by your...


I was tired of drifting,
day by day,
with no real focus for myself,
no distinct purpose other than being a Mom,
no sense of deeper fulfillment.

I decided that I needed more from my life!
I wanted...

personla core values of purpose joy and drive

I went on a search to find what
was truly important to me.

Little did I know that
it already existed,
I just had to discover my own

Personal Core Values!

Maybe you do too if you..

Aren’t sure what you are working towards.  What’s all this hard work for anyway?

Feel overwhelmed by all the things you want to do!  Everything seems important, and all of it needs to be done now!

Are giving 110% to your family, and there’s nothing left for “you”.

Know what you want but aren’t sure how to get there.  You need direction, but where to start?

Are tired of make goals & resolutions and not getting anywhere, you are tired of “failing” yourself!

I'm ready for something different!

Things can be different!

With the help of the Living Your Genuine Life Workbook you will...

Create Goals that really MEAN something to you!

Self reflection can be tough, the workbook will guide you through finding your own values that truly matter to you on a deeper level.

Develop actionable steps to achieive your goals

Framing your action steps in a way that sets you up for success is key! Also identifying possible pitfalls, and creating workable solutions can save you time, energy and frustration.

Know which things deserve your focus right now!

Being strategic about the order of where you focus on can help build momentum, increase confidence, and catapult you to your end goal!

Identify where you could be spending money for lasting happiness!

Money is a not so silent supporter, or saboteur of your goals. Identify where to save money and where to spend it to create lasting happiness, all while funding your family's big goals!

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Here's what;s included...

living your genuine life mockup

You have big goals for you & your family!

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Kari Lorz

Hi, I'm Kari and I'm a money nerd!

I’m a Mama with a passion for helping women just like you!  Helping you discover the tools, and develop the skills needed to uncover your own path to providing a secure future for your family!  One filled with hugs, security, stability and a joy for living your genuine life!  (That means lots of grilled cheese sandwiches & time spent swinging at the park!)

I think that money is exciting!  It enables our family to do what’s most important to us.  By taking control of our finances, I decide (oh and my hubs too!) where are priorities are and we spend money in alignment with those goals.  

We spend, we save, we are excited about today AND our future!  It’s time for you to feel the same way!

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