5 Simple Ways to Help You Reach Financial Abundance

How to start living your dream life today with these small shifts toward being financially abundant

Author: Kari Lorz, Certified Financial Education Instructor

Author: Kari Lorz – Certified Financial Education Instructor

We all want to be happy & content, but so many times we feel the “lack” of things. While this is a natural emotion, we know it’s not good for us. We want to change, but how?

We’re going to go through 5 simple ways that you can help shift your mindset to that of financial abundance!

5 ways to help you reach financial abundance

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What is financial abundance?

Financial abundance isn’t about having lots of money. It’s a state of mind where you have “enough” and are happy and content with that. Yes, it can mean having a lot of cash, but it’s more about your mindset.

You can be financially abundant with $50 in the bank, or $5,000, or $5 million.

It’s not about traditional financial success because only by having an abundance mindset can you be truly wealthy. It sounds a bit wonky, I know, but once we dig in a little deeper, it will become clearer.

When spiritual teachers refer to abundance, they mean that you want for nothing and that you have everything you need right now.

Isn’t that what we all want? To be happy and content with what we have. Not always striving for more, feeling that it will never happen. Well, let’s start work on getting you there!

5 ways to help you reach financial abundance

In line with it being a state of mind, simply earning more money or saving more money won’t get you there. Remember, it’s not about having more; it’s about having enough to cover your needs comfortably.

1. Have an abundant mindset

Knowing your money mindset is the first step to helping you achieve financial abundance. We go deep into understanding our money mindset in another post, but here’s a quick recap.

Scarcity money mindset = you don’t have enough money, and you never will, you’re bad with money, and it will always be this way.

Abundance money mindset = there is more than enough money to go around, you can always earn more, and you’re happy to manage your finances.

It’s a sliding scale, and you’re somewhere along the line between financial scarcity and abundance; we are all somewhere on this scale. Don’t lose hope if you find yourself at the scarcity end; you can shift your money mindset with conscious effort.

Part of having an abundant mindset is understanding what a growth mindset is. Which is the concept that skills, potential, and results can be grown, learned, and expanded. Nothing is set in stone, nor absolute; that’s a fixed mindset and limits you.

Having an abundant mindset means that there are infinite ways for you to succeed and have money flow into your life. The state of true abundance can come in many forms and at any time. Your job is to be open to it all.

Try the 21 days of abundance challenge

Deepak Chopra’s abundance meditation has gotten a lot of attention in the past year. It’s technically called his 21 Days of Abundance Challenge, where “he reveals the secrets to harnessing the power of attention and intention to manifest the life of your dreams.”  

People rave about the challenge yet also say that it was indeed hard for them. But, as we know, nothing of value comes easy, right? I am a firm believer that you need to get your mindset right before you can accomplish anything significant, so going through his meditations could be the perfect starting point for you!

But you don’t need to buy his full program to get an idea of what it’s like. As with all video content, you can sample it on YouTube…

Financial abundance affirmations

I am a firm believer that what we tell ourselves becomes our reality. So it makes sense that if we want true financial abundance, we need to not only be open to it but actively encourage these positive thought patterns, sort of like money manifestation. When you focus on it, it begets action, and then come results. These are a great way to help counteract any limiting beliefs that you may have.

Here are some great affirmations that you can start using today!

  1. I always have enough money.
  2. I believe there is enough money for everyone.
  3. I am financially free.
  4. I have more than enough money.
  5. Money is abundant to me.
  6. I always have enough money to fulfill my needs.
  7. The universe provides enough money for everyone.
  8. I will become financially free.
  9. Financial freedom is not just a dream; it will be my reality.
  10. I have enough money to enjoy my day-to-day life freely.
  11. I have more money than I could ever spend.
  12. I am what a wealthy person looks like.
  13. I choose to stay focused on abundance no matter what.
  14. I always have more than enough for everything I need.
  15. I am wealthy in more ways than one.
  16. I can easily afford anything I want. 
  17. I welcome all the wealth that life offers me.
  18. I deserve to be rich.
  19. The Universe is benevolent.
  20. Wealth is within my reach.
  21. I feel abundance around me.
  22. I am successful and wealthy.
  23. I trust my ability to attract abundance.
  24. I have the power and ability to make money.
  25. My bank account is overflowing.
  26. I am in command of my finances.
  27. I am getting richer every day.
  28. Money comes to me easily.
  29. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  30. Wealth constantly flows into my life.
  31. My actions create constant wealth, prosperity, and abundance.
  32. I am aligned with the energy of wealth and abundance.
  33. Prosperity is drawn to me.
  34. I have a wealth mindset.
  35. I’m open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me.
  36. I always have more than enough money.
  37. I attract money to me.
  38. Wealth is pouring into my life.
  39. Money comes to me in ever-increasing amounts.
  40. I am grateful for everything that I receive.
  41. Today I am attracting wealth, abundance, and prosperity.
  42. My wallet is overflowing with money.
  43. My wealth shines from within me.
  44. I generously give back to my community
  45. It’s easy and natural for me to be prosperous and successful.
  46. Abundance surrounds me; I deserve and accept it.
  47. I accept and receive unexpected prosperity.
  48. I am constantly discovering new sources of income.
  49. Money comes my way in both expected and unexpected ways.
  50. I am open to receiving all the wealth life brings to me.

Some of them do indeed sounds very similar, yet it can be one word that sets off a spark in your brain. My advice is to choose three of these affirmations that really resonate with you and have them be part of your toolkit to shifting your mindset.  My favorite positive affirmation is #15, “I am wealthy in more ways than one.”

If these financial abundance affirmations don’t ignite that spark, then don’t worry; I have a master list of 250+ money affirmations to help you find the perfect fit!

If you’re looking for help then grab the Money Affirmations Workbook, where you have all the affirmations here listed out (it makes for easy highlighting)! And it walks you through creating your own personal affirmations.

financial abundance affirmations
money affirmations workbook

2. Practice gratitude for an abundant mindset

I know mindfulness proponents beat this into your head, but it really is the best place to start if you want to foster the feeling of happiness and contentment.  

How can you ever feel “abundant” when you don’t value and appreciate what you already have? Because whatever you get in the future still won’t be enough. It will just be a cycle of always wanting more. To stop this cycle, you need to open your eyes to what you already have, recognize the value something brings to your life, and be grateful for it.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Having a gratitude practice is so cliche; it’s lame. Well, yeah, it’s been a little tarnished due to popularity, just like everything that makes it big in modern culture. BUT, there is a twist to a daily gratitude practice that I want you to consider, and Marie here will break it down…

Picking one thing a day that you’re grateful for and writing out five specific and detailed sentences about it makes so much sense!

I am a big fan of using a planner/journal to help us get our thoughts down. It’s so impactful to go back and read through old entries to help relive the joy you were feeling or see the progress you have made when hard things have happened. Here are some great options to help get you started on your gratitude practice…

Gratitude Journal Notebook for Women & Men, Daily Gratitude Journal with Prompts, Cultivate Thankfulness, Boost Happiness, and Improve Well-Being Through Daily Reflections Journal – Original
  • Start Your Day Right with Gratitude – Our gratitude journal for women sets the tone for your day, fostering a grateful heart and a positive outlook. It’s not just a gratitude journal; it’s an affirmation journal, a self-reflection companion, and so much more – all compacted into one incredible journal.

If you’re wary of having a gratitude practice then try and shift the focus to money journaling. This is when your journal practice revolves around how you feel about your personal finances (saving and spending mostly). You can also use it to track your daily spending and your financial goals.

3. Show your money some healthy respect

This is an interesting concept that we typically don’t give enough thought to. I mean, how do you treat money with respect? And why is that even a thing?

As a society, we tend to make money “evil.” People who have a lot of it are “filthy rich,” or if you want more of it, you’re greedy, and there is the old saying that “money is the root of all evil.”  

These attitudes do not foster a healthy and objective attitude towards money. These attitudes overtake our financial beliefs and demonize money, and how can you feel abundant when you want something you view as evil?  You need to shift your negative belief system and start manifesting abundance.

Let’s be plain, money is a tool, nothing more. Money can be used for good and evil. It all depends on the person who has it. Do you consider the work done by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation evil? Nope, it’s a wonderful way to use money for the power of good. 

People who have a lot of money are not good or evil, and people who don’t have a lot of money are not good or evil. People are people, and money is just a tool to buy and sell goods and services.

4. Practice generosity

I don’t particularly like the idea of telling people that they “should” donate. Because when you give a gift, it should come from your own heart. When you give a gift out of obligation, it’s not a true gift anymore, it’s a transaction, and that’s no way to think about generosity.

Yet, I do know that when you give a gift from the heart, you feel good. (Now, don’t donate just to feel good, that’s not the answer either). But taking mindful action to help another person or organization, with no expectation of receiving anything in return, is the true spirit of generosity, which is a good thing!

Holding onto your money with closed fists won’t bring you happiness; that is a scarcity mindset. Remember, with unlimited financial abundance, there is always more to come. You need to loosen your grasp and let it flow when you feel the perfect opportunity has come along.  

You put out in the universe what you want to come back to you. Just like the golden rule, we learn as children, do unto others as you would have done to you, and use that to help guide some of your financial decisions.

5. Live in your values for an abundant life

Now, what is the good of having money if you’re miserable? Yup, this is where we talk about living the good life! Do you know what that means to you? Most of us conjure up images of fancy houses and having lots of possessions, but that’s not necessarily it.

It’s time to think about what really makes you happy. I’m talking about actual, long-term happiness, not just the thrill of shopping or the excitement of something new. It comes down to knowing your personal core values and living by them. These values are different for each of us; it could indeed be a big house for one person. For others, it could be that they value the freedom to travel, and for others, it could be they value having loved ones close by.  Whatever your financial goal, it should be an individual decision driving it, not a goal of competing with another, that will only add to your financial stress.

This is also known as living in alignment. Alignment means that your thoughts, heart, and life all match, leading to true abundant happiness. When you are out of alignment, that means you are working against yourself. A very simplistic example is if you were a vegan working at a steak house. You probably wouldn’t be very happy; you’d feel guilty helping a business that you didn’t fundamentally agree with.

Living in alignment with your values makes you feel abundant. Maybe not specific to your financial situation, but it helps create the overall feeling and tone of your life. Remember, it’s not just one thing that makes “it.” It’s many things working in harmony together that create the environment you’re looking for.

What is the Law of Abundance?

There are a few slight variations on what the Law of Abundance is, but the simplest explanation is usually the best way for you to get this gist of it.  

Brian Tracy, a well-known professional development speaker and coach states, “The Law of Abundance is that there is ample money for everyone who knows how to acquire it and keep it.”

He continues, “We live in a generous universe, and we are surrounded on all sides by blessings and opportunities to acquire all we truly desire.”

For all you left-brain folks, I know this is hard to grasp. I am very analytical and had a hard time coming to understand this concept in a non-dismissive way. I was a stereotypical non-believer. But…

“I didn’t arrive at my understanding of the fundamental laws of the universe through my rational mind.” 

Albert Einstein

At the end of the day

You know that achieving financial abundance isn’t about how much money you have. It isn’t about your material possessions either. It’s a mindset that you cultivate, grow, and constantly adjust to meet your needs. It’s about knowing yourself and living in that alignment while practicing grace, gratitude, and generosity.

Yes please, that’s the life for me!

money affirmations workbook square

What does living in financial abundance look like to you?

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  1. I love the challenge of expressing gratitude and abundant mindset. I need to work on this and you’ve provided some great, easy ways to work it into my daily routines..thanks!

    1. Having any abundant mindset can be so hard to cultivate in the beginning, but you will soon start to look at everything differently!

  2. Ohh I liked reading about abundance. Never thought I would like reading about it. Thanks for sharing this