A Roundup Post from Minda of the Cents and Family Blog

This post is a continuation of a post that Minda from Cents and Family did about some fantastic personal finance bloggers, who also happen to be Moms! I was honored to be one of the eight women she featured for this piece, as the other Moms here have so much knowledge along with the hearts of true teachers. These money minded mamas will inspire you to learn and do more, and give you a good chuckle. Hopefully, you will also find a new friend!

8 money minded mamas making it happen

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I wanted to share it with you so that you can see that there are so many ways to learn and grow in regards to managing your money. There’s no “one right way”, but there are many great ways.

Each money minded Mama brings her own perspective, flavor, and style to personal finance. I know you’ll find some great women and learn some amazing things!

As Minda, featured 8 amazing ladies, I will +1 and tell you a bit about her. She is a wife and mother of 3 kiddos. She works as a Pharmacist in a Cancer Center in Canada. So you know she’s got her hands (and brain) full! I admire her tenacity as she writes that she is focusing on three main things to make her family life better.

Making things…

  • Easier – by simplifying
  • Effective – making the tasks and activities you do count and worth it
  • Efficient – do it all in the shortest amount time

I love it that she highlights that she is doing all of these so that “I have more time to focus on the things that are important to me”. Which is one of the most important things to nail as a Mom, Entrepreneur, and a 9-5 doer!

So many times we are bogged down by things that aren’t important, yet keep us crazy busy! We get so lost in the “busy” and don’t surface for air until we are tearing our hair out! Eating ice cream by the pint while hiding in the pantry. (oh… you know you have been there Mama, I couldn’t have been the only one doing this!)

When Moms are just starting to learn about money, it can be overwhelming. So I asked Minda about what she want’s Moms to know most about when it comes to money and she said

“It’s essential to know the amount of money coming in and the amount going out every month. Once she has a snapshot of the family’s financial situation, she can figure how to best improve their finances by making goals and learning how to get control of the finances best and/or meets these goals. Money is complex, especially when there are kids involved. Not only is Mama taking care of herself, but she also needs to understand the family finances aspect to provide for her family financially.”

To read more about Minda and her journey with personal finance, check her out here: Cents and Family.

I love talking to Moms (just like you & me) who are doing amazing things! I wrote another piece about Moms and their money goals, I even got to talk to some big names in the online world who are making six figures! To continue learning about the 8 other money minded Mamas who are making it happen read on…


“I would like to introduce you to 8 personal finance bloggers who are also moms. Raising a family and teaching and coaching the world on money matters is quite the role. Financial planning is complex and there are so many different aspects to it. Here are 8 amazing personal finance bloggers who give us their views and advice on finances pertaining to kids and families. Check out their articles! Enjoy!” read on…

Do you want to be a money minded mama? It’s easy, just start learning, little by little, every day!