Want the Best Cash Envelope Wallet? Here’s Your Perfect Match!

Cash envelope budgeting? Then you need the perfect cash envelope wallet to keep you organized!

Author: Kari Lorz, Certified Financial Education Instructor

Author: Kari Lorz – Certified Financial Education Instructor

Cash envelope budgeting is one of the most popular ways to budget your money! 

And with that popularity, there comes a lot of fun add-ons and accessories.

Today, we’re going to help you find the perfect cash envelope wallet to help you organize your money and stay on budget!

which is the best cash envelope wallet

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✅ All Around Best Choice

Saveyon Slim Budget Envelope Wallet

4.5 Stars

Slim Budget Wallet With 6 Horizontal Tabbed Cash Envelopes For Budgeting
  • A SLIM BUDGET WALLET FOR THE SUPER SAVER – Are you ready to save money with the cash envelope system? The Premium budget planner with cash envelopes is what you need to succeed! It’s perfect for the minimalist who wants to keep a low profile while still budgeting in style!

1. Best all in one cash system wallet – Nabance Budget Binder

This is the perfect item for someone who wants their planner and money all in one space. It comes with your monthly budget forms, envelopes, dotted pages (for you bullet journal enthusiasts), monthly calendar, and planner!

Budget Binder with Zipper Envelopes & Expense Budget Sheets (Large Capacity)
  • All in One Budget Binder System: The money binder organizer is divided into two parts, which are respectively loaded into cash, receipts and cards. Product Including 1 x Pink A6 PU Leather Budget Binder with Handle, 12 x PVC Clear Zipper Envelopes, 12 x Expense Budget Sheets, 5 x Colors Binder Dividers, 3 x Sticker Labels Sheets. A lovely budget binder set which is the best monthly budget planner.

2. Best for those who want to keep it small – Saveyon Slim Budget Envelope Wallet

This is perfect for those who want to travel light! It has room for six envelopes, change, credit cards, and your budget sheet. You also get free lifetime access to their online printable library to choose new tracker logs!

Slim Budget Wallet With 6 Horizontal Tabbed Cash Envelopes For Budgeting
  • A SLIM BUDGET WALLET FOR THE SUPER SAVER – Are you ready to save money with the cash envelope system? The Premium budget planner with cash envelopes is what you need to succeed! It’s perfect for the minimalist who wants to keep a low profile while still budgeting in style!

3. Best cash envelope wallet on the go – Three Way Cut cash envelope wallet

This wallet comes with monthly (and yearly) budget sheets, so you can carry your budget with you. This is a great option for someone that’s always on the go or out of their home. You can check your planner and adjust your budget whenever you need to.

Cash Envelope Wallet All in One Budget System with 12x Tabbed Cash Envelopes, 12x Monthly Budget Cards,1x Yearly budget planner sheet
  • Effortless saving and budgeting is possible with the cash envelope wallet, all-in-one budgeting system. Say goodbye to tracking purchases and expenses after the fact only to find that you’ve overspent. Take control of your spending with the system’s yearly budget planner sheet, 12 monthly budget cards, 12 cash envelopes and leather wallet organizer.

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4. Best cash envelope wallet for an evening out – Xeyou slim cash envelope-style wallet.

This wallet is n the shape of an envelope, which also happens to be perfect for you to hold 1-2 of your own small envelopes in! So if you’re dressing up for a night on the town, this is perfect to complete your outfit!  

XEYOU Women’s Card Wallet Envelope Style Credit Card Holder (14 Colors Available)
  • VERSATILE FUNCTIONALITY – More than just your standard wallet or purse, this clutch and credit card holder has room for cards, cash and your cellphone.

5. Best middle of the road cash envelope wallet – Bella Taylor RFID Wristlet Cash System Wallet

You can’t talk about cash envelope wallets without mentioning a Bella Taylor product! This option is best for someone who knows they will use this method for a long time and want a good quality item at a fair price. It doesn’t actually use envelopes, but it has an accordion-style setup, with pockets for 8 “envelopes.”

No products found.

6. Best design – the Divvy Up Savvy Spender Clutch Wallet 

This is the perfect option for someone who wants something simple & classy. It comes with five magnetic fabric cash envelopes, slots for 12 cards, and a zipper pouch for change. You can easily fit your phone inside it too!

Divvy Up The Savvy Spender – Large Foldover Budgeting Clutch Wallet for Cash Budgeters
  • STAY ORGANIZED – With a large capacity, the Divvy Up clutch has a place for everything! Designed with your envelope system in mind, it is ready to keep you on budget!

7. Best for those that want to spend as little as possible – Antner A6 Leather Binder Cover with 6 Ring Binder

Sometimes you just want a basic and straightforward setup, no-frills, just the basics thank-you-very-much! This binder fits the bill and comes in quite a few color choices!

Antner Budget Binder with Zipper Envelopes, Money Organizer for Cash, Cash Envelopes for Budgeting
  • Antner money-saving organizer binder includes: 1pc A6 budget binder for organizing, 12pcs A6 zipper envelopes, and 20pcs self-adhesive labels, to help you make budgeting and managing finances easy

8. Best leather cash envelope wallet – Wanderings A5 Leather Journal Binder.

This option is for those who want the rugged leather look AND and planner option! You’ll need to snag some clear plastic A5 pouches to go with!

Refillable A5 Leather Binder Journal – 22cm x 15cm – 6 Ring Binder Organizer with Pockets – Hand-Crafted Genuine Leather Folio – Filofax Compatible. 52 Weeks with Notes Section
  • ✔️ BEAUTIFULLY HANDCRAFTED High-quality full-grain 100% leather that looks, smells, and feels beautiful. Naturally tanned leather will age with character – or simply rub away your markings if you choose. A lifelong keepsake for your thoughts and to help keep you organized

9. Best super cute wallet – Best Pomelo Women’s Clutch Wallet

This one isn’t technically speaking a cash envelope wallet. But the two roomy compartments in the zippered pouch are perfect for holding your cash envelopes! I love the colors (they have 12 to choose from)!

No products found.

10. Dave Ramsey’s Essential Cash Envelope System

If you’re using cash envelopes, there’s a high chance that you’re following Dave Ramsey’s system. He’s the one that has made this method of budgeting so popular! So it makes sense to check out the cash envelope wallet that gets his stamp of approval!

It has…

  • 8 cash management envelopes
  • 8 debit card slots 
  • Pen with elastic pen strap
  • Check register pocket
  • Zippered pocket for coins, coupons or receipts 

Essential Cash Envelope

Cash Envelope Wallet Accessories

While accessories aren’t necessary, sometimes they make things easier. Here are some ideas if you want to amp up your cash envelope game…

Lamare Set of 60 Spending Tracker A6 Budget Sheets I Expense Tracker for Budget Planner Binder – Use with Budget Tracker, A6 Cash Envelopes, A6 Planner – Size 3.2” x 6.6” – A6 Budget Binder Inserts
  • While other budget tracker sheets are too thin, too large or simply get damaged easily, The Lamare weekly budget planner sheets are made from extra thick 160gsm paper that prevents bending, damage and will stay intact while you put it in your purse and will last longer than other brands on the market. Having these monthly budget sheets means an easy expense tracker routine on the go and more savings for you!
70 Cash Envelope System Budget Stickers, For Cash Envelopes for Budgeting, Cash Envelope Labels for Money Envelopes for Cash Budgeting, Budget Binder Stickers for Cash Stuffing, Cash Envelope Stickers
  • 💰 Make Saving Exciting – Our 70 durable budgeting stickers offer a visual representation of the money you’re saving each month, cha-ching! They not only simplify your budgeting envelopes but also create an exciting way for you to organize your finances. Your purchases also includes lieftime access to our popular 50+ digital budgeting printable library (details inlcuded with package)!
cash envelope budget planner

If you want to skip the hassle of trying to organize your cash envelope budget in your spiral notebook, then grab this easy and straightforward Cash Envelope Printable Budget Planner! The layout of the budget form is specific to this budget method, so perfect just for you!

What is cash envelope budgeting?

The Dave Ramsey cash envelope system is a method of budgeting where you use all cash for your discretionary spending. Yes, you can still pay for all your fixed bills like utilities out of your checking account or on autopay through your bank debit card or credit card. What we’re talking about are the variable spending categories. A few examples are…

  • Dining out
  • Groceries
  • Clothing
  • Beauty
  • Gas
  • Entertainment 
  • Pet supplies

You withdraw the cash at the beginning of the month, divide it into your budget category envelopes, and then pay for items out of their respective envelopes throughout the month. Then when the envelope is empty, you’re done spending for the month. Done! That’s the magic of the cash envelop system. You can’t spend what you don’t have.

Benefits of the cash envelope method

People always talk about how great the cash envelope wallet system is but let’s take a closer look as to why. There is one HUGE reason why using money envelopes works better than almost all other budgeting methods.

When the envelope is empty, you’re done spending. DONE. No more shopping. You literally cannot overspend. It’s a safeguard helping you stick to the monthly budget that you set up. Think of it as a budgeting BFF.

Yes, it’s very easy for you to shift money from one money envelope to another and cheat the system. And if you need an extra $2.47 to finish your grocery shopping then fine. But snagging $20 from your gas envelope to go out to eat at Taco Joe’s is not okay. It’s frowned upon, and you’d only be cheating yourself and your financial goals.

Do I have to use cash envelopes?

This is a question I get all the time; people think they can keep a log in a little notebook, and it will work seamlessly. Sorry, but the answer is no. No, you can’t use a logbook. You need to use envelopes. Maybe in eight months or so, once you’ve mastered the method, you can use the cashless envelope system.

Without envelopes, your money will get jumbles up, smooshed together, and then nothing is straight. It’s a huge mess. Why put yourself through the unnecessary drama when it’s easily avoided by using something as simple as an envelope?

If you’re not quite sure about the cash envelope system, you can easily give it a try with these free cash envelope templates. All you need is to print, cut, and tape! You can set up your envelopes in less than 5 minutes! Then if you like the system, you can invest in some nice fancy envelopes if you want!

One of my favorite ways to use cash envelopes is for my Christmas holiday shopping. Right now, I save $20 a week from my monthly budget and slide that amount right into my Christmas cash envelope. This way I know I won’t go into debt for Christmas (which for me is when I’m the most tempted to go a little shopping crazy).

Do I need to use a cash envelope wallet?

No, you don’t need to, but it makes it a lot easier. For example, I was using envelopes and just had them in my purse, and they would get scrunched up, bent, and money would slide out. It wasn’t a total mess, but it was headed that way.

With a cash system wallet, everything is kept nice, neat, and organized! You can easily color-code things for fast access, and it doesn’t have to be this huge thick brick of a wallet. They can absolutely but functional AND cute.

At the end of the day

Using a cash envelope wallet is the best way to keep your money (and envelopes) neat and organized! Be sure that you pick a wallet that will suit your needs, so you’ll actually use it. Oh, and don’t forget, you can put one of these cash system wallets on your birthday wish list! That way, you can save money and still go full steam ahead with your cash envelope budgeting system!

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Which cash envelope wallet is your perfect match?

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  1. I love this concept, and I love even more when you make it “special” and encouraging by using things like these featured wallets that will make me want to keep money in them…it’s the little things šŸ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I’ve used this system in the past mainly when I was being strict in saving for something specific. It really helped me and I even tracked where my money was leaking to.
    I really like the Christmas cash envelope idea. I am going to use that.