10 Best Ways on How to Get Free Money on Cash App (2024)


Here are the 10 best ways (100% legit) on how to get free money on Cash App

Author: Kari Lorz, Certified Financial Education Instructor

Author: Kari Lorz – Certified Financial Education Instructor

With just a smartphone and the Cash App app, you can start sending and receiving money, buying goods or services, and even earning free money.

We’re going to take you through the exact steps to not only set up your account but also show you how to get free money on Cash App, so you can start earning some extra money right now!

how to get free money on Cash App

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What is Cash App?

For those who are new to Cash App, it’s a service platform that lets you send and receive payments. It’s similar to Venmo and PayPal but it has more features that I think you’ll like.

It also allows you to buy goods or services online (and in-store with a Visa debit card), and even save money through various ” cash boosts” that offer discounts on things like eating out, shopping at certain retailers, etc.

All in all, there are a lot of ways that you can save and earn free Cash App money.

Is Cash App legit?

Yes! If you use Cash App for what it is intended for (to buy/sell stocks & bitcoin, manage direct deposits, and pay and receive money from friends), you will have no trouble with it. It’s a legitimate virtual payment method (with the option of a physical card).

Get Cash App
Cash App sign up

Get free $5 on Cash App

If you’re a new user, you can get free $5 on Cash App when you use the code NRTZMHV (or click the green button below). You then need to send someone $5 and receive $5 (it can be to/from the same person). You’ll then get your free $5 sign-up bonus!

How to get free money on Cash App

There are lots of legit ways that you can earn free money on Cash App. Your best bet is to start with Boosts, earn with your referral code, and set up a direct deposit. When you’ve met requirements you can borrow up to $200 (but yes, you have to pay it back later).

So let’s jump into all the ways on how to get free money on Cash App…

Do This…Earn This…
Sign up with free money code: NRTZMHV$5
Refer a friend to Cash Appup to $15 per person
Use survey apps & games for free moneyunlimited
Use Cash App boosts5% to 25% cash back
Enter Cash App sweepstakesa ton if you win
Use Cash App for stock tradingit depends
Use Cash App for Bitcoin tradingit depends
Set up direct deposit during a promotion$50
Access Cash App Borrow up to $200

1. Sign up and get a free $5 sign up bonus

One of the quickest ways to get free money on Cash App (and the easiest), is to sign up with a referral bonus. Someone sends you their code, for example, Use our invite code “NRTZMHV” to receive a free $5, and with that code you get free $5 into your account, once you send another person $5 via the app (it has to be within 14 days).

Now that person can immediately send the $5 back to you so you’re not out the money. So you’re earning a free $5! Nice. You can see step-by-step screenshots right here in this post.

If you want to get started, you can do that right now by clicking the green button below.

BUT REMEMBER, you have to send someone $5, and then have someone send you $5 to get the bonus. And yes, it can be the same person; it doesn’t have to be two different people.

If you don’t know anyone on Cash App yet, you can send $5 to me at $KariMFTM, with a note that says, “I read the post; please send this $5 back to me.” And I will do that, 100% promise, no joke, I will send it back. Then you will get your sign-up bonus!

(Note: It may take me 1/2 day to do it, especially if we’re in different time zones and I’m sleeping. Don’t freak out; I will send your $5 back to you.)

2. Cash App invite friends bonus

One of the easiest ways to make money is with your referral code for Cash App. When you downloaded Cash App and signed up, you probably used someone’s referral code, which means they got money for referring you. You can now start doing the same thing.

For every person that you refer who signs up and uses the app, you will receive $5 and they will get $5 (sometimes they offer $15 bonuses so keep a close eye on it). So it’s a win-win!

There is no limit to how many people can use your Cash App referral code. But they must link their bank account and send $5 to another Cash App user within 14 days. Tip – they can send the $5 to someone (not you), and that person can send it right back to them to help them fulfill the sign-up bonus requirement.

It’s important to note that they need to be brand new to the platform for the referral bonus to work. New phone, new name, new bank account tied to it; no repeats allowed.

One of the great things about the Cash App referral bonus is that you can post your free money code on social media and online. Some companies do stipulate that you cannot post it in an open setting, so the fact that Cash App allows this is great!


But I’m out $5, how is that free money?

Yes, you had to send someone $5 to qualify for the bonus requirements, but that person can immediately send that money back to you! In fact, it works great if you and a friend sign up at the same time, you can send each other money, and you will both qualify.

If you don’t have someone to sign up with, you can FIRST send me the $5 at $KariMFTM, or scan the QR code below, and then in the note section, just say, “I read the blog”. Please send $5 back,” And I will send it back to you. (YOU MUST ADD THE NOTE, OR I WON’T KNOW YOU’RE A READER).

I know that sounds odd, but I promise, I’ll send it back to you. It may take me an hour, depending on how often I check in with the app, but the next time I open it and then see it, I’ll send it back.

NOTE: Please do not send a money request first; I will not send you $5. You must send it to me first, and then I will send it back. Nothing personal; it’s just business.

Sign up for Cash App and get a free $5 when you use code NRTZMHV

3. Use Cash App Boosts to get Cash App free money

Boosts are a way to get instant discounts on your Cash App purchases. To use a cash Boost, simply go to the ‘Cash Card’ tab in the app and select the Boost you want to use. Then, when you make a purchase with your Cash App card at the specified location, you’ll get the discount automatically applied.

There are a lot of boosts available, and they add new ones all the time while retiring others.

Cash App Boost list:

As I said, they are adding new boosts all the time, but I want to give you an idea of what they are, so you know if it’s worth your time…

  • DoorDash – 20% off one order
  • Sam’s Club – 5% off online purchase
  • Adidas – 5% off of 10 online purchases
  • Starbucks – 10% off of one order
  • Playstation Network – 10% off purchase
  • Xbox – 10% off purchase
  • Instacart – 10% off order
  • Burger King – %5 off of your order
  • and more…

They also offer category boosts, like…

  • Any grocery store – 5% off
  • Any restaurant – earn 10% worth of Bitcoin
  • Any coffee shop – earn 10% worth of Bitcoin

You can see in the screenshots below that I browsed Boosts, added a 5% off one order at any grocery store. I shopped, paid with Cash App and then I got $.35 off my purchase for the boost (I didn’t have a big list that day so it was a small trip and thus a small discount).

How to use a Cash App Boost:

It’s very easy to add a boost to your Cash App account. Again, you’ll need to have the Cash Card (the Visa debit card, it’s free) to use this feature. Here’s how to use a Cash App Boost…

  1. Open Cash App
  2. Go to the Cash Card tab
  3. Look for the Boost section (it should be right under the card image), tap it
  4. At the bottom of your screen, swipe through the offers
  5. When you find one you like drag it up to the Cash Card image, now it’s active
  6. If you want to swap it out for another one, just drag a new offer up and it will replace the old one.

It’s important to know that you can only have one boost active at a time, but you can swap out your boosts as many times as you want.

Some boosts have specific limits (i.e. time remaining, minimum purchase, max discount, etc.), just click on it and it will show you the details.

4. How to get free money on Cash App with sweepstakes

Cash App will periodically host sweepstakes. Sometimes they last a year, sometimes a day. Recent Cash App sweepstakes were their Cash App at the Pump giveaway and their Bitcoin Conference giveaway.

To get early notice of sweepstakes be sure that you follow Cash App on Twitter, and on Instagram. These typically hit on Friday’s but can happen anytime.

Now, these are official free Cash App money giveaways. Sometimes people not affiliated with Cash App try and play on its popularity and run their own giveaway, but some of these have been reported as flipping scams (aka stay far far away from any giveaway that’s hosted by a random person or brand).

5. Get a $200 cash advance with Cash App Borrow money feature

They are in the developing stages of Cash App Borrow, which is their cash advance feature. However, this isn’t available to every user.

Go to the app’s Money tab to see if you are eligible for Borrow. To do this, click your account balance (bottom left corner) and scroll down to “more ways to add money.” If you’re eligible, it will be listed there. Again, this has a limited rollout.

If you are eligible, you can borrow from $20 up to $200. You have four weeks to pay it back, along with the 5% fee. They also charge a 1.25 – 1.5% late fee, charged weekly after a one-week grace period.

I know having a fee for this service is a bummer, but consider that other apps charge a subscription fee to be eligible, while Cash App doesn’t. They have to earn income from this somehow, so they charge a fee (which is totally reasonable). However, the fee does equate to a rather high-interest rate (but nowhere near the payday loan level).

For example, if you borrowed $100, that would be…

  • interest rate/principal amount borrowed –>
  • divided by the number of days of the loan –>
  • multiplied by 365 days (one year) –>
  • multiplied by 100 (to give you the percent)

.05 / 100 –> /28 days –> x 365 –> x 100 = 65% APR

So this is much lower than a payday loan but a much higher APR than a credit card.

If you are enrolled in automatic payments and do not pay off the Cash App Borrow loan by your due date, Cash App may deduct the loan balance from your Cash App balance or debit card. Cash App may also suspend you from the platform until the loan and any finance charges are paid in full.

Cash App’s latest borrowers agreement says that using their borrow feature “may result in an inquiry on your credit report that may affect your credit score.” So it’s a little unclear if, indeed, they do pull your credit.

Cash App borrow feature

7. Apps that pay instantly to Cash App

Finding apps that pay instantly to Cash App is becoming more common every day. As their still newish to the payment platform group, some places just haven’t added them yet.

Don’t worry, if an app/site doesn’t have Cash App listed as a payout partner you can do an easy workaround.

  1. Transfer the money from the app to PayPal, then transfer that to your linked Cash App Cash Card (the Visa debit card).
  2. If you have a prepaid card (for example, a Visa gift card), then you can link that card to your PayPal wallet. Then transfer the funds to your Cash App account.

I know it’s frustrating not to be able to use a prepaid card to fund Cash App, we’re hoping that option is added soon. Right now PayPal and Venmo have that option, so I don’t think Cash App wants to miss out on that feature for long.

For right now, you can only add or link a bank account and a standard debit/credit card to your Cash App account. However, Cash App supports most of the government-enabled prepaid cards; these cards were from the recent IEP stimulus funds.

When adding your Visa gift card to PayPal, and you get an error message, there’s a chance that you must first register the card with the issuing bank so that an address is connected to the gift card. PayPal should be able to accept it after that.

7.a Survey apps that pay instantly to Cash App

Survey sites are a great way to get free money – either with the nice sign-up bonus, by completing easy surveys, or by using their shopping portal to get cashback.

Let’s go through some of the best survey sites to earn extra cash and how you can transfer it to Cash App. Now, I’m only going to list the best five sites, you don’t want to spread yourself too thin, and end up with less than a dollar at 20 different sites.


Swagbucks – is a great survey site where you can earn gift cards for doing the things you normally do online. They have thousands of ways to get points (called SB), which are redeemable for Amazon or PayPal Cash, and as with other sites – your account is easily updated on how many more points/credits you need before getting another gift card. Sign up now and get a $5 free bonus!

One of the great things about Swagbucks is that they sometimes put their rewards on sale. For example, right now you can get 2% off of Visa gift cards (490 points vs 500 points you’ll be spending).

Payout Options: The best options to cash out your rewards and transfer that to Cash App is…

  • Straight to PayPal ($5 minimum for 500 points) –> Cash App Cash Card
  • A Digital Visa Prepaid Card ($5 minimum for 500 points) –> Link to PayPal Wallet then –> to Cash App Cash Card
  • American Express Virtual Reward Card ($5 minimum for 500 points) –> Link to PayPal Wallet then –> to Cash App Cash Card
  • Amazon gift card ($3 minimum for 300 points) –> Amazon Wallet –> bank account –> Cash App

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars – is a GTP (get paid to) site that can earn you some extra cash each week when you read emails, take surveys, shop online, print coupons, scan your receipts, and sell your items on eBay.

When you’re ready to purchase something, go to the Inbox Dollars website and search for the product you want. You’ll be given a list of authorized merchants after that, and if you buy from one of them using the InboxDollars portal, you’ll get cash back.

Inbox Dollars is a great site to get started if you’re a survey newbie. The site is easy to use and has great rewards. You can grab your free $5 sign-up bonus right here.

Payout Options: The best options to cash out your rewards and transfer that to Cash App is…

  • Straight to PayPal ($15 minimum) –> Cash App Cash Card
  • American Express Virtual Reward Card ($15 minimum) –> Link to PayPal Wallet then –> to Cash App Cash Card
  • A Digital Visa Prepaid Card ($15 minimum) –> Link to PayPal Wallet then –> to Cash App Cash Card
  • Amazon gift card ($15 minimum for 2,400 points) –> Amazon Wallet –> bank account –> Cash App


Mypoints – is another site that will pay you to read emails and do small tasks. They pay you in points that you can redeem for cash or prizes. They have a point system, so if you read their emails and click on the links within, it will count as extra points. The more pages you explore during your time there, the faster they add up, which means faster earning of free money. You can get a $10 Amazon card when you sign up right here when you spend $20 doing online shopping.

Payout Options: The best options to cash out your rewards and transfer that to Cash App is…

  • Straight to PayPal ($25 minimum for 4,000 points) –> Cash App Cash Card
  • Amazon gift card ($15 minimum for 2,400 points) –> Amazon Wallet –> bank account –> Cash App

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys – is a survey site that pays you for your thoughts on a number of issues. They have a large selection of surveys to pick from, and most are quick. So it’s ideal if you don’t have much time but want to make some extra money.

In addition to taking surveys, you can also earn points from daily polls, challenges, referrals, and Elite Badge Bonuses through their loyalty program – Branded Elite. Based on your badge status, they offer you weekly bonus points, the higher your status the more points you’re awarded. You also get 50 free points just for signing up!

For this site, 500 points = $5 which is their minimum payout.

Payout Options: The best options to cash out your rewards and transfer that to Cash App is…

  • Straight to PayPal ($5 minimum) –> Cash App Cash Card
  • bPay (your bank account, $5 minimum) 0–> Cash App Cash Card
  • Amazon gift card ($5 minimum) –> Amazon Wallet –> bank account –> Cash App
  • A Digital Visa Prepaid Card ($5 minimum) –> Link to PayPal Wallet then –> to Cash App Cash Card
join branded surveys

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie – is one of the most popular survey sites out there. They pay you in cash or prizes for your opinions! The surveys are easy to do, and each offers a different reward, so it’s best to keep an eye on this site every once in a while because they have new ones added all the time.

You can also earn points by sharing your browser data, as companies & brands want to know what drives consumers to buy. If you choose to add on this option, you will also qualify to take more surveys and get bonus points.

The minimum for all rewards is 500 points.

Payout Options: The best options to cash out your rewards and transfer that to Cash App is…

  • Straight to PayPal ($5 minimum) –> Cash App Cash Card
  • Bank transfer – US only ($5 minimum) –> Cash App Cash Card
  • Amazon gift card ($5 minimum) –> Amazon Wallet –> bank account –> Cash App

After you’ve created an account, you can immediately start using the Cash App. However, you may only send $250 each week and receive $1000 per month. If you wish to increase these limits, you must verify your identity by providing your personal information such as your name, birth date, and the last four digits of your social security number.

Get Cash App
Cash App sign up

Get free $5 on Cash App

If you’re a new user, you can get free $5 on Cash App when you use the code NRTZMHV (or click the green button below). You then need to send someone $5 and receive $5 (it can be to/from the same person). You’ll then get your free $5 sign-up bonus!

7.b Game apps that pay instantly to Cash App

If you’re looking for games that pay real money through Cash App then we’ve got all the details right here!

Blackout Bingo

You’ll play against individuals with the same skill level, and everyone sees the same balls and cards. However, you’ll need speed, strategy, and brains to demonstrate that you’re a bingo master and defeat your competitors.

It’s a game that only takes two minutes to play, so it’s ideal for when you need to relax or have some fun in between other activities.

win cash on blackout bingo

You can enhance your game with bonuses to assist you in snagging that bingo and earn extra daubs for things such as a speed bonus, bingos, multi-bingos, and X2 bonuses. However, you may lose points as well with a penalty.

You will earn tickets and level up in tiers – bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and finally, the black tier. As you play, you’ll earn ticketz that can be redeemed for cash straight to your PayPal account!

Payout options: The best options to cash out your rewards and transfer that to Cash App are…

  • Straight to PayPal –> Cash App Cash Card
  • Credit card –> Cash App account
  • Check –> Cash App mobile deposit (if you have this function), or deposit to bank account –> Cash App

For Skillz Games, when you withdraw money, it will be paid back to you that same way. So if you used PayPal, it will go to PayPal. If you used your Cash App Cash Card then it will go back to that. So, if your goal is more Cash App free money, then you should pay with the Cash Card when doing your initial funding. But if you want free PayPal money instantly, check out these games.

Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube is the ultimate solitaire game app. The aim of the game is to be the first to finish against your opponent. You’re both delt the same cards so move fast and you could win!

Points are earned after each victory. You may also compete on your own and participate in contests to increase your earnings.

You can play against people from all over the world on this platform, complete with leaderboards, awards, tangible or virtual rewards, and a loyalty program that gives you points for playing!

It’s important to point out that you can play for free, but tournaments do have a cost, from $1 to thousands of dollars per entry. Players are paired based on their strengths in order to give them a fair shot at defeating their opponent in a competitive match.

Get Solitaire Cube

Payout options: The best option to cash out your rewards and transfer that to Cash App is…

  • Straight to PayPal –> Cash App Cash Card
  • Credit card –> Cash App account
  • Check –> Cash App mobile deposit (if you have this function), or deposit to bank account –> Cash App

Prize tournaments are not enabled in the following states: AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, and SD.

How to open up a PayPal account:

If you don’t already have a PayPal account then no worries, you can easily sign up right now and immediately connect it to your game apps so you can start depositing real money today. Here’s how you open an account:

  • Go to the Sign Up page.
  • Choose the account type you want (personal or business, most likely you’ll choose a personal PayPal account) and click Sign Up Now.
  • Enter your information, including your email address, and next choose a password (it must contain at least eight characters and is case sensitive). You will need these to log in to your PayPal account.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Agree and Create Account.

8. NEW – Use Cash App’s new Savings option

Full disclosure, this one is a slight stretch, as this technique of earning free money on Cash App is more of a mindset hack, as the money was already yours. Go with me here, it’s worth it.

Cash App now has a new feature where you can have a separate savings bucket, and you can set aside money for your goals. I know a “savings balance” isn’t as exciting as winning the sweepstakes but it it’s still good. I mean, everyone wants more savings, yet it’s hard to actually do for most of us. So Cash App is making it a lot easier to save money.

Now you can set up a savings goal, and make “transfers” from your regular Cash App balance to your new savings balance.

You can set a goal to start saving from the Money tab.

  1. Tap the Money tab on your Cash App home screen
  2. Tap your savings balance
  3. Select set a goal, then continue
  4. Enter the goal amount you would like to save

Look at the screenshots below to see it in action. I set my goal for $175, and I chose a house emoji for it (as I am saving up to get a house cleaning done). I then opted to put $10 from my Cash App balance towards my savings goal.

Cash App Savings (screenshots)

Every Sunday, when I do my money check-in, I’ll add more to it. I’ll also turn on round-ups to help me save even more!

If you use your Cash Card, you can turn on the round-up feature to help you save faster! This means when you use your Cash Card, it will automatically round up the transaction to the nearest dollar and put that amount into your savings balance.

So if you bought some McDonalds and it was $7.68, Cash App would round it up to $8 and send that extra $.32 into your savings. Your brain basically already thought you were spending $8, as it was close enough to $8. So you’re kind of tricking yourself into saving money, which is always a good thing!

In the screenshots below, you can see that I added a Boost to save 10% at Starbucks; I bought my drink, paid with Cash App, and got a $.47 discount from Boost, which brought my total to $4.28. Then the app rounded it up to $5, transferring the difference of $.72 to my savings!

All those small amounts add up quicker than you think. So one day, when you look at your Savings balance, you’ll see $178 and be super excited! That was $178 you wouldn’t have saved before so that = free money!

To turn on Savings Round-Ups:

  1. Tap the Money tab on your Cash App home screen
  2. Tap your savings balance
  3. Select Round Ups
  4. Tap turn on Round Ups

9. How to make money on Cash App with stock trading

Did you know that you can make money on Cash App by buying and selling stocks? It’s true! Cash App has a feature called Cash App Investing that lets you do just that.

However, there is a catch. You must be 18 or older to trade stocks on Cash App.

For new investors, the lack of commissions and the ability to invest small amounts via fractional portion purchases are particularly appealing. However, the cons are that they have limited investment options (stocks and ETFs only) and account types (i.e. brokerage account only).

However, this app does take away the number one reason why most people don’t invest. People just don’t know how to get started, but Cash App makes it really easy to take that first hard step.

Remember, to start investing you’ll need to verify your identity with address, birthday, phone, and last four of your SSN.

Should you use Cash App for investing?

In my opinion no. The lack of account options makes it a pass. If they offered tax-advantaged accounts (i.e. IRA) then my answer might be different. It would also be nice to have more investment options available (i.e. mutual funds, bonds, or index funds).

A better alternative to Cash App for investing!

If you’re looking to get into investing there are other (and better) platforms that are very easy to get started on. M1 Finance is an investment platform where you can invest, spend and borrow all in one place.

They offer cashback checking accounts and a rewards credit card, where if you invest in a particular company, say, Nike, for example, and when you shop at Nike, you can get up to 10% cash back on your purchase. They offer robo-advising and self-directed options too.

They periodically offer sign-up bonuses (I saw a $250 bonus not too long ago), so be sure to keep your eyes on them, and sign up when you see a good bonus!

M1 Finance for investing

10. How to make money on Cash App with Bitcoin

You can also trade bitcoin on Cash App! Just like with stocks, you must be 18 or older to do so and verify your identity on the app.

For those new to bitcoin, they make it very easy for you to get started.

Cash App transaction costs are usually between 1.5% and 2.3%, depending on the specifics, but they will tell you exactly what the fees associated are before you hit the final click to buy.

The good news about Cash App being so new to this sector is that they are continually up leveling their offerings.

For example, Forbes reported, “The feature, called ‘Paid in Bitcoin’, allows Cash App’s clients with activated Cash Cards (Visa debit cards connected to the service) to have a percentage of their direct deposits automatically converted into bitcoin at no cost. Customers can choose to have their deposits converted, from as little as 1% to 100%, to bitcoin with the ability to reconfigure at any time.”

Additionally, Cash App will soon let you round up your Cash Card purchases and invest that leftover portion into cryptocurrency.

Should you use Cash App for Bitcoin?

Again, Cash App is talking away the #1 hurdle for most Americans – getting started. Yet, their offerings are slim (but growing), but there are other platforms whose sole mission is cryptocurrency trading that have more features and better options.

Overall, Cash App is a decent way to get started with bitcoin, but you may soon grow out of their options, where you’ll want to upgrade.

A better alternative to Cash App for Bitcoin!

As with investing, Cash App’s Bitcoin trading is somewhat limiting. If you want a full suite of offerings then you need to check out platforms that are dedicated to this. Gemini is one of the most respected bitcoin platforms due to its security precautions. The platform is very easy to use and has a lot of great features to help guide you through the process.

Sign up for Cash App and get a free $5 when you use code NRTZMHV

11. Request free money on Cash App

The first way you can get free money is to simply request it from a friend or family member who already uses Cash App. If they aren’t using it yet, you can refer them (which we’ll touch on in a second).

To request free Cash App money, go to the home screen and click on the dollar amount at the top of the screen. From there, click on the green “Request” button and enter the amount of money you want to request, and either someone from your contacts, their $Cashtag (Cash App profile name), their phone number, or email.

You can also add a note and tell them what the money is for. When you’re finished, click “Request” at the bottom of the screen. That’s it.

So will anyone send you money? Maybe, maybe not. This sounds weird to me, but a lot of people online say that this works. If a friend asked me for $10 I would probably give it to them.

Another route to this is that if you’re a small influencer, or have a social media following, you can ask for a “tip” via Cash App. Very similar to the Buy Me a Coffee app. Fans usually buy their favorite content creator a coffee with this app as a way of saying thank you for all the free info and entertainment they give.

Sometimes performers will put up a small sign by their collections hat that has their Cash App free money code on it, or turn it into a QR code that people can scan. That way, anyone with Cash App can send them a quick tip. Here’s an example of what a payment QR code looks like.

Cash App fees

Cash App does a decent job at keeping fees down. However, there are still some fees to be aware of.

Cash App ATM fees:

Cash Cards work at any ATM, with just a $2 fee charged by Cash App. But remember that most ATMs will charge an additional fee for using a card that belongs to a different bank.

However, you can use an ATM without getting a Cash App fee. Once you have set up direct deposits totaling $300 (or more), Cash App will reimburse fees for 3 ATM withdrawals per 31 days, and up to $7 in fees per withdrawal.

Cash App investing fees:

There are no fees charged by Cash App Investing for each transaction, but there may be costs imposed by government authorities. Prior to your confirmation of a trade, they will disclose these charges and they will be shown in the trade verification.

Cash App Bitcoin fees:

When you buy or sell bitcoin using the Cash App, it may charge a small fee. If so, the cost will be mentioned in advance on the trade confirmation before you finish your purchase.

Cash App international money exchange fees:

There are no fees to send or request payments between US & GB using Cash App, but there’s still the exchange rate to consider. Cash App will provide the exchange rate on the payment screen before you complete it.

Cash App Borrow fees:

Did you know that you can get cash advances with Cash App? Yup, you can (it’s not rolled out to everyone though). Go into the Money tab, and scroll down to the “add money section,” and there, if you’re approved, you’ll see a “Borrow” option. Tap it and request a small loan.

Cash App does charge a 5% fee for the loan, which is a bummer, as there are other apps that do cash advances for free, like Albert. You can get up to $250 with Albert Instant, and it’s fee-free (even if you’re late paying it back).

Is Cash App safe?

Yes! As long as you avoid sending money to strangers (scam alert!) There is no free Cash App money flip where you will receive $200 by sending someone $20. Be sure to always know who is on the receiving end of your cash before hitting send, as you can’t get that money back.

People may say that have a $100 free money code when you use their link but that’s 100% not true. Don’t fall for it, but the only way to find out is to go through the sign-up process, but once you find out, it’s already too late.

There are other Cash App scams out there, so just use common sense and you should be good. Typically the more common scams have to do with some sort of Cash App hack that only they know about. Don’t fall for it, and certainly don’t download anything they tell you to. A red flag to look out for is if they mention “no human verification.” When a site says that then close the window and never look back.

One of the nice things about Cash App is that you can use it solely for your side gigs. Many people don’t want to give out their bank account number. Cash App is a great way to get paid, be it if you’re getting paid to talk to lonely people, doing some chat operator work, or even getting paid to sext (yup, that’s a real thing).

Having this extra layer of security feels more comfortable than handing out your bank account number!

Cash App pros & cons

Cash App Pros

Easy to use
Free money transfers to people
Offers a Cash Card option (debit)
Easy for beginning stock investors
Access to Cash App Boosts
Lots of ways to make money on the app

Cash App Cons

Transfers take 1-2 days (or pay a fee)
Limited availability (US & UK)
Target for scams
Cannot get back funds once transferred

Cash App FAQs

What bank does Cash App use?

Cash App was developed by Block (formerly Square), which partners with Lincoln Saving Bank and Sutton Bank. Sutton Bank is largely involved in issuing Cash App cards. While Lincoln Saving Bank is involved in managing the direct deposit services, (Sutton Bank manages some direct deposits in a limited capacity as well).

Your money is FDIC insured for up to $250,000 just like any other bank account.

When does the Cash App weekly limit reset?

This seems to be a complicated answer as many places give conflicting info, and Cash App’s site doesn’t directly address this in their FAQ/Help section.

Some say that it’s a rolling 7-day period, so within the last 7 days, you can’t go over the limit. Some say it depends on when your account was created. Basically, it’s all speculating.

How to deposit a check on Cash App

This is interesting, as some Cash App accounts have this feature and some don’t. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern as to why or why not someone has this functionality. Maybe Cash App is still in the testing phase, so they only have a small group of beta testers right now? Who knows.

If you do have this functionality, you will see it when you scroll down on your banking tab. Just click on it and follow the prompts.

Try and submit your check before 4 pm PST to have it counted as being deposited that day (after 4 pm will be processed on the following day). “Funds from a U.S. Treasury check will generally be available the first business day after you successfully submit the electronic check with mobile check capture, unless such deposit is subject to a hold.”
(source). Yet, some people report it taking up to four days.

They do say, that you need to hold onto that paper check for two weeks after depositing it in case they need you to send it in for verification.

Does Cash App work internationally?

You can now send or request Cash App payments with friends located in Great Britain.

Cash App will convert the payment from USD to GBP when you send it outside of the United States (the UK is the only international place at this time), based on the mid-market exchange rate at the time the payment is issued and your recipient’s currency. There are no costs to transmit or receive payments with friends in the United Kingdom.

Is there a limit on how much you can send or receive on Cash App?

There are limits on how much you can send or receive on Cash App depending on whether you have verified your identity with Cash App.

If you have not verified your identity with Cash App, there is a limit of $250 per week for sending money and $1,000 per month for receiving money.

Once you have verified your identity with Cash App, you have increased the amount from $250 to $2,500 within a 7-day period and up to $17,500 per month, and receiving is unlimited. (steps below on how to verify your account).

Here are a couple of limits to keep in mind:

  • Cash Card withdrawals from an ATM: Limited to $310 per transaction and $1,000 per 24-hour period. You’re also limited to $1,000 in withdrawals per seven-day period. Using your Cash Card instore and selecting “cash back” is also an option, these types of transactions do not count towards your withdrawal limits.

  • Cash Card spending limits: You can spend up to $7,000 per day, $10,000 per seven-day period, and $25,000 per 30-day period with your Cash Card.

You can see some of my limits below (I have verified my identity and not all limits are shown).

How to pay with Cash App in-store without card

If you don’t have the Cash Card (free Visa debit), then there are a couple of options for you when paying in-store.

You’re in luck if you’re at a small vendor and they use Square as a payment platform.

  1. Open your app, you should be on the home screen
  2. Tap the QR scanner on the top left corner of the screen
  3. Scan the Square cash QR code at the vendors POS
  4. Follow the steps in the app to complete
  5. Done.

Using Apple Pay is the other option (that most will use). Here are the steps…

  1. Tap the Cash Card tab on your Cash App home screen
  2. Scroll down and click “add Card to Apple Pay
  3. Pick your devices (i.e. Apple Watch or phone)
  4. Follow the steps

How to check cash app card balance without app

There are three ways to check your Cash App balance…

1. Check on the mobile app – open the app, it’s on the bottom of the screen
2. Call Cash App support at 1-800-969-1940
3. Check online on Cashapp.com

Cash App card design ideas

Okay, so this is pretty cool, did you know that you have the option to design what your Cash Card looks like? Yup, they prompt you with a free black or white card, where you can then draw designs on it with your finger, or add some emojis.

When you’re ready, click done, look it over and “approve.” Your cash card is now being made. If you don’t like it you can redesign your card for $5 at any time.

However, if you’re fancy, you can purchase the higher-end metal cards or the glow in the dark card. These are not inexpensive, at this time they are $50.

How to verify identity on Cash App

Step 1: Open your Cash App and log in to your account
Step 2: From the homepage of the Cash App, tap on your profile icon, present in the top right corner.
Step 3: Now, scroll down a bit in the Cash App menu, and select the option “Personal” from the drop-down menu.
Step 4: In the next menu, Cash App will ask you to provide your personal details such as your name, Date of Birth, social security number, address, etc.

Who started Cash App?

Cash App is fairly new to the money scene, yet they are developed by Block (formerly Square), the company that helps anyone take payments. It’s reassuring to know that they’ve been around since 2009, helping small businesses easily take payments from customers.

How to earn free money on Cash App recap

Do this for free money on Cash App…Earn This…
Sign up with free money code: NRTZMHV$5
Refer a friend to Cash Appup to $15 per person
Use survey apps & games for free moneyunlimited
Use Cash App boosts5% to 25% cash back
Enter Cash App sweepstakesa ton if you win
Use Cash App for stock tradingit depends
Use Cash App for Bitcoin tradingit depends
Set up direct deposit during a promotion$50

At the end of the day

So there you have it, everything you need to know about how to get free money on Cash App. Whether you’re looking for a way to pay friends back quickly and easily, or you want to earn some extra cash by referring friends, Cash App is a great option.

And with the new features that are being added all the time, downloading this app is a must! So let’s get you started…

  1. Download the app right here (or scan the QR code)
  2. Use code NRTZMHV on sign up and send someone $5 within 14 days and you’ll get your free $5 sign up bonus!

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