A Real Budget Review Consultation

Work With Me Budget Review

What's this?

Do you need an extra set of eyes to look over your budget?  You want to make sure you’ve got everything covered and that it all adds up!

Sometimes you need some unbiased straight talk from a friend to help you challenge assumptions, come up with creative ideas and help you find a solution that will really work!

Let’s go through your budget and see where we can adjust it, and make it serve your family’s best interests!

The Details

  • A 45 minute web call where we go through your spending plan together
  • Clearly defined categories that are developed with your family's needs
  • A written out for you action plan with suggestions to get your budget in line with how you want to spend your money


Financial Goal Setting Consultation

Work With Me Financial Goals

What's this?

Do you need help with a jump start?  I get it, this whole money thing seems so overwhelming, and it can be easy to push it to the back burner.  But where is that getting you? Are you moving forward with your goals or just treading water?

It’s time to put your priorities first, and gain traction on living your best life!

Together, we will identify your top core values and align financial goals with them.  We’ll then figure out reasonable action steps to get you moving forward, day by day closer to your goals!

The Details

  • A 90 minute web call where we go through your financial dreams together
  • Clearly defined goals and action steps to help you achieve your benchmarks for success
  • A written out for you action plan so you can get started NOW