Kari Lorz

I’m Kari, a money nerd mama with a passion for helping women just like you discover the tools, and develop the skills needed to uncover your own path to providing a secure financial life for your family!

I love everything about money! Earning money, planning for retirement, money tips and strategies, and of course spending money too, yaaaaa for vacations!

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t sit behind my desk like Scrooge McDuck gleefully counting shiny coins all day. I love money because of what it can do for my family. 



Freedom from Money

I’m here to help you get a few steps closer to your own mystical land of financial freedom.

I do this through education, inspiration and actionable steps to help you get to where you want to be. For the past 4 years I have devoured all money topics, combine that with an MBA, and an (almost) obsessive nature with all things planning. I focus on family finance topics, sharing stories of my past financial struggles, and let you in on the plans for my family’s financial future. Hint – it definitely involves a lot of sandy white beaches and palm trees, as well as 529 college account for my daughter.

When I’m not working, I am in my comfy pants, feverishly and gleefully comparing features of retirement planning calculators. Or you can find me coloring with my sassy four-year-old daughter (I am now the master of drawing Moana’s sailboat in all the colors!). Or, I am watching horrible reality TV shows with my hubs, laughing hysterically at the craziness of it all! One of my favorite thing is burying myself with lots of blankets in the bed watching PBS period dramas or murder mysteries. A bowl of ice cream is a sure thing here!

Oh, and I do sometimes plan out yoga class into my daily planner. Sometimes, I even go. 🙂

Kari Lorz



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