About the Author – Kari

I’m just a regular mom…

When I’m not working, I’m in my comfy pants, feverishly and gleefully comparing the features of retirement planning calculators. 

Or you can find me coloring with my sassy eight-year-old daughter (I am now the master of coloring all things Disney)!

Or, I am watching horrible reality TV shows with my hubs, laughing hysterically at the craziness of it all! 

One of my favorite things is burying myself with lots of blankets in the bed, watching PBS period dramas or murder mysteries.  A bowl of ice cream is a sure thing here!

Oh, and I do sometimes plan a yoga class in my daily planner. Sometimes, I even go. 🙂

The family and I saved for 2+ years for this vacation (circa 2017), so proud of all our hard work!

Some of my favorite things…

I love all things Disney theme parks, being at the coast, teaching my little one about money, playing in the snow, and relaxing with a great cup of coffee!