50 Inexpensive DIY Christmas Ornaments (Saving Money on the Holidays Can Be Fun)


Bring some homemade charm to your holiday decor with these easy & inexpensive DIY Christmas ornaments

Author: Kari Lorz, Certified Financial Education Instructor

Author: Kari Lorz – Certified Financial Education Instructor

Christmas is coming, and you want to decorate your home, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Making your own Christmas ornaments is a great way to save money and add your own unique touch to your holiday decor.

We’ve collected a ton of different tutorials to show you how to make DIY Christmas ornaments in every style so that you can find the perfect ones for your home. Plus, making your own ornaments is a fun way to spend an afternoon during the holidays – be sure to have the holiday cookies!

diy christmas ornaments

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DIY ornaments to make with young kids

I love doing fun holiday crafts with my kiddo during the season, and making a DIY ornament is one of our favorites. These 50 easy DIY Christmas ornaments for kids are all super simple and only require a few supplies you likely already have around the house. We’ve got everything from fingerprint snowmen to handprint reindeer, and each one is cuter than the last!

1. Salt Dough Christmas Tree Decoration

It feels like a right of passage to whip up a batch of salt dough tree decorations, and this activity from In The Playroom is perfect!

In fact, I still have my salt dough tree that I made over 35 years ago! So I know these are treasured keepsakes that bring back many happy memories.

2. Homemade Cinnamon Ornaments

Funny enough, I also have the homemade cinnamon bear I made as a kiddo. There’s still a faint smell of cinnamon, which makes me smile every time I hang it on the tree.

This homemade cinnamon ornament from Strenght & Sunshine is perfect for young kids, and making them will fill your home with that unmistakable holiday cheer!

3. Lego Christmas Tree Ornament

I can bet that if you have small kids, you also have a lot of legos! I love how this DIY is how to take something old and make it new; it is a great way to spur creativity! This easy Christmas ornament is sure to keep these legos off the floor and your bare feet safe.

Once you make the Lego Christmas tree from Creative Green Living, maybe you could also try making a snowman or a present box.

4. DIY Sprinkle Ornaments

If you have young kiddos in the house, nothing is more popular than sprinkles! So I know these DIY sprinkle ornaments from Gimmie Some Oven will be a huge hit in many households! (Hey, did you know you can buy sprinkles from the bulk department in your grocery store to save even more money.)

5. Angel Clothespin Ornament

This one is particularly easy (as we probably have some clothespins buried somewhere with our laundry supplies, (If not, be sure to get them at Dollar Tree to save money).

After you make the angel clothespin ornament from Ann’s Entitled Life, it would be an easy switch to make a clothespin snowman, Santa, or even a reindeer! Get creative and have fun!

6. Clay Ornaments

If you’re not a fan of salt dough, then you should try making your own clay ornaments from A Beautiful Mess. These can be thinner than the salt dough, so if you have a tree with small limbs, these would be easier to hang.

I love how they added glitter over parts of the paint to give it some added shimmer.

7. Taco Ornaments

I am in love with these homemade taco holiday ornaments from Aww Sam. These are so cute and perfect for kids to add veggies to their food (maybe they’ll add some to their dinner on taco night! (I can’t get my little one to eat anything green to save my life!)

You can have older kids help cutting the felt pieces and then let the little ones do some gluing.

8. Shrinky Dink Snowflake Ornament

Childhood isn’t complete until you’ve used Shrinky Dink! And these shrinky dink snowflake ornaments from Happiness is Homemade are sure to please every little crafter.

You can design almost anything (I love that they turn their name into an ornament). Or maybe you could string these snowflakes together and make a pretty winter garland.

(this is a Cricut ornament)

9. Fireplace Craft Ornament

For the very young Christmas crafter, this fireplace craft ornament from the Heart Crafty Things is perfect for making while you read Twas the Night Before Christmas. Kiddos can imagine Santa coming down the chimney to fill their stocking, and Kiddos can even customize their stocking with different pom poms, ribbons, etc.

10. Pine Cone Christmas Tree Craft

Kids can make their own mini Christmas trees with this pinecone Christmas tree craft from Two Kids & a Coupon. Kids can go crazy with crazy paint colors, pom pom choices, and even make it a glitter ornament with a few shakes of a bottle.

11. DIY Photo Ornaments

Your family, young and old, can hang their favorite memories on the tree with these DIY photo ornaments from Homey Oh My. You can put your travel adventure photos up, or maybe that time you baked cookies with Grandma, or what about that time when you were caught your kiddo singing Under the Sea at the top of their lungs.

Whatever your memories, you will relive these happy moments year after year.

12. Santa’s Magic Key

You will love the idea of Santa’s magic key from Artsy Fartsy Mama. If you don’t have a chimney at your house, and your little ones are worried about how Santa will get in, you make this key, which you hang on the front door so Santa can get in to deliver the presents. But you hang it on your tree in the meantime. So cute!

BUT, don’t forget to hang it on the front door on the 24th, or your kids will be on to you!

(this is a Cricut ornament)

How can I use my Cricut to make these crafts?

There are quite a few Christmas projects in here that use a Cricut machine; in fact, the only thing it seems this machine can’t do is make you cinnamon toast.

But learning new tech can be overwhelming, so if you’re interested in a Cricut (or have one collecting dust because you’re not sure how to use it), then check out their Cricut learning center app.

For a super low monthly membership fee (cancel anytime), you can learn how to make so many of these items and even create your own original designs! Even with their standard tier, you get access to over 200,000 images and thousands of ready-to-make projects that you can turn right around and sell!

Homemade Christmas ornaments to make with older kids

While your little ones have fun with popsicle sticks and salt dough, your older kids can still get in on the holiday fun with some DIY Christmas ornament ideas suited to their abilities. Here are some handmade ornaments that are tons of fun!

13. Paw Print Salt Dough Ornaments

If your family includes a furry companion, then making this paw print salt dough ornament from One Little Project is a must-do! You can capture their paw print and treasure it every year when you bring it out to adorn your tree.

Your kiddo will probably need your help if your pet is a little hesitant, but I’m sure a few peanut butter treats can help!

14. Candy Cane Jingle Bell Ornament

I can’t imagine a holiday without the sound of jingling bells! This is such a fun ornament to make and put on your tree! This candy cane jingle bell ornament from A Pretty Life is easy to make and is so festive, your family will love it.

You could even make a larger one and use it on your front door.

15. Paper Ornaments

If you are trying to consciously trim down unnecessary holiday expenses, then this paper ornament for kids tutorial from Moms & Crafters is perfect!

Just enter your email address to grab your free printable ornament downloads; you and your kiddos can start these in just a few minutes! Perfect for a day when you need to keep kiddos busy, but you don’t have any time to go grab supplies.

16. Disney Princess Inspired Ornaments

If you have an aspiring princess in your home, you have to try your hand at these Disney princess inspired ornaments from As the Bunny Hops. They show ornaments inspired by Snow White, Elsa, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Tiana, Jasmine, Belle, and Mulan, but you certainly create others just by using the princesses’ color palette and theme.

17. Unicorn Ornaments

When you add Christmas + unicorns, you cannot help but get a magical moment. These DIY unicorn ornaments from The Best Ideas for Kids are perfect to glam up your holiday atmosphere.

18. Popsicle Stick Sleds

Old-fashioned sleds are so nostalgic, and they make the perfect Christmas decoration! These handmade popsicle stick sleds from Clean & Scentsible are so cute and very easy to put together with only a few supplies.

19. Pinecone Christmas Ornaments

While your little kids can make their own pinecone Christmas trees (from above), your older kids can make these fun pinecone Christmas ornaments from One Little Project. I love the pom pom colors; they will brighten up your tree and bring joy to your world!

20. Scrap Ribbon tree Ornament

I love this scrap ribbon ornament from Fireflies & Mudpies because it uses up small leftover ribbon scraps (I know I have a shoebox full of random ribbons in my linen closet). You only need two other supplies – a small stick and some twine, and you’re on your way to a sweet handmade Christmas ornament.

21. Paper Ornaments

Here’s another great option if short on supplies and funds to make a more involved holiday craft. All you need for these cute paper ornaments from Brit + Co is paper, glue, and one small embellishment (they used embroidery string), and you have some easy, colorful ornaments for your tree!

22. Temporary Tatoo Christmas Ornaments

I can almost guarantee that if you have kids, you have a stash of temporary tattoos in an envelope somewhere. So why not put them to good use, becoming your kid’s next art project? These temporary tattoo ornaments from DIY candy are a great way to let kids use their creativity and craft skills (even if they aren’t great artists) to make a fun ornament this holiday season.

23. Little Gnome Ornaments

If I were making ornaments this year, these cute little gnome pom pom ornaments from Tatertots and Jello would be it! You can even make a little gnome ornament family, one for each member of your home.

If you’re trying to save money for Christmas, that means you may want some help in getting your holiday budget set up. Check out these holiday planners from real moms who can help make it easy peasy!

DIY Wooden Christmas ornaments

The winter holidays bring on that warm & cozy feeling to your Christmas decor, which typically means a more rustic feel. A wood ornament is a perfect tie-in for any Christmas tree, as you can use them in many different ways. Here are our favorites!

24. Rustic Scrap Wood Snowman

While this specific rustic scrap wood snowman from Drugstore Divas can easily be made in miniature form to hang from your tree. You just need some wood scraps, paint, and a tiny bit of fabric, and you can make a whole bunch of tiny snowmen to adorn your tree!

25. Driftwood Tree Ornament

I love this ornament as I often bring home small treasures from our family beach vacations. I could easily bring home a few small scraps of driftwood and make this driftwood tree ornament from Made in a Day. Then I can remember our favorite beach vacations every time we put up the tree.

26. Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

I love all the design possibilities for these wood slice ornaments from Dream a Little Bigger. You can write so many different messages…

  • Merry & Bright
  • Holly Jolly
  • Let it Snow
  • Jingle Bells
  • Sleigh on!

All you need are wood slices, paint, and a string, and you’re all set to make your handmade wood slice ornament!

Glitter ornaments

Of course, we couldn’t have a DIY Christmas ornament post without devoting a whole section to glitter ornaments! These handmade ornaments bring festive cheer to everyone that sees them!

27. DIY Glitter Ornaments

These are the quintessential DIY glitter ornaments from Color Made Happy. They are so colorful and shimmery! You can’t help but imagine a whole tree of them reflecting the Christmas lights and inviting you to sit down, relax and bask in your craftiness!

28. DIY Glitter Christmas Ornaments

These DIY glitter ornaments from Create and Babble are a cute twist on the classic round ornament ball. I love how they added bells to it too, so you can hear it jingle all season long!

29. Glitter Painted Glass Ornaments

These glitter painted glass ornaments from Today’s Creative Life would be perfect for someone newer to crafting as the instructions are step by step and very easy to follow. You will love your tree as you can create a whole complementary color palette, making the perfect holiday scene.

30. Glitter Star Ornaments

These glitter star ornaments from Made in Crafts are so fun! They use resin which gives this ornament a very polished look. You can make many different shapes and colors, so you can easily make a whole tree’s worth of matching ornaments!

31. Cute Glitter Ornaments

If you thought round glittery ornaments were the pinnacle of cute, then I’m telling you to think again! These cute glitter ornaments from Jennifer Maker are next level! You can make a penguin, a dog, a cat, and even a holiday favorite – a reindeer!

32. Glittery Gumdrop Ornaments

I am so in love with these fun and modern glittery gumdrop ornaments from The Sweetest Occasion! I don’t usually dream of an artificial white Christmas tree, but I know these would look amazing against that backdrop!

33. Glitter Bow Ornaments

Bows have long held a place on traditional Christmas trees, so maybe it’s time to modernize them with these glitter bow ornaments from Make Life Lovely. I love how these hold their “bow” shape so nicely, and you can make them in so many different glitter colors!

Artsy holiday ornaments

If you have a particularly fancy holiday planned, then maybe you should try your hand at an artsy homemade ornament. Even though they look fancy, some are deceptively easy to make. I know you’ll find the perfect Christmas ornament idea here.

34. DIY Gold Leaf Ornaments

Can anything be fancier than gold? Hmm… not when paired with the beautiful robin’s egg blue on these DIY gold leaf ornaments from The Sweetest Occasion. I love how each is unique, with the gold laying slightly differently.

35. DIY Geode Ornament

Every Christmas tree could use some special sparkle, and these DIY geode ornaments from A Beautiful Mess do exactly that! This ornament is so simple to make; just some wire and a bit of gold paint, and your beautiful rock crystal can shine from the glow of the tree lights and sparkle up your holiday home.

36. DIY Marbled Ornaments

If you love unique items but still want a cohesive look to your tree, then these DIY marbled ornaments from Persia Lou could be your new favorite. Each one you make is different from the last due to how you swirl it. I know that once you start, your creative side will want to try a ton of color combos!

37. DIY Resin Christmas Ornaments

The creative options that come with making these DIY resin Christmas ornaments from Home Senator are endless. These show flowers, but I wonder if you could use some artificial pine or holly in them to make them extra festive. While working with resin isn’t for experts only, it does take some practice to get it right.

38. Felt Christmas Ornaments

These felt Christmas ornaments from Oh Oh Deco are deceptively simple to make (especially since she gives you the printable pattern). You just need to do a bit of hand stitching, and you have these super cool 3D ornaments to delight your friends and family with.

39. Almost Origami Stars

These almost origami stars from Delia Creates are perfect if you have a small budget, as it’s just paper and glue. You can choose any color of card stock, but I love the simplicity of the brown craft paper look.

You can also make them in different sizes, making for a fun Christmas garland option.

40. Book Page Ornaments

These book page ornaments from Suburban Simplicity bring old-world charm to your Christmas tree decorating. This tutorial is easy to follow along (the hardest part is bringing yourself to shred a book for it). But in the end, you’ll have a unique ornament that’s personal to you.

41. Metallic Paper Ball Ornaments

These oh-so-cool metallic paper ball ornaments from Lia Griffith look like futuristic pinecones (to me, at least). These would partner so well with other minimalist ornaments to create a cohesive theme on a tree. Or make them out of brightly colored discs to brighten up a tree and make it super festive.

Traditional Christmas look ornaments

We’re going all red & green here, with lots of cozy charm and holiday nostalgia! You’ll find the perfect homemade Christmas ornament right here.

42. Buffalo Check Christmas Ornaments

It seems that buffalo check is coming back in style, and I think it’s so fitting for the holidays. These buffalo check ornaments from Kara Creates are perfect for the tree, as they use small embroidery hoops to hold it, which gives it charm. You can create a whole set of these ornaments by switching out the word or design on the front.

(This is a Cricut ornament craft)

43. Snowy Ornaments

These snowy ornaments from A Pumpkin & A Princess are perfect for when you have a large tree and need a lot of ornaments to fill it in. These are very cool with their “wintery snow,” yet they don’t overpower the tree by being too flashy. I never thought to use Epsom salts before on an ornament, but what a clever way to recreate snow!

44. Frosty Pinecone Craft Ornaments

This frosty pinecone ornament craft from Kids Craftroom gives that wintery feel just by looking at them! These are so cute; you only need a handful of supplies to bring these pinecones to life! You could easily make enough to help fill in a whole tree.

45. Homemade Christmas Tree Stars

These homemade Christmas tree stars from Live Craft Eat have such a unique pattern that I love. While I would need to work up to these, I can see them being a happy challenge for an experienced crafter.

46. DIY Stamped Christmas Tree Ornaments

You can make a ton of these DIY stamped Christmas tree ornaments from the Craft Patch, as the design possibilities are endless! I love the look of the mix of clay rounds and wood slices, and I know your family will happily help you unwrap these every year to put up on the tree.

Homemade Christmas ornaments just for fun

Sometimes you just need to make something fun & cheery! Here are some great options to help get you and your kiddos in the festive spirit!

47. Acorn Christmas Decorations

If you have an acorn tree and some kiddos with too much energy, you should put them to work making up some of the cute acorn Christmas decorations from Pillar Box Blue. These can be made into ornaments, a garland, or to fill a small decorative bowl for a side table display. Either way, your kids will have fun turning these acorns into family treasures.

48. Crochet Mickey Mouse Ornament

My family loves everything Disney, and this Mickey Mouse crochet ornament from Red Ted Art is just too cute! I love all the variations they made with the base pattern, especially the one with the hanging Christmas lights. So if you have a Disney fan in the family, these will be a big hit!

49. Personalized Scrabble Ornaments

If you have a few old games of Scrabble lying around, then grab all the letters and get to crafting! These personalized Scrabble ornaments from A Night Owl are so much fun. But fair warning, if you have kiddos around, you’ll want to approve all ornaments before they glue, or somehow I can see that you’ll have kid humor words up on your tree.

50. DIY Painted Christmas Ornaments

I love the bright color combinations of these fun DIY painted Christmas ornaments from Design Improved. I especially like the metallic edging she used, which nicely sets off the color change. The holidays have never looked so bright!

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Supplies you might need to make your Christmas ornaments

Here are a few common crafting supplies you may need for your DIY Christmas Ornament…

100 Pack Silver Metal Christmas Ornament Precut String Hangers with Snap Fastener (Nomad Brand)
  • Quickly and securely hang your Christmas Ornaments with these beautiful precut, strings with snap fasteners!
240Pcs Christmas Ornament Hooks Metal Wire Hooks S-Shaped Hangers with Storage Box
  • Package Includes: The package includes 120 gold metal ornament hooks and 120 silver metal ornament hooks, and a storage box. The quantity is enough for use.
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Pom poms
  • Buttons
  • Ribbon
  • Beads
  • Sequins
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint
  • Markers
  • Fabric scraps & felt
  • Construction paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cricut

You will also want to look into how to keep your ornaments safe for next year…

Large Christmas Ornament Storage Box – Stores 128 Ornaments W/Dividers
  • JOLLY ORNAMENTS – This magical ornament organizer can neatly house 128 three-inch ornaments! Each ornament has its own special tray, with adjustable slots to fit just the right number.

How to save money when making your own ornaments

  1. When making your own ornaments to save money, you’ll probably want to make a few different ornaments. Try and pick designs that share the same supplies to make it cost-effective.
  2. You may immediately think of going to the craft store but wait. Try the Dollar Tree first; they often have tons of craft supplies for very cheap. Whatever you can’t find there, then look at Michaels (be sure to sign up for their newsletter first, as they send you a coupon that you can use).
  3. While shopping, be sure to be checking online prices as you shop. For example, you may find a nice hot glue gun in the store, but when you look on Amazon, you may find one a lot cheaper (be sure to check if there are any shipping charges if you don’t have Amazon Prime.
  4. In fact, during the holidays are the perfect time to sign up for an Amazon 30-day free trial (be sure to set a calendar reminder to help you cancel a couple of days before it automatically upgrades you to the full membership).
  5. Maybe you know of another family that wants to make ornaments too. See if they want to buy supplies for some ornaments, and you buy supplies for another set. Then you can swap supplies and make a whole new set of ornaments for free. Plus, now you don’t have to store all those leftover supplies.

Tips for making your holiday ornaments

Once you have your supplies, it’s time to start crafting! If you want to make your ornaments extra special, here are a few tips…

  1. Make sure your work area is clean and organized before starting. This will help you stay focused and avoid making any mistakes.
  2. Read through the instructions all the way before starting
  3. If using hot glue with young kids, be sure to do that part yourself and have a bowl of ice water ready just in case some glue gets stuck to fingers.
  4. Make sure you test its weight before attaching any hangers. You don’t want your ornament falling and breaking. In fact, be mindful of the ornament’s weight. Making heavy ornaments can be frustrating to hang if your tree limbs are small.
  5. Have fun! This is supposed to be a fun holiday activity, so don’t stress if everything doesn’t go perfectly. Just enjoy the process
  6. Make it an event – put some holiday music on, have Christmas cookies, wear your ugly Christmas sweater, and go all out!
  7. Get enough supplies to make a few ornaments (just in case your first attempts don’t turn out as you’d like. You need time and experience to get good at things, even ornament making.

What if you’re not crafty?

Hey, it’s okay if you’re not crafty; not everyone is born an artist or a creator. BUT you can learn these skills. Yes, this involves spending a little bit of money to take an online class to get great at something.

Maybe you’ll get so good at your DIY Christmas Ornaments that you can start selling them online or at a Christmas Craft Fair? You can learn all about the best Christmas crafts to make and sell right here.

To start earning money with your crafts, you first have to get good at it. Here are some classes offered by the DIY experts, Craftsy.

join Craftsy

At the end of the day

So what are you waiting for? Get started on these easy and fun DIY Christmas ornaments today and have a holiday home that is uniquely yours. Whether you prefer classic, rustic, glam, or minimalist decorations, we’ve got you covered with simple tutorials to help you make beautiful homemade ornaments this year.

Plus, making your own Christmas ornaments is a great way to save money during the holidays. What could be better than that?

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Which homemade Christmas ornament will you make?

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