Here’s how to start selling feet pics on Instafeet so you can make $500 a day too! (Plus 9 other sites to sell foot pics)

You hear the craziest stories these days, all about how Jenna from high school is making a fortune selling mushroom jam or how some girl your friend’s cousin knows made a ton of money selling feet pics on Instafeet. Say what? Yeah, she makes about $500 a day right now! NO WAY!

Yes, way.

Now $500 a day is a tip-top earner on Instafeet, and you have cute feet; you could totally do that! But $500 seems so ridiculous; it can’t be true. But what if it is? Besides, you don’t need to be a tip-top earner; you’d be happy with just an extra couple of hundred a week.  

You look at your phone; it’s 10:15 am, you rearrange your schedule, and at 10:30 you are walking into the neighborhood salon, picking out your pedi color. You are absolutely going to sell feet pics, and you’re going to make money a lot of money. But how exactly, you wonder? Don’t worry, let’s walk through all the details of how to sell feet pics on Instafeet!

how to start selling feet pics

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What is Instafeet?

Instafeet is an online platform where people are selling feet pics, and others buy them. It sounds simple, and it is, but I know we have a hard time wrapping our brains around this, as it’s an odd business venture. I mean, who does this? Well, lots of people and they can make decent money with their foot photos too!

How does Instafeet work?

It’s a subscription-based service, where people subscribe to your profile and can then buy your beautiful feet pictures. What’s nice is that with a subscription service, people must pay first, so the random gawker can’t just scroll all your foot pics. Yes, the site is free to join, but they must subscribe to your feed.

How much should I sell my foot pictures for?

When just starting in this industry, it’s suggested to price your feet pics low, at $5 or so. Because in the beginning, you don’t want to seem that you’re overcharging people when you don’t have a huge following. Once you find your groove and your niche, then you can adjust pricing (up to $100). Because if you’re undercharging, then you’re losing money. The goal is to find that sweet spot.

Here’s an example of a seller’s pricing structure. Right now (October 2021, the conversion is 1 British pound = $1.38. So one picture = $48.

selling feet pics - pricing structure

How much money can I make from selling feet pics?

Let’s go over the money part of this because that’s why we’re here, right?

Let’s say you have $10 followers a month, and you charge them $10 to follow you; that’s $100. Now, let’s say two of them want to buy two of your foot pics at $40 each; that’s $160. So you have $180 gross earnings for the month, and then Instafeet takes 10% of it, so $26, you’re left with $234.

Now that won’t make you rich, but it’s nice pocket change. If you really want to make big bucks selling feet pics, you need to scale up, either with followers or with offerings.

Some people earn around $500 a day on Instafeet, but those are experienced sellers with a large following. Who knows, maybe that could be you in a few months!

Grow your offerings

Like with every job, the more you do it, the more you perfect your skillset, and the more you learn what your customers want. Not only that, but you become a more savvy businesswoman.

Your followers can send you requests, but it’s all up to you if you accept. Yet, the requests can be anything, and it’s up to you to price accordingly. And if they want video, well then, that’s, of course, more expensive. 

If you are willing to make custom content, you can also charge extra for requests and exclusivity, and you can even set a minimum amount of minutes for feet videos. You don’t want to be wasting your time by making two-minute videos when you can set a minimum amount of, say ten minutes, and charge as much as you want.

Or, maybe you charge extra for creating exclusive content, just for one follower, that can command a much higher price than ones that anyone can see.

Maybe you treat your followers extra special to build up a high-end feel. Like having their initials painted on your toenails or a free foot pic on their birthday, or if they are a great client and buy a lot, maybe you give freebie foot pics when they reach a certain purchase status.  

It’s also important to know your strengths; for example, can you pick things up with your toes? Do you mind licking your toes? I KNOW, I KNOW that’s a personal question, but having “talents” can score you more money.

Grow your followers – use social media

The main question is, how much time and money can you commit to this side hustle? As with anything, the more you put in, then the more you can make. This is especially true with trying to grow a following on social media. It takes a lot of time and work. You’re communicating with potential clients, commenting on others, trying to create a connection, participating in online events, etc.

There are lots of “feet lovers” groups on Facebook, which can be good for engaging with a group and building community; letting them get to know you, and asking questions here is a great place to better learn the industry. Again, be sure that you don’t use your personal profile, use your alias profile. (note: you may need to build up your alias profile a bit before requesting to join a Facebook group, admins don’t want scammers, and a blank profile is a giveaway).

Once your personal profile has decent content you can create a business page, and get followers and potential buyers there. You can find buyers on these groups, but if you sell them something make sure to use PayPal only.

Instagram can be a great place to not only get followers but to get content ideas too, especially with trends. Now you don’t want to exactly copy someone, you want to do it better, that’s the goal. Be sure that you’re following all the hashtags…

#feet #feetslave #feetfoot #foot #worshipfeet #queenfeet #feetqueen #sexyfeet #sexyfoot#footfetish #feetmodel #model #instagram #instafeet #feetlovers#feetlover #feetslaves #slavefeet #feetporn #footfetishnation #feetlicking #footpics #feetloverscommunity

How do I get paid?

Instafeet pays out on the 1st and 15th of every month. And yes, if you’re wondering, you will need to claim these earnings on your taxes, just as every small business owner would.

Do I need to invest any money into selling my feet pics?

In short, you do have to spend a bit, not a lot if you’re watching your costs. But, it can easily get out of hand.

For example, how much money do you have to put into taking good care of your beautiful feet? Pedis every week? A polish change every few days? Henna artwork on your ankle? Feet peels? Ankle bracelets? Fancy shoes to show off your assets? 

If you want to get your feet in wallet-opening shape, here are the products you need.

Do you need to buy a good camera and editing software and some extra lighting for the business aspect? Start out with a basic operation, don’t invest heavily in this venture unless you already have an audience that’s shown they will pay.

A few small tools might makes things a lot easier for you; like a phone tripod with ring light and timer and maybe a nice backdrop, like a faux fur blanket.

Is Instafeet legit?

Yes, it’s a 100% legit website and business. Don’t worry, it’s also completely legal.

Who buys feet pics?

There are quite a few different types of Instafeet followers.

  1. The feet lovers – This is, of course, what we instantly think of when we hear about the premise of Instafeet. Now, I’m not getting down on you are a foot fetishists; we know this appeals to a niche market – just like Brussel sprouts. Besides, there are worse things than liking feet. Feet are pretty mundane when you think about it. However, the foot fetish connoisseur is probably the largest customer base for buying feet pics.

  2. The artist – This is a lesser-known follower group but still a viable one. Artists often want to perfect their skills by drawing certain things, or watching precisely how a foot moves, frame by frame. So if they are drawing a human body and aren’t good at feet, then they need to practice drawing feet, and why not your feet?

  3. Stock photo websites – Yes, stock photo sites get their content from all over, including places like Instafeet. People need feet pictures for all sorts of reasons.

  4. Foot modeling agencies – Yup, there are agencies specifically for foot & hand models, and they have to scout models from somewhere, so why not from Instafeet? For example, there’s Closeup, BMA Models, or Models Direct to name a few.

  5. Product Companies – Yes, companies that make and sell polish, nail files, foot peels, and the like all need photos to help them market their product.

Who can sell feet pics?

Well, anyone can sell feet pics, but on Instafeet, you have to be female and over the age of 18. But on other platforms, the door is wide open to all!

What kind of feet pics sell well on Instafeet?

Believe it or not but Instafeet has some “rules,” but they sound more like guidelines to showing pretty feet. After all, people prefer different things. Here’s what their rules say about having attractive feet…

  • Do
    • Moisturize your feet and toes.
    • Get a pedicure/ color on.
    • Remove any hairs; plucking is best.
    • Submit both face and feet photos.
  • Don’t
    • Register more than once.
    • Upload blurry or stock photos.
    • Apply if you are male or FTM trans.
    • Submit only face or only feet photos.
  • Extras
    • Toe rings and ankle bracelets.

Best foot & leg poses

Did you also know there are desired poses? I didn’t realize this at first, but I found out all the details with some digging. According to Urban Dictionary, “In the online foot fetish community, “The Pose” refers to a girl (or guy if such is one’s desire) lying on her stomach, facing the camera/viewer, with her feet up in back of her. The soles of the feet are showing, which is of interest to fetishists who enjoy the bottom of the feet. In The Pose, the feet may be crossed or uncrossed, stacked, side-by-side, one up/one down, soles skyward, soles scrunched, toes spread, etc. The Pose is one of the most requested positions in foot fetish history.”

The Invisible Tightrope: Single file your feet, putting one foot in front of the other, as if you were taking your first step on a tightrope. It might feel a little awkward at first, but in photos, this will elongate the front foot’s ankle, foot, and leg, while giving the illusion that you’re in motion. (source for this and the next two poses).

The Bow Leg: Turn both of your feet inward just a tiny bit and separate them about an inch keeping the back leg slightly bent and the other completely straight.

The Perfect Profile: Position your body entirely to the side and pop out the leg that’s closest to the camera, almost like a flamingo. Make sure a little bit of your back is showing more than the front of you.

Be a different sort of foot model

Or maybe if posing isn’t you’re thing, you could make yourself stand out from the crowd by showing your cosplay skills. I bet there are some people who’d love to see Arwen’s feet (hint: that’s the elven princess in Lord of the Rings). Or, maybe you are a dead ringer for Christina Aguilera; if so, you know people would pay cold, hard cash for that. (of course, while fully disclosing that you are indeed not Xtina, fraud isn’t a pretty word).

You can also theme your photo collections – beach, fishnet stockings, high heels, bath tub, socks, toe pics, holiday, sandals, food smash, foot touching, toe licking, close ups, black & white photos, etc. Having different themes keeps your content fresh and different from your competition.

How will you market yourself?

Instafeet, like many social media platforms, uses hashtags to sort what people are looking for. Here’s the list on their site…

#Blonde #Brunette #Latina #Asian #European #MiddleEastern #Ebony #Redhead #College #Fit #Skinny #Thick #Natural #Booty #420 #Exotic #Legs #Unique #Classy #Nudes #Heels #Small #White #Curvy #Teen #Strip #Tattoo #Milf #Fullbody #HighArch

While Instafeet is a “feet site,” you can see that people upload more than just feet pics from their hashtags. That’s their choice, and I don’t see anything in the rules that says you can’t.

While Instafeet says you don’t need to post pictures of your face, it is recommended. I guess people want to see the whole package? If you’re concerned about people seeing you, maybe you could wear a superhero mask or a mardi gras mask; that could be your online persona.

Is Instafeet safe? – 6 tips to stay safe online

Beyond the question of “can I do it,” you may be asking yourself, is it safe to sell pictures of my feet? The answer is (mostly) yes. There are things you can do to help keep your identity a secret and keep you safe when selling feet images. However, nothing is 100% safe.

Here are some things you can do to stay safe online…

  1. Create a persona – For obvious reasons, you never want to give your real name, location, or anything personal. You can now be Jill, from Baton Rogue Louisiana.

  2. Scrub your metadata from your images. “Photo metadata is the information and specific details concerning a particular image file. This information often includes date created, author, file name, content, themes and more.” (source). Depending on the device, this could include location coordinates, date, time, device model and manufacturer, and settings used to take the image. (source) You’ll want to delete this info to the best of your ability. I won’t give the exact steps here as processes change often on devices. So be sure to Google how to do it in the current year.  This goes for your feet videos too.

  3. Create separate accounts – If you want to keep your Instafeet life completely separate from your regular life, you’ll need brand new social media accounts (twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc. Go to every social media platform and see what people are searching for. You’ll also need a business email address, and a PayPal account (hint: don’t you Cash App as you can get scammed easily on that platform). You don’t want any of these accounts tied to your regular accounts, so be careful when logging in and commenting on others’ posts.

    When you post to your new socials, be sure to check your phone settings.  How Stuff Works says, “Many smartphones geotag your photo when you take it, and that data is uploaded along with your photo, revealing when and where it was taken. If you’re trying to avoid stalkers, check the settings on your smartphone to find out how to disable geotagging, and be aware of how different social network sites use and reveal geotags from your photos.” 

  4. Scan your images – Before posting pictures, be sure that what’s in the background doesn’t compromise your location (if doing outdoor shoots).

  5. Protect your content – As well as protecting yourself, you should protect your content. Place a watermark on your pictures before showing them to interested buyers. They may ask for a preview of your feet pics, and it’s okay to show them as long as you protect your image.

  6. Keep it professional – If interacting with a follower becomes too uncomfortable, then be sure to drop them fast. Be polite but extremely firm.

There’s also another aspect of safety, is the platform itself safe? There have been comments on forum sites of people’s ID information getting out and attempted to be used. But nothing has been conclusively tied to Instafeet as a business. But, it’s best to stay cautious and keep an eye on your info.

This feels weird, I’m interested in making money by selling feet pics online, but I’m not sure I can do it.

Yes, you can make good money selling feet pictures, but only do it if you’re okay with it. Know your comfort zone and know your limits, and don’t compromise.

You don’t ever want to do anything where you feel you are compromising your values or demeaning yourself. Now that’s not to say if you do lick your toes that you are compromising yourself. What I mean is, what is okay for one person might not be okay with others. This is a slippery slope, I know, so be honest with yourself. And most importantly, never do anything that compromises your personal safety. But if you feel that selling feet pics is something you’re interested in then let’s get started!

How do I get started – an Instafeet review

  1.  Know the rules – You must be a female, 18 years or older.

  2. Apply for a profile – There are specific rules, and not everyone will be accepted. They sometimes close registration if they have too many people on. You must show a valid US ID as part of your profile, and it could take 1-3 weeks to be approved.

  3. Create your feet pics – They suggest starting with at least five pictures and regularly uploading new ones. This makes your subscribers feel that they are getting a good value and keeps them paying every month.

  4. Pricing your feet pic –  They suggest starting your fee under $10 a month. Some price up to $100, but it may take you a while to get to that price. Consider the quality of the photo resolution, the backdrop, the styling, etc.

  5. Promote your profile – Yes, you need to promote yourself to gain new subscribers. The harder you promote, the more potential income you can earn.
Instafeet how to start selling feet pics instructions

I want to try and sell feet pics, but I don’t feel comfortable with Instafeet. Can I sell my feet pics anywhere else?

1. Etsy

Believe it or not but you can sell feet pics on Etsy. Etsy analytic company eRank, says that there are 1,682 searches a month on Etsy for “feet pictures.” There are additional searches for “feet pics” and the keywords “feet pics for sale.” The best part is that “feet pictures” have a 109% click-through rate (that’s amazing) and very low competition on the platform, unlike Instafeet.

2. Feetify

Feetify is another online platform to sell your feet pics. It seems to offer a few more options to interact, such as a live feed. They also provide a regular seller profile and a premium profile option, which has more options. Also, anyone on the site can view your profile, but the customer pays to message you (unlike Instafeet). They, of course, also pay for your pictures & videos. Here’s a link to their FAQ page because I know you have questions!

3. Feet Finder

Feet Finder is another platform, which looks a little more put together than Instafeet, yet they don’t have the popularity yet that Instafeet has. Here, their video walks you through the process of selling on their site.

FeetFinder does charge a subscription cost, “While we also had tons of Buyers signing up and purchasing content, the Seller demand still was far greater than the Buyers. Rather than limit who can and can’t use our platform, we’re now charging Sellers a monthly subscription of $2.99 or $24.99 per year. This allows us to ensure all Sellers using our platform are serious about selling feet content.”

4. Dollar Feet

Dollar Feet is slightly different in that they, the platform, pay you directly for your videos. “We pay $10 per accepted video (10-minute long) you send. The price may depend on the appearance of your feet. If you’re a professional foot model, we may pay more. So If you send five videos, you’ll be paid $50. If you have high arches, pink soles, and wide heels, you can be one of our regular foot models.”

While guaranteed money sounds nice, you could still make more money yourself by selling to multiple potential buyers vs just one.

5. Feetpics Marketplace

Feetpics is another similar site, where you create a profile, upload some pics, and then submit for approval. Feetpics stands out a bit as they offer a lot more educational training to their sellers. For example, their articles are the cons of using a smartphone or keeping yourself safe from scammers, even tips on foot care. This info is open for anyone on their blog, but it shows they’re a bit more well-rounded than the other sites.

Feetpics also offers different payment options, as the seller you can choose…

  • Amazon Gift Card – In exchange for your pictures, the buyer will purchase an Amazon voucher. This also works with any other online vouchers.
  • Bitcoin – If you have a Bitcoin Wallet, you can receive anonymous payments.
  • PayPal – If you are going to give out your Paypal ID, it is highly recommended that you set one up just for your feet pics, to keep yourself safe.
  • Credit Card or Bank Transfer – This is an easy method to get paid but always share your bank details with people you can trust.

Feetpics does charge a one-time $9 subscription fee, after that there are no other fees. This helps keep only active sellers are their site so the competition is lower. Another point that differentiates this platform is that buyers can leave sellers ratings & reviews. Of course the higher the ratings, the more popular you rise.

6. OnlyFans

While not exclusive to selling feet picture, it’s a great option as the platform is very popular and has lots of potential buyers. The downside to this platform is they take 20% of your earnings, including tips. However, their referral program can be very lucrative for those that get their referral link out a lot. The program allows established creators to refer new creators to the platform in exchange for an equivalent of five percent of the referee’s profits for the first 12 months (or when rach $50,000), money which comes directly from OnlyFans, not from the profits of the new user.

According to the Queen’s Journal, “Despite the hype, most people who sign up for OnlyFans don’t get rich off of it-the average creator on the platform makes $180 a month. On OnlyFans, the top one percent of creators make 33% of the profit, and the top 10 percent account for 73% of the profit. In short, if you don’t have the time or energy to treat content creation like a full-time job, it’s difficult to rise in the ranks.”

With all of these available platforms, you might try selling feet pics on all of them – barring any exclusivity mentioned in sign-up contracts. I don’t know if any of them say they have to be exclusive on their site so it’s worth checking. After all, if you’re making all this feet pic content, you want to get it out to as many interested buyers as possible.

There are even feet pictures online that people have scrapped together from celebrity sightings, for example, Wikifeet is just a feet photo appreciation site. Angelina Jolie might be a little put off by finding her zoomed-in feet pics online.

7. Stock photography websites

These websites have thousands of visitors that use the platform daily which means stock photos are in high demand. However, if you want to sell on these sites your photography quality needs to be on point. So that means a great camera, good lighting, and artistry in photo composition.

8. Start a blog

If you’ve been tossing around a few online money making ideas, why not combine them? You could start your own blog, say on foot care, shoe fashion, etc. This was you can create blog posts, videos, on host them on your own, instead of depending on other platforms.

To make money you can sell feet pics on an online storefront, or create a membership site. You can even branch out and do sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing by recommending others products.

Starting a blog shouldn’t be undertaken lightly, it’s a lot of work with a lot of moving pieces.

9. Sell on social media

Now if you want to get started ASAP, and don’t want to fuss with applying to websites and waiting, then you can start selling right now on social media channels. All you need are your social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok to start), a PayPal account, and a separate email address. Now, this isn’t the most lucrative option initially, as getting started will be a bit slower. But it’s still an option. You’ll want to join groups, follow big accounts in this niche (start commenting on their content), and slowly but surely you will gain traction.

The process will take a few more steps, as you’ll need to market your items on social, and then take payment on PayPal, then deliver to email addresses.

At the end of the day

If you want to learn more about how to sell feet pics online, be sure you do your due diligence on the safety and security of the platform you choose. Instafeet can be a good option for selling feet pics, and who knows, you could strike it rich! Hmmm… maybe you’ll be famous, you better learn how to sign autographs with your feet then, huh!

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