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Holiday Planning

The holidays… oh how I love this time of year!  Yet, I didn’t always.  At one point I absolutely dreaded it.  All the work, the planning, the money spent, and the energy spent… doing things that I didn’t really want to be doing.

Wasn’t this time of year supposed to make us happy?  I wasn’t.  

The one year, I decided to cut the crap.  All the crap!  I broke all the elements up into smaller pieces, kept what really mattered, and tossed the rest!  (No more holiday cards, I hated it, so why was I spending hours on it?)

Now I am laying out all the resources, planning, and walking you through how you can have a very merry holiday here in this collection of my holiday posts just for you!

All so you can reign in the holiday chaos, and start actually enjoying this time of year again, just like you did when you were a kid!

Having a quiet hot chocolate night by the fire sounds oh so merry!  Or a wintery Sunday morning, eating pancakes and doing a Christmas cartoon marathon with the whole family!  Whatever you want to plan for the holidays you can find it here!

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