depositing real money today. Here’s how you open an account:

  • Go to the Sign Up page.
  • Choose the account type you want (personal or business, most likely you’ll choose a personal PayPal account) and click Sign Up Now.
  • Enter your information, including your email address, and next choose a password (it must contain at least eight characters and is case sensitive). You will need these to log in to your PayPal account.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Agree and Create Account.

Big Buck Hunter

4.7 stars out of 5 with 10,000+ ratings

The world’s most popular hunting game, Big Buck Hunter, is a cult classic. The simple-to-play, but difficult-to-master game has attracted millions of players in bars, restaurants, and arcades. They are now bringing the best-selling title to a new level with a sharp-shooting game right on your phone.

How to Play: Challenge an opponent by selecting an animal and a hunting location!

  • Tap and hold to look through your scope and slow time!
  • Drag to adjust your aim!
  • Release your finger to take your shot!
  • Take a shot before your scope timer runs out!
  • Shooting bucks (deer with antlers) will earn you points!
  • Shooting does (deer without antlers) will incur point penalties. Don’t shoot the does!
  • Maintain your Marksman Streak with consecutive head and heart shots for extra points!
  • The farther and more accurate the shot, the more points you’ll earn!
  • Get a higher combined score than your opponent to win your match!

User review – WyoHunts

“I love the game. Sometimes the accuracy in my shots is inconsistent but I contribute that to the game being new and I trust that it will be fixed as it progresses. As a guy who has always believed in the patience of hunting, I didn’t think I’d like this game but it’s actually a lot of fun and a great way to just pass some time. “

Dominos Gold

✅ 4.7 stars out of 5 with 22,000+ ratings

When you play, Dominoes Gold, you’re playing the classic board game dominos along with the popular game Fives (also known as Muggins, All Fives, Five Up, and Doer Di), but you’re competing for real-world prizes! There are two options to play – classic and then tournament style.

Classic board game – Fast-paced domino games are played in real-time. Get the highest score before time runs out!

Competitive dominoes tournaments- Compete in daily domino tournaments for a chance to win real cash prizes! And, compare your score against real dominoes players. Whoever has the highest score wins!

User review – lilpzi

“I first only gave this game 3 stars but after a little practice and I got the hang of how the app operates better and when you reach out to support they are quick. Yes, you can win money and you can lose it. I will say that sometimes the hands are ridiculous but overall, it’s one of the few online games I play often.”

How do Skillz Games Work?

“Gamers pay a fee for each tournament they enter, and each tournament has different entry fees. Tournaments have predetermined cash prizes, which can range from $1 to thousands of dollars. Skillz runs 100,000 tournaments daily and pays out approximately $10,000 to its gamers.” As of 2014 reported to CNBC.

Pool Payday

4.6 stars out of 5 with 73,000+ ratings

Pool Payday is the #1 game app for playing pool for real money. You have two modes to choose from; real-time or turn-based:

• In Real-time you and your real-life opponent take turns taking shots and scoring points. Score the most points to win!

• In offline, it’s all on your shoulders and no waiting for a turn! Run the table and rack up the highest score you can. Your opponent will do the same. The highest score wins.

Start practicing for free and earn extra points for speed, ball placement, pocket calling, and trick shots. Then turn Pro and compete in our head-to-head competitions, leagues, and tournaments.

Pool Payday is a fun game that you can play for free. You may, however, want to spend money to enhance your chances of winning or get some boosts like many gaming applications. If you want the opportunity to gain money while playing online games, you’ll need to pay to play. At the basic level, it’s $.60 to start.

Blackout Bingo

4.5 stars with 77,000+ ratings – it’s the #3 ranked game in Apple for casino-style games!

Bingo classically is a game of chance. If you were lucky enough to have the right card, you’d win. But now with Blackout Bingo, you are in control! Everyone playing sees the same balls and cards. It takes concentration, speed, and strategy to become a bingo expert.

A single game takes only 2 minutes to play so it’s perfect for those small moments in between tasks, where you just need to relax or have some fun.

You can uplevel your game with boosts to help snag that bingo and get more daubs for other things like a speed bonus, bingos, multi-bingos, and X2 bonuses. But watch out, you can also lose points with a penalty.

You will earn tickets, and level up in tiers – bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and finally the black tier.

To reach the top tiers, you’ll need to play a lot, but Blackout Bingo is addicting, and the more you play, the better your bingo skills will become. The more ticketz you earn, the simpler it is to double, and triple them.

Each ticket helps earn real money. For example, 20,000 tickets = $1. 150,000 ticketz = $10, and 1,250,000 ticketz – $100, and you can cash out to PayPal.

Spades Cash

4.6 stars with 1,700+ ratings

Spades Cash is a brand-new spades game for iOS and Android mobile devices. You and other players compete live to see who can have the greatest scores, and you may compete either for free or pay money, betting real cash and then claiming the prize if you win.

As with most of these mobile games, there’s a solo mode, where you pay on your own, or tournament style. Again the app is free for solo play but entering a competition will cost you money.

The nice thing with this app is that there are good tutorials on how to play, and no ads to interrupt your play.

User review – miriamt89

“I have searched for years for an app to play spades for cash and it is finally here. Practice first so you can get the hang of how the points work and how the avatars bid. It is only one hand but it is pretty fun. The computer avatars are pretty predictable, so you can bid pretty easy on knowing how they play.”

Important note – for Skillz Games in order to cash out to PayPal, you will need to have funded your account with PayPal. As real money goes back to you in the original form of payment. – Skillz helpdesk

Other games that pay instantly to PayPal

CashPirate Buzz

CashPirate – is a game and survey GPT site (get paid to). Now, you don’t get paid just to game, you need to meet certain conditions, or reach certain levels in the game. If you complete these criteria then you will be paid.

To reach the PayPal payout threshold, you’ll need to earn $2.50, which is the same as 2500 coins. Most surveys pay 100-200 coins, but there are higher-paying surveys accessible. So patience and the app are required in order to make a profit.


Givling app - games that pay PayPal instantly

This app is part trivia games and part a crowdsourcing mechanism to pay student loans and mortgage debt. It sounds like an odd combination but it seems to work really well for those that use it.

Participants can win a weekly cash award by correctly answering a series of true/false inquiries. They may also be eligible to have up to $50,000 in student debt reimbursed through crowdfunding.

You can play trivia for free, or be a part of the crowdfunding aspect and get a chance to win. You’ll be paired up with two other anonymous players, and you better hope your team wins. (You each answer questions independently and then get a combined team score which is what ranks you.)

Whoever earns the most Givling “Queue Points” enters the crowdfunding box, which means every one from that point forward is crowdfunding for that player. And there are simultaneous players entering the crowdfunding box weekly for some healthy competition.

There is the free path with chances to win (either $5,000 or $50,000) and then there is the paid path with more frequent funding opportunities of the same amount as the free path.

Understanding the funding parameters and the cycles is a bit confusing…

  • There are six funding cycles of crowdfunding $70,000 each, or $420,000 for every complete supercycle.
  • Included in every supercycle are three Crowdfund $50K awards, two Partner $50K awards, one Free $50K award, and twelve $5K awards.
  • The $50K awards each run separately, i.e., the next $50K award doesn’t begin until the last $50K award is finished funding.
  • Note that the Free $5K awards are also interspersed within each $50K award cycle.

And the cycle length varies on how fast the crowdfunding aspect takes. If more people play then it goes faster.

Do people actually ever win it big?

“Givling, the patented crowdfunding trivia game, has given two Ohio-based residents some much-needed financial relief. The company announced that Dana Dietz of Struthers and Travis Sengos of Akron won a combined $55,000… the money will help her achieve her goal of paying the loans she incurred while getting her graduate degree in health administration. Dietz said that the Givling app “gives us all hope.”

NewsBreak – Yahoo


Mistplay claims to be the #1 loyalty program for gamers, which sounds in line with their posted payout of $21,531,114 given away to date. Every week they launch new contests, and the last contest of each month offers a grand prize.

You’ll be able to play a wide range of mobile games, including solitaire, virtual casino-style games, war games, strategy games, and more. The more time you spend playing gaming and gaining experience, the greater the cash rewards. (Be sure to pick the games with higher rewards.)

There are three main point systems Mistplay uses: Units, Player Experience Points (PXP), and Game Experience Points (GXP), and daily bonuses.

The GXPs are the amount of time you’ve spent playing: the more GXPs you earn, the more units you can acquire. The PXPs are about your game experience, which is essentially a measure of how far you’ve progressed and how well you’re doing. The higher your level in a game gets, the more levels you get and bonus features.

GXPs, PXPs, contests, and bonuses are what you use to receive units. The units are the rewards that you can then use to get PayPal cash instantly. The minimum payout to PayPal is $10.00.



4.2 stars out of 5 with 91,000+ ratings

Cashyy has a wide range of games to suit different kinds of players. Games are separated into categories like strategy, adventure, puzzle, and arcade-style online games.

You just need to play, complete tasks, and you’ll receive money for free. The more you play Cashyy, the more money you earn. It’s really simple to gather coins with Cashyy! The application will take you to the Play Store if you select a mission so that you may install the game.

There are several short missions in which you must play a game for only one minute. However, the payoff isn’t that high! Keep in mind that to unlock new ones, you must complete previous missions.

Many players think it’s a legitimate game since they received their money without difficulty. That’s good news! Yet, Cashyy disappointed a lot of people who were unable to withdraw their funds (see reviews).

user review – Christina

“In my opinion, the app does exactly what it says it’s going to do. I traded my coins in today to get $10 in Google Play Credit and it said I had to wait for 5 to 7 business days but I got my gift card code sent to me in about 5 or 6 hours. I’m going to try out the Amazon or PayPal pay next.”

Brain Battle

4.1 stars with 37,000+ reviews

This app is based on a television show of the same name and is completely free to play. Brain Battle is a math game for your phone that helps you train your brain. You can play free math games and earn cash rewards. The more mathematics games you complete, the higher your chance of winning cash bonuses.

The answers to the puzzles are provided in a multiple-choice format, and you have a certain amount of time to complete each puzzle. The complexity of all the math problems varies. Every game you play earns you tickets that can be used in cash draws.

Their model is simple, every draw they share back a portion of their advertising revenue with the winner. There are no in-app purchases and no paying to win. They call it their model Free-2-Win model, different than most game apps.

Brain Battle’s payout threshold is $20 and can be paid instantly to PayPal.

User review – Edward

“Lots of fun, simple addition, subtraction, and multiplication quizzes. Give it a shot and see if you can provide the correct answer in the fastest time possible without pressing the wrong button! The best part of this game is 5hat you could possibly get paid for playing!”

Coin Pop

4.2 stars with 256,000+ ratings

Coin Pop is a real money-making app that rewards you for playing different games through its app platform. But, this app is only for Android users.

Simply download the app and choose the mobile game you want to play. You earn coins for how long you play each game through The Coin Pop service, which runs in the background of that gaming application. So the longer you play, the more you earn.

There are lots of games to choose from – casual, strategy, action, puzzle, adventure, and arcade-style games. Also, the app profiles you when you join, so it shows you games most suited to what it thinks you will like.

Coins are earned when a new game is downloaded. Completing in-game objectives, unlocking new milestones, and reaching specific levels also contributes to your coin collection. Time spent playing, on the other hand, is typically the simplest approach to earning coins. There is also a referral system that lets you earn 250 coins by referring your friends to join this app.

Approximately 10,000 coins = $1 and you can have this game pay instantly to PayPal once you hit $.50.


3.9 stars with 330,000+ ratings

Play with games to earn cash rewards with AppKarma. Simply download mobile games from our selection of offers and then fulfill the offer conditions to get points. Use your points to purchase top branded gift cards or PayPal.

You can earn rewards by:

  • Completing app offers – installing apps and meeting the offers’ requirements (reach level 10, etc).
  • Earning scratch game cards by completing Karma Plays. (check-in for daily rewards and earn game scratch cards)
  • Completing playtime offers (Android Only).
  • Earning location rewards (US Only).
  • Referring people to appKarma. You can even become a VIP and earn a lot more.

When picking things to do, keep in mind that the offers are ranked. The higher the offer’s rank, the “better” it is. So an appealing offer with a high chance of converting (simple to do the task), and a large reward will have a high ranking. In comparison, another offer that is also simple to convert but provides few points will

You may also receive extra bonuses through offer boosts and achievement badges. Additionally, when you earn certain badges, you can level up and get permanent point boosts for all offers. You can select 3 boosted offers each day. And Achievement badges let you earn extra bonuses when you complete certain milestones.

Once you collect 13,500 points, you can cash out $10 to PayPal. You also get 5% of your points back to you as a “redeem bonus” (so you don’t have to start from scratch, how nice).

Wealth Words

2.6 stars with 24 ratings

Wealth Wordle is a time-bound challenging crossword game where you can earn money by guessing the word right. You need to crack the word in the shortest time to win big. The puzzle challenges include Quick Picks, Wealth Wordle, Wealth Worduko, Quick Wordz, The Third Wave, and Quick Stories.

Wealth Words Features:

  • Unlimited Crossword Puzzles
  • Large & Small Puzzle Sizes
  • Weekly/Monthly & Today’s Challenge
  • Different Difficulty Stages

This all sounds great, and their website is very nice, easy to navigate, good graphics and compelling text. YET, player beware, there’s not a lot of good info out there on this app, and what is out there isn’t great. Mostly 1-star reviews, but another odd point is that it only has 24 reviews on apple, yet their site states…

“Some astonishing facts about Wealth Words:

  • 7.5M+ Registered Users
  • 1M+ Active Users
  • 15M+ Games Played”

The apple download where the 24 reviews are is linked directly from their homepage, so it’s not a different app pretending to be wealth words.

Overall, I’m skeptical. I mean it’s a game that helps you sharpen your brain, so I want to like it. But there are too many red flags.


4.3 stars with 200,000+ ratings

This is a free app that surprisingly enough doesn’t require any in-app purchases (as many others do), and there are zero ads (so I’m not sure how they make money online).

You choose which games you want to play and get rewards for every minute you play. Be on the lookout as different games have different reward levels so be sure to choose the games that pay the most.

You can play games like…

  • Angry Birds 2
  • Dragon City
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Homescapes
  • Coin Master
  • Star Trek Timeline
  • WildScapes
  • Words with Friends 2

While playing you collect coins (usually 200-500 per minute on average), and then trade in coins for giftcards, Google Play credit, Steam, and PayPal. The minimum payout is $5, which is 50,000 coins. So not a huge cash reward, but if you’re playing these games anyway then it’s a great bonus!

You don’t have to start from scratch, they usually have a signup coin bonus of 4000-6000 coins, and you can refer friends and get 250 coins for each friend that signs up!

Cash’em All: Play & Win

4.3 stars with 800,000+ ratings

This is a totally free app (very similar to App Station) that does not need any in-app purchases. There are no advertisements, and you choose which games you want to play. Choose from casual games, strategy, action, puzzle games, adventure, arcade-style, and many more.

How to Use –

  1. Get Cash’em All now for free
  2. Play any of our free partner games
  3. Earn coins for every second you play
  4. The more you play the more money you’ll make
  5. Trade your coins for ANY gift card or real money rewards

You can trade your coins for PayPal money, Amazon vouchers, Google Play coupons, PSN gift cards, Steam cards, Walmart prizes, Xbox free gift cards, and more.

You earn by playing games (although there are some rumors that the longer you play the fewer coins are offered as a reward). You can also earn coins for referring friends, again just like App Station. However, you also earn a portion of coins from your friends when they play and earn. The good difference is that the payout threshold is lower with Cashem All, at $.50 to redeem at PayPal.

Important – during app set up be sure that you allow Cash’em All to track your data usage (that’s how it knows how long you play and how many coins to award you). AND, each time you go to play you have to open the game through the app (and not your device’s main screen). This is how it starts tracking your playtime.

Money RAWR

4.3 stars with 60,000+ ratings

This app is almost identical to the two apps above, but it does contain ads. You earn mCoins from playing games and referring friends and then redeem those mCoins for gift cards or PayPal Cash.

While the software is available across the world, all players will not see the same game choices. The games that you’re shown are determined by a variety of criteria, including your location. This is because each developer wants to hear feedback from a particular set of customers.

You’ll need at least 9,000 points to cash out $10 to PayPal (at this time). You can get at least halfway there with the sign-up bonus points you get.

Cash Alarm

4.3 stars with 200,000+ ratings (interesting that the past few sites all have a 4.3 rating on the Google Play store)

Again, this app is almost identical to App Station, Cashem’ All, and Money RAWR. So either this is a great money-making model (and they all copied each other) or are these different apps by the same company?

They do highlight that they add new games every day, so that’s a plus.

Long Game

4.0 stars with 1,500+ ratings.

Long Game is a finance app that helps you save money online! Here’s what the developers say…

  • Earn Coins every day
  • Play games with Coins to win cash
  • Save more to earn more Coins
  • Personalized goals and advice
  • Safe, secure, and FREE.

In the Long Game, there are more than 45 games to play, including puzzles, slots, arcade, and other gambling types of games. Here’s how it works, the greater the amount of money you set aside in savings, the more coins you can earn. After that, these coins may be spent on little playing games in the app. So it encourages you to save so you can play more.

Some games cost as little as 5 coins and go up to 10,000 coins for the ones that pay considerable cash such as $100. They say you can win up to $1 million.

It’s important to note that you have to sign up for a bank account with the app (this is where your savings are housed), and that’s how the app makes money, then they funnel some of those referral bonuses on to you in the app as prize money. There are two banks they work with, and both offer no-fee accounts. Then you can connect this bank account to your PayPal and withdraw your savings accordingly.

So if you need to save more, and like playing games Long Game might be a fun option.


People love Gamehag, it’s not just a gaming platform, it’s a whole community based experience.

For completing the quest you receive Soul Gems and experience. Often you will also get some special prizes, and be entered to in “rankings” competitions.

In addition to the quests, there are other ways of collecting Soul Gems and experience rewards. Things like becoming a VIP, engage in the forums, rate articles, create your own guides or articles, and use TV Zone.

They want you to be active, you’ll lose earning potential if you’re not active at least once every seven days (you can get that earning level back though). Which is bad but good, bad because you lose earnings but good because you know people are encouraged to actively play and engage.

I have kind of cheated with listing this app, as it doesn’t cash out to PayPal directly. You can redeem your rewards for a Prepaid Visa and then transfer it to PayPal with this tutorial. I just know that this is very popular site so I didn’t want to disappoint anyone that was curious. It’s about 8,900 Soul Gems for a $10 Visa.

Solitaire Cash

4.6 stars with 132,000+ ratings

Just as the name suggests, you’re playing a solitaire card game (check here for game play by play and rules). You can play for free or you can join a tournament (most have a cost but some only cost gems). You’ll be matched with other players within the same skill level, and you all will get the same deck, so the game is totally fair and skill-based.

Gameplay and rewards are done with gems, you earn gems by completing tasks through their app. You can also earn gems when you deposit money to play. For example, for every 41 deposited you’re credited two gems in addition to that money credit to play.

The faster you finish the higher your score, but be careful, solitaire is a game of observation. If you move too fast you might miss an opportunity to clear cards up to the tableau in the four suits.

Different tournaments have various formats and cash prize payouts. Some competitions, for example, only have four players competing against each other, whereas other higher-stakes competitions feature competing against nine people.

The game features…

  • Secure deposit using PayPal & Apple Pay
  • Cash-out securely using PayPal (minimum threshold is $5)
  • Play ad-free
  • Undo your moves (hey mistakes happen)
  • Take part in multiplayer tournaments with trophies & big cash prizes
  • Enjoy special challenges & surprises daily to earn gems


Bananatic is a GPT platform but strictly for games. You play, test, and can review games and for that, you get bananas (their currency). You can trade your bananas for game codes or cash them out instantly to PayPal. 500 bananas = $1. You can also enter to win their giveaway prizes.

You can complete quests in the games (aka testing), and you’ll need to sometimes seed screenshots into the developers to receive your points.

They have a level-up system in place for your account. The more game offers and other activities you do, the higher your account level goes. They don’t have much information as to what you get for leveling up your account, so not sure how it’s an advantage and why they have the capability.

It’s interesting that other people can read your game reviews and rate you on your honesty, helpfulness, or they can say you’re a troll. They even have an online forum for you to talk about gaming. (Not many apps have this community aspect so it’s great to see it here.)

Their site says they’ve paid out over $500,000 to users, but it doesn’t say how long they’ve been around for, which would determine if $500,000 is a lot or not.

It’s available on both Android and iOS.

Survey apps to earn PayPal money playing games

Lots of survey sites have many different ways you can earn points and rewards. You can use their shopping portal, watch videos, answer daily polls, fill out surveys, download and test apps. many of them also have a games side of their earning platform. Here are some great survey sites where you can earn PayPal money playing games online.


Swag Bucks is mostly a survey & rewards site that can earn you gift cards for doing the things you normally do online. They have thousands of ways to get points (called SB), which are redeemable for free PayPal Cash.

They do have games on their platform that you can play, and when you make an in-game purchase (which most of us do anyway) you can earn SBs. For example, when you spend $1 on a game, you’ll earn 4 SBs, no matter how you do at the game. You can lose and still earn Swagbucks!

Sign up now and get a $5 free bonus!


Members get up to 40% back with every purchase with MyPoints at 2,000 top retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot & Amazon. They make it easy as you can get alerts in your browser for point-earning opportunities and coupon codes when you shop online. You can redeem your points for gift cards or get free PayPal money instantly.

The games side of the app is powered by GSN Games, which creates social online casino-style games. Their site says that they award $1 million in rewards annually to their players, and over $1.5 billion prized out in cash tournaments!

You go through MyPoints to click through to the GSN Games and get 50 Points on your first deposit. Then earn 4 Points per dollar in cash entry fees on Worldwinner.com (note – point offers do change over time). You can play all the games for free, but you won’t get any points, you have to deposit money to earn points and then potential win.

Basically, MyPoints is just a gateway to the games, where GSN kicks some money to them for referring you, and then you get a portion of those kickbacks as points into your MyPoints account. You can grab your free $10 Amazon card when you make your first purchase when you use the button below!

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a free money survey app that can earn you some extra cash each week if you are able and willing to read emails, take surveys, shop online, use coupons, and more.

This platform also uses GSN games to run the gaming portion of the rewards app. They feature a wide array of their own games like Monkey Bubble Shooter, Mahjong Solitaire, Outspell, and Candy Jam. In addition, they partner with GSN Games to offer you access to hundreds of online casino-style games. For every dollar you spend on GSN games, you earn 18% cashback with InboxDollars, that’s real cash that you can cash out.

The PayPal cash out threshold is $10, which is pretty easy to meet. Sign up with the button below and get a $5 sign up bonus!


Kashkick is a GTP site that pays real money directly to PayPal! You find a mission (answering surveys, watching videos, other small tasks), and you get paid! You can redeem your money when it hits 410, which is one of the lowest payout thresholds around!

Again, this is mainly a survey site but they do offer and handful of games. On the gaming side, you get paid when you reach certain levels of the games or reach achievements. Some examples of games you can play…

  • Billionaire
  • Coin Master
  • Harvest Land
  • Kings Throne
  • Kings of Avalon
  • Mafia City
  • Scrabble Go

They do have some in-app purchases that can help you reach achievements which is kind of unfortunate.

You can also earn points by referring a friend, where you then receive a portion of their earnings. Don’t worry, it doesn’t come out of your friend’s portion, but Kashkick takes it from their side.

There is a $10 withdrawal minimum to PayPal.

Quick Rewards

QuickRewards.net Free Rewards

QuickRewards say they have paid out over $7,000,000 to their users since 2002, which sounds nice. You can get a piece of those rewards by taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, completing offers, and shopping online.

The games and functionality of the platform are pretty basic and the games are limited. Yet, if you’re already doing surveys then go ahead and add on games too, or vice versa.

You can earn free PayPal money, free Amazon gift cards, and free in-store gift cards to nearly 50 national retailers and restaurants including Walmart, Disney, Target, Home Depot, and more!


You can earn points in multiple ways with iRazoo, share your opinions on products and brands with surveys, watch videos, refer your friends and even play games. Everything you do earns points.

You can also earn points by doing smaller tasks like entering promo codes, completing daily goals, using iRazoo search, reading their blog, and reading their emails.

The gaming arena is hosted by Arkadium, just choose your game, and start playing! The longer you play, the more points you earn. They have over 50 games, so a nice variety where there’s something for everyone. Games like action, adventure, quiz, or puzzle games.

You can redeem your points once you hit the 3,000 point threshold. You can redeem them for free PayPal cash, or get gift cards to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CVS, etc.

Arkadium Games started from a couple’s argument – who was better at Ms. Pacman. They couldn’t find the game online to play to settle the debate so they started their own gaming company.

In looking through their site they are saying all the right things “We believe you shouldn’t have to read the fine print to know what you are getting… we believe in creating games that are inclusive, accessible, and age-appropriate… and we believe the best games are easy to learn and difficult to master.”


3.9 stars with 120,000+ ratings on Google Play Store

4.3 stars with 1,200+ ratings on the apple store

FeaturePoints is a multi-use GPT site that pay real money. You can win scratch-it contests, answer surveys, earn cashback when you shop through their link at your favorite stores, try out new apps, and even play PayPal games.

You earn points for each activity you do, and with the daily scratch it contest you could win 50,000 points! You can also earn by referring friends, where you then get 25-50% of their earnings. Don’t worry it doesn’t come out of their portion, Feature Points takes care of it from their end. You need to refer at least three people for the 50% to kick in, otherwise it’s 25%.

They do say that they’ve rewarded over $5,800,000 to users since 2012. Which sounds great! You can get a portion of that because it pays instantly to PayPal, you’ll need 3,000 points to snag a $5 PayPal payout.

Games that pay to PayPal instantly but look sketchy

Everyone knows that apps can be a bit sketchy-looking. They ask you to download weird files, additional apps, etc. Now, I’m not a tech genius but I know when things look odd. Here are some apps that pay to Paypal instantly but I didn’t want to click through or download their stuff. proceed at your own risk…

  • Moo Cash
  • Gift Panda
  • Spin to Win – there are a lot of versions of this game, but many are just sketchy playing off the popularity of the name.

I’m sure there are more game apps that are sketchy, but it’s up to you to decide what’s too scammy for you.

Earn paypal money playing games FAQs

Are there any restrictions?

It’s best to read up on any and all restrictions that games may have. Because they can flag your account for fraud and take all of your earnings, ouch!

  • Certain states do have restrictions where playing for cash isn’t allowed. That’s AZ, AR, IN, IA, LA, ME, MD, SC, MT & SD.
  • Also, some apps prohibit the use of a VPN, and some apps prohibit one person from having multiple accounts.
  • Some apps have age requirements – 13 yrs, 17 yrs and 18 years are common requirements.

Are games you play for cash legit?

This is the big question that everyone wants to know. Am I going to get scammed with these apps?

Well, you might. I’ve done by best to go through and verify sites & apps. But these apps come and go so fast it can be hard to keep up with them all (so user feedback may be hard to come by).


A good portion of the apps ask you to download other apps to test & play. Which could download malicious software.

Other apps do a lot of tracking and mine data. While most of it is to determine how you play and demographic info, some tracking could be considered too Big Brotherish (what are you Googling?). It all depends on what you’re comfortable sharing.

Could their software steal data you don’t want them to know about? Think of all the mobile apps on your phone that you access… banking, emails, work, etc. I’m not saying it’s a for sure thing or that all apps are bad. I’m saying that it’s a possibility.

See below for an example of app disclosures…


The #1 complaint that users have about game apps that pay instantly to PayPal is that the apps don’t actually pay out. You go through all the motions, completing the tasks but then your points are credited to your account, or when you go to redeem your points, a glitch happens and your points disappear.

Another possibility is that your reward never shows up at all, and customer service is nonexistent. Other people report that they get a ton of points and then their account is flagged as fraudulent and all their points disappear and your account is frozen.

Reading user reviews is a great way to get an idea of the potential pitfalls, and others report how to get past them. But remember, when someone has a bad experience they tell everyone they know. When someone has a good experience they’re less likely to tell people.

The #2 most common complaint about these apps, is that they reward you well in the beginning, but the more you play, the rewards slowly decrease. Maybe the developers are hoping you won’t notice, but still continue to play. Then they don’t have to give out as many points but still get the benefit of your data & usage.


Quite a few of the games listed are stylized to represent gambling. And gaming & gambling addiction is a risk. When you’re addicted to playing a game, you might not notice (or care) how much money you’re actually dumping into these games, as the plays are such a small amount.

But trust me, over time, those amounts add up to a lot of real money.

If you need help with gambling addiction or know someone who is, please reach out to the National Council on Problem Gambling, or call 1-800-522-4700.

There’s also the risk of coming in contact with other users that are predatory. So if your kids like playing games make sure that you read the reviews. Only a handful of these gaming apps have community functionality, so access is limited.

Do game apps really pay you?

We know why you download most of these games – it’s money. To earn PayPal money playing games, it takes patience to build up points, which could take a while.

The apps will pay you, but there could be some hoops that you have to jump through, like contacting customer service. But, there are many apps where cashing out is fast & easy. Again, read the user reviews so you know what your experience “could” be like.

Can I lose money playing games?

Yes, absolutely. Most of the gaming apps highlight “free play,” which they do have. Yet, if you want a chance at winning a decent amount of money, you have to pay to play.

I’m ready, how do I start to earn money playing PayPal Games?

The first thing you need to do is get a PayPal account. Go here and follow the easy sign-up process. Next, pick 3-5 games from the list and try them out. You won’t like every game, so it’s important to try as many as you have time for.

Work your way down the list trying them out, deleting ones you don’t like, and moving on to the next. Ideally, when you’ve made it through the list you’ll have 5-10 games that you really like, and start playing!

At the end of the day

Playing games that pay instantly to PayPal can be a fun way to make some extra money. If you’re careful and know what you’re getting into, these apps can provide an enjoyable experience with the opportunity to earn extra cash.

Besides, gaming keeps your brain sharp right? My advice is to go through this list, pick a few that interest you and try them out. If you don’t like it then delete it and move on to the next app until you find your favorite. I’m sure you’ll have fun and find a great fit earning PayPal money playing games!

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