5 Tips on How to Make Big Money on All Things Worn


We’re going through the top tips on how to be a top earner on All Things Worn

Author: Kari Lorz, Certified Financial Education Instructor

Author: Kari Lorz – Certified Financial Education Instructor

People will pay good money for just about anything. So if you’re looking for a way to make extra money, then you have to be open-minded and a little adventurous.

Why you ask? Well, have you thought about selling your worn (ahem…) underwear, socks, or sweaty workout clothes? No, I’m not joking. I am 100% serious, and today, we’re going to break down how you can make $500+ a month selling your worn clothes on All Things Worn.

How to make money on all things worn

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What is All Things Worn?

Disclaimer: You need to be 18 years + (a legal adult) to sell items on this site.

All Things Worn is an online marketplace that provides a safe and secure platform for users to buy and sell used clothing and digital content.

On All Things Worn, you can purchase used underwear, shoes, hosiery, clothing, as well as naughty extras and instant content. Yes, this site is exactly as it sounds – adult material only! It’s real naughty, but it pays nice for those looking to sell their used clothes.

Their site focuses on the “community” aspect, which is interesting. Odd but good, I guess. Some people feel differently about what turns them on, so being in a place where others feel the same, gives you a sense of belonging. You feel “normal,” (if you consider that a good thing, some may and some may not).

While it may differ from what you or I feel is normal, don’t we want everyone to be happy? Happy people make for a happier society. Happy people are nicer, and wouldn’t it be great if everyone was nicer to each other?

So, get your freak on by all means, and sell what you want to make the extra money you need to live your best life. I wish for nothing but rich buyers to come across your listings on All Things Worn!

How much money can you make on All Things Worn?

While I couldn’t find any specific dollar amounts for ATW, Here’s what Paul Richter, CEO of PantyDeal (a competitor site to ATW), says on this.

“This niche is getting more and more popular. It’s primarily women selling their worn underwear to interested men for prices they negotiate. Prices vary, all dependant on how many days the underwear is worn — the more days the higher the price. For many girls, the profit is around $400 to $700 a month.”

So let’s say in a month you sell…

  • 6 pairs of panties at $25 a piece = $150
  • 3 photo sets at $15 each = $45
  • 1 worn sports bra at $40
  • 1 pair of leggings at $30
  • 2 videos at $40 each = $80
  • 1 naughty “extra” at $50

That’s $395 right there. And no way did those items take most of the month to post & ship. You have time leftover to sell a lot more! Or to live your best life doing whatever you want!

What can you sell?

You’re not just a panty seller on All Things Worn; you can sell lots! Its main categories are…

  • Used underwear
  • Used shoes
  • Used hosiery
  • Used clothing – shirts, dresses, workout clothes, etc
  • Naughty extras – used sex toys, used toothbrushes, used face masks, bottled pee, used gum, etc. This section also covers “experiences,” which could be where you rent a girlfriend for the day, and she sexts you during the day (just as a regular GF would). Or a degrading video session.
  • Instant content – feet pics, strip tease videos, pay for a Facetime session, etc.

Is All Things Worn legit?

Yes, All Things Worn is a legitimate website. They take safety, security, and privacy seriously and have implemented several measures to ensure that all transactions are secure. All Things Worn also has customer service available 24/7 if you need help with anything.

Many users say that the admins are active in the polls and responding to customer concerns (i.e., bad sellers or scammers). Yes, scammers are on ATW, just as on every other website where money is transferred between people. You just need to be smart; if someone offers you a huge payment for your panties, but they want to pay a different way than ATW recommends, that’s a red flag.

Is selling on All Things Worn safe?

Yes, your personal information is kept hidden from buyers and other sellers. But you need to do your part if you want to remain anonymous. Don’t show your face, any identifying tattoos, landmarks from your hometown, etc.

The Admin team takes your safety seriously, “If a buyer/seller asks to meet up for sales, always say no, and never agree to things. Report live meetup requests to the Admin Team, as it is always a danger to meet up with buyers/sellers you do not know personally in real life to do meetups or exchanges. Keep all sales online and on the website to stay safe.”

sign up to sell feet pics with Fun with Feet

All Things Worn – the details

You can sign up as a seller for free on ATW to browse around and see if it’s for you.

The premium membership is $14.99 a month (you can sign up for a 6-month package and basically get one month free). The Premium Seller package allows you to; contact buyers directly, send unlimited messages, add unlimited items, browse all buyers, add polls, posts, and images to the activity feed.

While paying a membership isn’t great, it’s how they make money to operate the site as they don’t take anything from your sales, which is unlike other sites. For example, on FeetFinder, they take 20% of your sales. But on ALL Things Worn, you keep 100% of the sale.

How do you get paid on All Things Worn?

This is the big question, as you’re doing this mainly for the extra cash. ATW strongly encourages you to use their payment method – KinkCoins. These payments are handled by ATW, meaning you do not need to give the buyer any personal information.

They started KinkCoins (previously, sellers gave payment info) to help with the safety and anonymity of buyers and sellers. Also, it seems that payment platforms (i.e., PayPal, Square, and Venmo were shutting down accounts due to the nature of the business, which went against their terms of service.

KinkCoins can be used to pay for items, tip/gift members, unlock exclusive content & much more.

Each coin represents a monetary value of $.10. For example, 10 KinkCoins equal $1, and 100 KinkCoins equal $10.

You can use kink coins to tip other buyers/sellers, you can pay for your monthly membership with them, you can spend KinkCoins to promote your listings, and most importantly, people can buy your content with them.

You can buy KinkCoins right from their website, so it’s very easy to use. When you’re ready to cash out your earnings, you will need to complete the following steps;

  • Verify your identity
  • Create a Bitsafe Talent Account & provide them with your IBAN
  • Have a minimum of 300 KinkCoins ($30)

Once this is complete, you can request a withdrawal. They then initiate the payment to your Bitsafe account after a 7-day hold period has passed (this is to ensure there are no ongoing disputes with orders). Transfers are processed by the Admin Team every Monday.

ATW does not charge for withdrawals, but Bitsafe will charge a withdrawal fee. If you have access to a EUR account, it will cost .75c per withdrawal, and for USD, it’s $5 per withdrawal.

It’s important to know that you can only verify your identity once you become a premium seller. So if you want to withdraw your earnings, you have to pay for the premium membership. So this is kind of a tricky way to get people to pay for the membership.

Other payment options for ATW:

When you (the seller) and the buyer come to a purchase agreement for a worn item, you can opt to go off the platform for payment. But this does introduce the possibility of scams, and your identity will be revealed. Remember that some payment options shut down accounts for businesses in the adult industry. And if you have a balance, you forfeit it, and the money is gone (if they notice you).

How to sign up as a seller

Step One: Go to their website and click the “join now” button. It’s important to know that ATW is mainly for females, yet you can go to Male Things Worn to sell stuff if you’re a guy.

Step Two: Check out the starter’s checklist to help you fill out your personal details on your profile.

Starter Checklist:

  • Upload profile pic
  • Add bio
  • Select what you offer
  • Add listing(s)
  • Become Premium (aka buy a membership)
  • Verify your identity

Step Three: Create your listings

Depending on what you’re selling, you’ll have different fields to fill out. Be sure to fill out everything, as leaving them blank can leave out info that buyers want, which means fewer sales.

Choose add listing or add instant content –

  • For listing – choose a category, write a title, and input your price and currency. Then upload an image, write your description, and add your tags.
  • For instant content – you must first be a premium seller to sell this category on ATW. Once you upgrade, you’ll be prompted to upload your digital files, create a title, write a description, name your price & currency, add your tags, and post. You’ll also want to be sure to let the buyers know how long they’ll have access to your digital content. You can upload five videos and ten photo sets at a time.

Good things to know about listings:

  • Each listing can only be reposted every seven days.
  • You can only repost five listings within 24 hours.
  • If a listing is not reposted within six months, it may be deleted.

Experienced sellers recommend that you don’t do a bunch of listings at once; instead, spread them out, like one a day over a week. This way, your profile will continually be on the front page.

5 Tips for being a top-earning seller

1 . Be a team player

One of the things that many sellers say is that you need to be active on the platform. Not sure if the site likes to show active profiles or if buyers take notice of active sellers and just buy from them.

ATW has a community aspect that they like to promote. From your dashboard, you can create polls, tip other sellers, comment on or like other posts (in the activity feed), post community photos, etc. It doesn’t have as many features as a regular social media platform, but it has enough to keep it engaging and fun.

You are encouraged to engage with fellow sellers; again, it’s a team culture here. Successful sellers say they will go on the platform for 30 minutes a day just to hype up other sellers and engage.

As you can see, the seller below has gotten four likes on her recent post on her new photo set. If you want to learn how to sell feet pics, be sure you look at our guide on taking feet pics and whether or not we recommend FeetFinder or other platforms. (hint – we actually recommend this site instead to sell your feet pics.)

2 . Have a way with words

You need to be able to describe what you’re selling in a way that makes people NEED to buy it. You should use descriptive words, be flirty, and fun! You need to really “sell” what you’re selling.

For example, you don’t want your title to be “panty.” You want it to be something like, “lovingly worn panties just for you.”

3 . Take good photos

If your pictures look like crap, then nobody is buying. You should have good lighting (get a ring light), have a clean background (no one wants to see your half-eaten lunch on the table in the background). If you’re selling clothing, you’ll want to learn flattering poses, so you look sexy as hell!

4 . Have a good profile description

People want to know who they are buying from. So write about yourself! Your likes & dislikes, your personality, etc. My best advice is to sign up and browse other profiles to see how others write about themselves. Don’t copy them, but use their profiles to inspire you to write about yourself.

Helpful sellers also share what’s on their will-do and won’t-do list. For example:

All Things Worn profile

5 . Be a financially smart seller

You need to price your content in a way where you make a profit but still be competitive with other sellers. Before deciding on a price, consider…

  • How much did the clothing item cost
  • The cost of your packaging – box, tissue paper, plastic bag, labels, etc.
  • Do you include “free shipping” to attract buyers? You’ll need to build that into your price.
  • How much time did you spend on that item? First washing it, wearing it, taking pictures, writing the description, going to the post office, etc.

So if your undies cost you $12, then no way should you compete on price and sell them for $5 just to get a sale. That’s not smart. Go ahead and buy $4 undies, do your stuff, and sell them for $8 or whatever you think is fair. Just don’t sell yourself short.

Here’s a pricing guide from ATW…

  • Panties (depending on the brand) – $25-45
  • Socks – $12-17
  • Pantyhose/Tights – $20-30 (depending on quality)
  • Bras – $35-50
  • Heels/boots – $50+
  • Photosets (10 pictures) – $30-40
  • Videos (Premade) – $5-7 per minute
  • Videos (custom) – $15+ per minute
  • Gym wear – $25-50
  • Sexting (30 minutes) – $40-60

Rules for selling on All Things Worn

Yes, there are rules and guidelines that buyers and sellers must follow to be in good standing with the site.

  1. No nudity – All cover images must be censored, but content that is locked for purchase can be uncensored.

  2. Proof of postage/shipping –  always ensure you have proof of shipping in case of a dispute. Keep receipts, take screenshots of sending digital content or anything that will help you prove you have fulfilled the order. For digital content, state clearly how long the buyer will have access to your content.

  3. Advertising alternative payment methods – Images or posts that include external payment methods such as “my Cashapp tag is £xxx” or “my Paypal is [email protected]” will be removed. You may post your payment details in your bio instead.

  4. Contact details – Similar to advertising external payment methods, you may post your external contact details, such as email address, kik handle, etc., on your bio, not the public dashboard.

  5. Going off the platform – Buyers trying to persuade you to chat offsite can be a red flag. If a new user asks you to move communications offsite by enticing you with a potential sale, this is likely a scam. Always ensure payment is received before moving offsite. Please note that ATW cannot intervene in any disputes away from the website.

  6. Use order forms – Orders on the system keep track of orders and update buyers on the status of their order(s). Always ensure payment is received in full before starting on or fulfilling any order.

  7. Banned content – Content including scat, blood, violence, and illegal and other offensive material is prohibited. This goes for any content with illegal drugs, animals, or underage content. You can be banned for posting meetup requests, sending unsolicited photos to others, or having duplicate accounts.

  8. Abuse & grievances – ATW takes a strong no-tolerance policy against verbal abuse, doxxing, sexual harassment, phobic comments, name-calling, etc., directed towards any user (including the Admin Team) will all lead to your account being banned.

  9. Fraud – You can be banned for stealing other sellers’ images and trying to pass them off as your own. You can be banned for giving false reviews, creating fake orders, or not fulfilling orders.

What are the pros & cons of selling on All Things Worn?

Pros of selling on All Things Worn:

  • You keep 100% of your sales
  • The community aspect means that you’ll find like-minded friends
  • It gives an outlet for self-expression, which is especially beneficial if you keep this side of yourself hidden from most people in your life.

Cons of selling on All Things Worn:

  • Shipping can be a lot and take a long time, so you may have impatient buyers from far away wondering where their items are. You can always choose to sell/ship to the US only.
  • Potential for scammers (but this is on every platform).
  • Sellers can review other sellers when they buy content. Many buy $1 instant photos and then review their friend to raise them higher in the ranks, and they can do the same for you. This makes a seller look really good, which is misleading to buyers.
  • Membership fee of $14.99 a month. But if you’re a dedicated seller, you can easily make it back. Besides, almost every platform has a charge to use it. For example, Fun with Feet has a 3 month membership for $14.99, so if you want to try selling feet pics, try them instead.

sign up to sell feet pics with Fun with Feet

All Things Worn Reviews

It seems that some people are happily selling on ATW, and some reviews of All Things Worn are a mixed bag. Let’s look at some good reviews…

As for the not-so-happy sellers. Usually, people who haven’t made a sale or get buyers trying to go off the platform for sales (scammer red flag).

All Things Worn FAQ

What are KinkCoins?

KinkCoins are a virtual currency used on All Things Worn. The coins can be used to buy and sell digital content and clothes on the site. 1 KinkCoin is = $.10

Who buys used clothing?

Their buyers are from all walks of life, socioeconomic classes, and races. There’s no one type of buyer; they are diverse. But they all like used clothes.

Will people see my personal information on All Things Worn?

No, they only see what you list on your public profile.

How do I get paid on All Things Worn?

You can get paid out via Bitsafe; you’ll need at least $30 in your account to withdraw, and you’ll pay a $5 withdrawal fee (US terms).

How much money can you make selling panties on All Things Worn?

Many women make from $400 – $700 a month selling their worn panties & lingerie.

At the end of the day

So now that your brain has been blown up a bit for what you can sell online (nail clippings anyone? What about vials of pee?). The question is will you try your hand at making extra cash this way?

First and foremost, do what feels right to you. Don’t let anyone shame or belittle you for trying to make money. As many others have said before me, “other peoples opinions of you are none of your business.”

So go ahead, wear those panties, sell them, and make that money!

So what are you going to sell first on All Things Worn?

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