Investing in yourself with the Women’s Wellness Bundle

I hate quitting on myself! Like seriously, it makes me mad! Have you quit on yourself? Or conveniently “forgotten” about a big goal? I’ve done that, and then out of the blue remembered that I was going to make healthy spinach patties for my toddler (saw the recipe on Pinterest, of course), but that was a few months ago. Dang it! Can you relate?

I forgot that this year (just like everyone else, probably you too) that I was putting my health and wellness first. Of course, the same old New Years Resolution has come back to haunt me again. (Yet, I am getting better about this, as I have identified “health” as being one of my top five personal core values that I am working on.)

You know what? I think I am finally done with it, I am tired of starting over, so if I don’t ever quit in the first place, then I don’t need to “start over.” This year I am committing to it in a different way. So why will this time be different? Easy, the answer is the Women’s Wellness Bundle from Ultimate Bundles.

I’m investing, and as a personal finance blogger, I don’t throw my money around lightly. The best part? It’s not that expensive! I’m going to share my action plan for the year, and I want you to copy it! Because, seriously, I want happy people in this world! When you feel better, you’re happier, plain and simple! I want you to be the first to say “hello” in the morning to the stranger on the sidewalk! To open doors for the quiet but smiling older woman at Starbucks, and let someone cut in line in front of you for the bathroom. I want you to feel amazing! So let’s get this plan into gear and focus on not only our health but our wellness!

Investing in Wellness

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The Difference between Health and Wellness

Yes, there is a difference, but only a slight (but important) distinction. Health is a state of being, whereas wellness is the state of living a healthy lifestyle. Many people are healthy but not necessarily living a healthy lifestyle. Think of 23 years old you; going to bars, closing it down with burgers at 2 am, staying up even later the next night, and doing it all again the following weekend!

Yeah, no thanks. I’m “old.” I can’t do that anymore. The funny thing is that I started saying no thanks when I was like 32! Now, I wish I felt as good as I did when I was 32!

The point being I want both health and wellness. I want the peace (I can’t think of another word that describes it better) that comes from living a healthy lifestyle. Besides, my aching back and knotted shoulders can’t take it anymore!

Self-Care is an essential piece of our health and happiness

I know I’ve talked a bit before about my daughter here in this post about figuring out your Financial Why, but I need to do more about the self-care side of parenting.

Quick recap, my daughter is five years old, and she has Cerebral Palsy. We are very fortunate in that she is a very happy, social, and smart (not to mention feisty) kiddo. But I have to carry her if she wants to do anything. She needs help sitting up, she needs help rolling over (but she’s getting the hang of it!), and she needs help eating sometimes, and if she drops something, then it’s “MAMA” ?

Carrying her around when she was little was no big deal. But she weighs about 39 lbs now and will only get heavier. Carrying her around is starting to wear on my body, the muscle knots in my neck, shoulders, and upper back are no joke I need regular deep tissue massage to help get them out! I also try and go to yoga class once a week to get in a really good stretch and focus on alignment.

I usually run out of energy and am no fun for her to play with (this happens more times than I would like). So if I am going to be the Mama that my daughter needs me to be then, I gotta start doing this self-care (and self-love) a little better and focus on making my body as strong and energized as it can be! She needs me, and I need her, I can’t let her down!

women's wellness bundle

The dimensions of wellness

There are a few different aspects of what wellness is, and they mean different things to different people (which is totally fine). Yet we may not have considered all the potential aspects. Maybe going through this list will get you to think about an area that you never considered “wellness” related before. They all combine to create optimal health for you.

It’s important to remember that we are a circle, and what I mean by that is one area in our life, affects another, and the domino effect of impact goes throughout our lives, not just our body. In the psychiatric realm, they talk about the many dimensions of wellness, so let’s dig in…

  1. emotional
  2. environmental
  3. financial
  4. intellectual
  5. occupational
  6. physical
  7. social
  8. spiritual

Each of these areas and the action or inaction we take in them affect the other areas. If we can make a positive change in one area, then the ripple effect is felt throughout.

For myself, I need to work on the physical aspect, which will positively affect (I am hoping) my mental health areas of emotional and social wellness. I need to focus on decreasing (or eliminating sugar), eating healthy whole foods, and finding a better way to handle my stress, while keeping my body fit through regular exercise.

How am I going to do this? And (what’s more) is how you can do it too? Simple, it’s a resource that I am making my wellness plan! (and it’s already put together for you!)

personal core value optin

What is it? Well, it’s something a bit different, it’s the Women’s Wellness Bundle from Ultimate Bundles.


It’s okay; I didn’t understand it at first either. What this (and all bundles from Ultimate Bundles are), is a group of products put together under one umbrella about a specific genre. For this bundle, it’s all around Women’s Wellness, which is so very applicable to me right now and to so many other Moms that I know!

As I mentioned above, one of the best parts is that it’s not expensive, it’s only $37 for over 80 products around health and wellness specifically for women! The products could be an eBook, some printout trackers, a documentary, webinars, e-courses, and an online summit! If you bought each of these individually, it would be over $4,500!

Now, I’m not foolish, I know that all 80 of the items aren’t going to apply to me, yet there’s a good chance that quite a bit will. I’m not losing money on this if I don’t go through everything. I am investing in myself! Even small changes are well worth it in the long run!

As a personal finance blogger, I definitely consider the purchasing of goods and items a little more than the average consumer. I take into account value, longevity, “do I have the time actually to use this”, and other random things my brain comes up with.

I am going to pull out a super cheesy and cliche saying that we all know. I am buying the Wellness Bundle because I am worth it! Repeat it… “Because you’re worth it” (thanks L-Oreal)!

I am worth investing in, and my health is worth investing in! My ability to care for my daughter is absolutely worth investing in!

What’s in the Women’s Wellness Bundle?

women's wellness bundle

So what type of information is included in the Women’s Wellness Bundle? Again, it’s over 80 different products, in 12 different topics that are all specifically around women’s health (aka – everything we want and need to know about!)…

  • Chronic Illness (6 products)
  • Fertility & Pregnancy (7 products)
  • Fitness & Physical Health (5 products)
  • Food & Healthy Eating (11 products)
  • For Moms (5 products)
  • Hormones (7 products)
  • Menopause & Beyond (6 products)
  • Mental & Emotional Health (8 products)
  • Natural Health (4 products)
  • Planners & Trackers (5 products)
  • Self Care & Confidence (8 products)
  • Skincare & Beauty (6 products)
women's wellness bundle

These are topics that are near and dear to our hearts as women, yet we may not feel comfortable talking to our friends or healthcare providers about it. What’s more is that we can learn about these things at our pace, in our own home. I am confident that the wellness bundle won’t disappoint!

They also have accompanying cheat sheets to help you decide how to narrow down your plan of attack! These CliffNotes-style summaries of each resource will not only allow you to zone in on which resources you should start with, but they’ll also allow you to absorb the fundamental principles a lot faster. These are an additional $10, but the amount of time that they will save will be well worth it!

When they sell a bundle, they usually offer bonuses too! These are small (free) items that they’ve included to help you start living the teachings that are in the bundle. Things like essential oils, online coupons for probiotics, memberships to health and wellness sites, and other small fun stuff, kind of like a goodie box!

The best part is that if you buy the wellness bundle and you get it and aren’t happy with it, there’s a 30-day return policy! They offer it because they want you to love it and if you don’t just email customer service and get a full refund! They do say that their return rate is extremely low because people find so much value in the bundle!

Their return policy makes me feel more comfortable, as buying an item in this format is a bit different than going out and buying a book at Target. A few months ago, I purchased a similar but work-related product from Ultimate Bundles (the Genius Blogger Toolkit – GBTK) and was very happy with not only the products but the process as well!

Ultimates Bundles also offers a great learning resource for all things money management! Check out their Master Your Money Bundle right here!

Using the bundle as a personal learning plan

I know the idea of buying 80 products is a bit overwhelming, as who has the time! But I have a plan for that too! When I purchased the GBTK, I got the cheat sheets and divided them up into piles, of things I wanted to go through now, go through later, and items that I wasn’t interested in (yes, it’s totally okay not to go through everything).

I then put everything into Trello, and color-coded it in the order I wanted to go through it (the red are what I want to do now, yellows are round 2). The Trello board and cards keep all my logins and passwords, and the downloads of the eBooks and the printables! (I can add notes, checklists, images, and links to it too. It’s like a big whiteboard, sticky notes, writing pad all rolled into one). Check out my Trello board for training below so you can see what I mean…

trello board for women's wellness bundle

I am going to use the same process with the Women’s Wellness Bundle, to keep it all organized and at my fingertips! (Trello has an app, so even when you’re on the go, you can pull up your wellness plan and keep on reading one of your eBooks!)

Now that I’ve figured out what I want to go through, I just need to do it. So here’s what I am committing to, this year, I am going to invest my spare reading time to go through everything. I usually read some work-related books, personal growth, and some fiction too. About 4-5 nights a week, I spend an hour so doing this. So this time, I am now making it my time to work through my wellness plan!

I have no idea how long it will take me, but I’m giving myself a year to do it. This seems reasonable, as I don’t want to rush through it all and not really have let it sink in or put it into action. I want to do it right, by learning then implementing, and then move onto the next item. Self-care shouldn’t be rushed through; I am going to take my time!

Let’s talk about the financial piece of wellness

As you know, I’m a personal finance blogger, which means I like numbers (particularly in the dollar format!) Let’s take a quick look at healthcare costs. Because if I ignore my health and continue on my sugar-laden path of self-destruction, there are going to be consequences! And the place that people (including me) HATE feeling consequences is their wallet!

The Balance did a piece on The Rising Costs of Health Care in the US, which summed it up nicely…

“In 2017, U.S. health care costs were $3.5 trillion. That makes health care one of the country’s largest industries. It equals 17.9% of gross domestic product. In comparison, health care cost $27.2 billion in 1960, just 5% of GDP. That translates to an annual health care cost of $10,739 per person in 2017 versus just $146 per person in 1960. Health care costs have risen faster than the average annual income.”

If the average spent on health care is $10,7739 (in 2017) and is rising at a faster rate than income, then what will it look like in 10 years, or 20 years? (I’m honestly too scared to Google it). BUT, they go on to say that “Chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease, have increased. They are responsible for 85% of health care costs. Almost half of all Americans have at least one of them. They are expensive and difficult to treat. As a result, the sickest 5% of the population consumes 50% of total health care costs. While the healthiest 50% only consume 3% of the nation’s health care costs.

I want to be healthy! I don’t want to pay more than I need to! (insert aggressive hand clap ? ) Plus, I also don’t want to feel like garbage!. So if I can spend a little bit of money now, to save a whole bunch of money later (and feel great), then my investment in the Women’s Wellness Bundle will be well worth it!

For the mental & emotional side of wellness, I’ve been focusing a lot on making my life “simpler”, and have been learning a lot about minimalism. Less stuff in my home = less stuff to clean, manage and organize! I started with my closet, as I had way too many pieces of clothing that I never wore. These were clothes that either didn’t fit me anymore, didn’t flatter me or just for a life I didn’t live anymore. So I went all-in by getting rid of probably 85% of my wardrobe and focused on building a minimalist capsule wardrobe. It has been so much easier getting dressed in the morning, and a lot of that anxiety about “how I looked” disappeared!

women's wellness bundle

At the end of the day

It’s $37; I am worth investing in! Both my money and my time will be well spent if I am living a healthier lifestyle.  I will be a better parent to my child, as she needs me to be there for her!  This is my most compelling reason, as I said in a previous post… She is my every inhale, my every exhale. She deserves a healthy & happy Mama. She is worth investing in! This is why I am buying the Women’s Wellness Bundle!

What aspect of women’s wellness are you most passionate about?