Easily Learn the Basics of Financial Literacy- the Ultimate Bundle for Money Newbies

38 Resources (for the Price of 1) to Supercharge Your Personal Finance Know How!

Author: Kari Lorz, Certified Financial Education Instructor

Author: Kari Lorz – Certified Financial Education Instructor

I know that this has been on your to-do list for FO-EV-ER! It’s probably been at the top of your list for a while, but you never seem to quite get to it. You “may” have even inventoried your deep freezer first, which was well down on your list, but somehow it seemed more attractive than actually doing that big important thing!

Yup, every few days you rewrite your to-do list, and it’s still there…

Today’s To-Do List:

  1. Start laundry
  2. Help Suzie with her homework
  3. Get a monthly budget together
  4. Clean out the instapot recipes binder

There it is! #3, “get a monthly budget together.” You know it’s important, crucial even. But you don’t want to do it. Even thinking about doing it is overwhelming! 

“What if it doesn’t work? What if I don’t understand it? What if it doesn’t help? What if…”

Stop! No more! You need to pull it together mama!  (Pardon the harshness here, but c’mon, you’re spiraling out of control!) Don’t worry; I’ve got the perfect solution for you. It’s the Master Your Money Super Bundle from Ultimate Bundles!


It’s okay, let’s walk through this together because after you get done here, you’re going to have the perfect action plan to finally get rid of that #3 on your to-do list and change your financial life around!

how not to suck with your money - from Ultimate Bundles

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Firstly, let me say that I get it; I totally get that financial education isn’t “fun” (unless you’re a total dork like me, #nerdalert). In fact, you would absolutely do anything else besides trying another budgeting method, let alone learn about a bunch of them. It seems that you’ve tried budgeting and saving money before, and it never worked. You got…

  • Bored with the “rules”
  • Confused with a jargon
  • Frustrated by the system
  • Defeated by your lack of results

Let me reassure you, all of these feelings are normal. In fact, I felt every one of those bullet points not so long ago, and then some! But those reasons are the perfect reason to invest in the Master Your Money Super Bundle!

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Improving your financial literacy should be tops on your to-do list!

I hate shoulding people, you are your own person, so run your own life. BUT I hope we can agree that everyone can benefit by learning how to better manage their finances. So in this case, I am “shoulding” you.

Improving your money know-how can help you lower stress levels, stop living paycheck to paycheck, save money for your big financial goals, and make financial decisions easier & faster. In short, it can help you be happier, and who doesn’t want to be happier?

With personal finance, there is a lot to learn, and it can be confusing on what is important now, later, or never. What’s a skill you absolutely need, or something you won’t come into contact with very much. I mean there’s…

  • Credit – credit score, credit report, and credit card info
  • Debt reduction – expenses, interest rate, auto loans, personal loans, student loan, and personal spending
  • Financial skills – navigating savings account, using a checking account, budgeting, investing, retirement planning, building an emergency fund, etc.
  • Financial concepts – understanding inflation, preventing identity theft, understanding net worth, investment returns, developing financial goals, building a financial plan, etc

Yikes, who knew there was so much to learn about personal finance! No wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed. But don’t worry, I was once in your shoes. I had no idea where to even start, and I wish I had found a resource to help me prioritize and organize it all.

What is the Master Your Money Super Bundle?

I know, it’s a mouthful, and you’ve never heard of it before. That’s okay; we’ll go through everything you need to know, step by step.

The Super Bundle is a single “product” put out by the company Ultimate Bundles all about financial education. In this year’s bundle (they scout new products each year so you get the most up to date pieces of training), there are 38 individual items: 8 eBooks, 13 Printables, and 17 eCourses, all about improving your financial knowledge and making money management easier!

The best part is that it’s at a ridiculously low price! This is information we all need, and they’ve priced it to make it accessible to anyone who wants to learn!

ultimate bundles - master your money super bundle

What is the Ultimate Bundles company?

Ultimate Bundles has been curating the best of the best products since 2013! They are pros at picking the best products out on the market in a particular area (i.e., photography, health & wellness, home management, etc.) and making a cohesive product so that everyday people (just like you & me) can learn all about our burning heart’s desire!

So with the Master Your Money Bundle, they’ve gone through tons of products and picked the ones that will most help you learn about, and finally, Master Your Money!

What topics are covered in the Super Bundle?

There are products about everything to do with money, so if you have a question or a problem, it’s probably covered in the bundle! This year they have some main topics…

  • Budgeting
  • Defeating Debt
  • Growing Your Income
  • Money Mindset
  • Planning for the Future

What are the best items in the Ultimate Bundle?

I am so glad you asked! Personally, I like it all (of course, I’m a money nerd). BUT, what I think is most needed right now (for most of us) is the money mindset work. I know it sounds a bit out there, but understanding and working on our money mindset is gaining traction in legitimacy and popularity.  

Basically, your money mindset is the concept of working on the mind’s power over our success with earning, keeping, and giving away money. As Henry Ford said…

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right

I’m not supposed to spill the details on the individual items, but there are a handful of different items around improving your money mindset, and even though I feel that I’m doing pretty well here, I will absolutely be going through them! With so many amazing minds, I know I’ll pick up some great tips and new concepts!

So I strongly suggest that you start with one of the money mindset pieces to help prep you to really take in the rest of the topics!

ultimate bundles - master your money super bundle

Why should I buy the Money Bundle?

I know it sounds like overkill, buying something that includes 38 different items about a topic. And yes, at first glance, it does sound overwhelming. But trust me, this is a great position to be in.

I have personally bought 3 different bundles since I discovered them in late 2019, and I have not been disappointed! (their Women’s Wellness Bundle has been by far my favorite!)

Wouldn’t it be confusing to get materials from so many different teachers?

Yes, and no. I know, that’s helpful, right! Here’s the thing, you’re not going to vibe with everyone. I know I don’t vibe with how everyone teaches. Let me ask you, have you ever had a teacher that confused you? Annoyed you? Or worse yet, bored you to tears?

That’s why having so many different options is a great thing. Not only do you get to pick the super-specific topic, but you get to browse through the different creators, seeing and trying out who you like best!

Also, even if you have heard the information before, you may not have been in the best place to take in that info. For example, a while back, I was reading about mutual funds, and it was a pretty basic 101 style article (I’d read similar stuff before, but I figured a refresher is always good).  

So, even though I’d read the info before, the writer wrote one point in a way where I totally “got it,” where before I’d been confused and glazed over it, not quite fully understanding it.

I was in the right headspace, vibing with that writer’s style, and I had finally totally gotten a concept that before had confused me! I felt great; I felt smart, and I felt like learning this stuff wasn’t beyond me. So don’t let the breadth of the Ultimate Bundle intimidate you.

If you’d rather learn from just one money profession then check out my picks for the best personal finance books, there are some truly great teachers who have written books with some well-organized roadmaps for you to follow. This way you know exactly what to tackle first, next and so on.

What if I hate it?

Hey, I know that improving your financial literacy isn’t for everyone. You gave it your best shot; that’s all that anyone can ask. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your Bundle, the friendly folks at Ultimate Bundles offer a 30-day Happiness Guarantee. Just email their customer service and let them know you’re not digging it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

ultimate bundles - master your money super bundle

Who are the creators behind the Master Your Money Super Bundle?

Here’s the best part: the Super Bundle contributors are people just like you & me! They are mothers, fathers, hobbyists, financial professionals, investors, super nerds, and have the heart of teachers!

They have traveled through the same journies that most of us are facing now and have found a way through the problems, and want to share with you how they did it! They want to show you step by step what to do so you can come out the other side a stronger and wiser person!

For me, I find it comforting knowing that if they did it, regular average moms, then I can do it too! And guess what? This year, I am one of those teachers! (#wootwoot) I have one of my digital products in the Bundle and am so excited that I can share my Sinking Funds Simplified workbook!

This is how I save money for everything my family needs (and most of what we want!) I’ve paid for 3 trips to Walt Disney World doing this, all in cash, and all without having high salaries, while still having a fully-funded emergency account)! Check out the workbook I have in the bundle below…

sinking funds simplified mockup

How do I use the Master Your Money Bundle, there’s a lot to it!

Ultimate Bundles Cheat Sheets

Yup, there is a lot of info to be sure, and as I said above, it can be overwhelming at first glance. But I’ll break down the best method to getting the most from your Bundle, without your eyes glazing over!

The Bundle has two pieces; the products and then the accompanying cheat sheets. Fair warning, the cheat sheets cost a bit extra (basically the price of two coffees), but they are well worth it!

The cheat sheets are like the cliff notes version; they give you a quick overview of the product; they recap some of the main points and a few quick tips. This document isn’t meant to replace the full product, but it’s meant for you to read and see if you want to go through the full product (kind of like a food sample). It’s also a great place to write notes or highlight key teachings to keep after you go through the class/book.

How to Organize Yourself

Here’s the thing, you need to know yourself, and what I mean by that is, you need to know how you organize things best. Be it an excel document or a Trello board (I love both of these options), or even just a regular old spiral notebook or get a fun planner to keep yourself motivated and organized!

My personal method to make the most of my Ultimate Bundle

I am a Trello girl through and through! (If I could marry Trello, I would #sorryhusband). It’s a program for desktop & phone that’s basically like a big whiteboard, where you can put big picture stuff and the tiniest details (images, pdf’s, links, notes, etc.). There is a free version and a paid version, but only businesses typically need the paid version.

I make a board for the Bundle, and then I add some lists…

  • important info (info on the bundle as a whole)
  • things to learn right now
  • things to learn later
  • things that aren’t for me (right now)
  • items completed

Ohhhhh, did you catch that? “Things that aren’t for me right now”! Yup, it’s totally okay not to go through everything in the bundle; in fact, they and I encourage it! Think of the Bundle like a buffet, and you get to pick and choose what you want to try. You can’t learn everything; your brain would explode (not really).

Then on each list, I make a card (like a sticky note) for each course/eBook/Printable that I want to go through. I note down the login in (if it’s a course), or if it’s a download, I go ahead and grab a copy now.

You have 6 months from the date of purchase to either download the printable or get access to the course – you’ll have access to the course for whatever the course creator decided, usually for forever. But you only have 6 months to register for the course).  

A tad bit confusing to explain, but the Ultimate Bundle main page walks you through it all, and they send you reminders about accessing your bundle).

Then each week, I decide which item I want to focus on and work into my schedule. Sometimes I color code (red for important & do immediately, orange for to-do soon, and green for done/completed).

Here’s a peek at my Gardening & Sustainable Living Bundle Trello board

ultimate bundle trello board

Some of the downloads (eBooks, workbooks, etc.) are given at full size, which means they take up a lot of room on your hard drive or the cloud. You may want to put them through a pdf compressor to make them smaller (it’s easy and only takes a moment), then you can store a lot more, and they’ll be faster to open. Don’t forget to go back and delete the original sized version!

At the end of the day

Mama, you need to get to that #3 on your list! Our finances impact so much. You know this, so stop feeling bad about pushing it off and just do it! Have you ever heard the phrase Eat the Frog? It means do the thing that you don’t want to do first! Face it, do it, and get it done with! Then you can go on to deep clean your freezer, fold your laundry, or take time for your goals!

The Ultimate Bundles team has created an amazing product, and the Master Your Money Super Bundle is jam-packed full of information, tips, and heart on how you, a regular everyday person, can finally Master your money!

What item in the Master Your Money Bundle are you most excited to dig into?

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  1. Sounds like I have to check out these Ultimate Bundles. We try to be smart with our money, but it’s always good to learn new ways to saving!

  2. This is a great option for people who need help with their monthly budgeting, which can be such a challenge! I do all of our budgeting and I’ve finally got it down. We learned the #1 thing we needed to watch was our grocery spending. Meal planning makes all the difference in the world for a budget!