15+ Sites to Get Free PLR Downloads (Download Now)


All the places to find free PLR downloads for free PLR articles, free PLR ebooks, or free PLR printables – It’s quick, easy, and 100% legal!

Author: Kari Lorz, Certified Financial Education Instructor

Author: Kari Lorz – Certified Financial Education Instructor

Starting and maintaining an online business can be challenging when generating fresh content regularly. The process involves brainstorming, researching audience preferences, competition analysis, content creation, editing, and formatting.

However, a more convenient option is using PLR (Private Label Rights) content, which can be customized to your needs, saving you time and effort.

What’s even better is that you can find free PLR downloads perfect to use in your online business (especially if you run a printables shop). We scouted out the best free PLR items that you can grab today!

free PLR downloads

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Where to get free PLR downloads

Many places have free PLR content available, but you do have to weed through some annoying sites or places that try to wrangle you into buying their full memberships, so just be aware.

But, I wanted to give you as many options as possible as we are all looking for different things for different purposes.

Now many of these websites have lots of different categories and overlap product types, and I tried to group them as to what they had the most of.

Where to get free PLR downloads – quick glance

WhereCategoryFree PLR item
For Mommies by MommyPrintbalesdaily planner, fitness planner
✔️ Simply Couture DesignsPrintablesgoal planner, free video lessons
Simple HappinessPrintablesgratitude journal
The Happy JournalPrintablesplanners, journals, trackers
✔️ Cool Bean LivingPrintables*cool template to sell your free PLR products
✔️ Gold City VenturesPrintablesrotating freebies by month
✔️ PLR.meAllarticles, slide decks, courses, workshops
Piggy Makes BankArticles… lots more listed in the article
PLRDatabaseeBookseBooks, articles, video
IDPLReBookseBooks, articles
… lots more listed in article

Free PLR printables

I am a huge fan of printables! In fact, so much so that I did a whole series on how to make printables and sell them on Etsy! But I know not everyone has the design bug or the time to make printables, so using PLR printables to grow your printables shop can be a great option!

1. For Mommies by Mommy

Faith, at For Mommies by Mommy, is an entrepreneur helping other moms with their own entrepreneur dream. She helps out in many areas, so you’ll find info on kids’ activities; she sells printables in her own Etsy shop, gives blogging tips, and has online marketing courses and a PLR printables shop.

Grab your For Mommies by Mommy free fitness planner and a free daily planner.

✔️ 2. Simply Couture Designs

Simply Couture Designs has a lot of different kinds of PLR printables; planners, art, stickers, and graphics. (Seriously, a lot of great PLR content on this site).

She has a free printable goal planner pack (it’s a pdf, not Canva). This template set comes with commercial use license that you can sell the finished planner PDF on Etsy, Shopify, and your own website – so not full PLR.

She also offers a free PLR printable pack each month in her Insider Club monthly membership (it’s worth it due to all the printables & Etsy trainings on there). She offers a peek into the club when you sign up for a free lesson on selling printables on Etsy.

Simply Couture free Etsy lesson

3. PLR Beach

I’ve worked with Becky at PLR Beach, and she’s such a nice and welcoming person! So if you are into floral designs, you should check out her two freebies!

You can see an example of her monthly planner in the video!

4. Simple Happiness

Jan at Simple Happiness has a free 30-page gratitude journal (right on her home page) up for grabs with PLR rights. Again, with PLR rights you can change it any way you want. It comes in PowerPoint format with instructions on how to edit it and in Canva too.

What’s really nice is that she offers it in four versions – two US legal size (decorated and plain) and an A4 planner size (decorated and plain).

She also has a free business planner (at the bottom of her homepage), but it’s for personal use, no resale rights included. Maybe it could help you plan your new PLR business?

If you want to invest in some PLR printables, I want you to take a good look at hers; she has some really nice ones (they’re unique printable ideas too)!

5. Thrive Anywhere

Thrive Anywhere’s designs have a more minimalist look than others. This makes it easy to add your own style to it, and it’s nice as using a lot of ink for brightly colored graphics isn’t a customer pleaser.

Their free Weekly Marketing Action Planner Workbook is ready for you, and they say it’s ready to sell or with small design element changes/additions.

You can edit your Thrive Anywhere PLR content with Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint, or Keynote. NO CANVA TEMPLATES are provided.

6. Createful Journals

Sue at Createful Journals isn’t just giving away a free printable planner; it’s a free digital planner AND a printable planner! Nice!

She has a lot of journals in her shop; for both kids and adults. As well as other useful products, like KDP interiors and covers, work-from-home planners, and more!

7. Carmina Jordaan

Carmia Jordaan is a graphic designer, blogger, and online shop owner who’s been making printables since 2013 (so she knows her stuff!). Her PLR items are geared to planners (which are hot on Etsy right now).

I love her designs as they are simple (not too busy) but a very calming aesthetic. She has a free mini planner pack that you can use on your own, giveaway to your readers or sell in your online shop.

8. The Happy Journal

This site has a ton of PLR items (and a ton of free PLR products too!) She sells items individually and in bundles (which helps you save money).

  • PLR planners
  • PLR journals
    PLR digital planners
  • PLR trackers
  • PLR printables

One of the best things is that you can request a type of PLR item for her to create and put in her store. How cool!

Also, if you’re not familiar with PowerPoint she has a full training on it to get you up and running fast.

Be sure to check out her PLR freebies…

The Happy Journal free PLR downloads

✔️ Cool Bean Living

This PLR seller has lots to offer in the way of PLR products, especially in the area of personal development. As the creator, MaryJo is also a personal development coach, and she developed many of these printables for her clients.

While she does have a few free PLR items, what I want you to do is grab her free Etsy Product Listing Templates. While these aren’t exactly PLR (they’re templates), these are the images you’ll need to sell your PLR items!

Remember, images can make or break your sales, so you want them to look as good as possible. The free templates are for Canva, so you can change the colors to match your brand to get that cohesive professional look. They’re listed as “Etsy” images, but you can use them on any site, check them out below.

Cool Bean Living - free Etsy Product Templates

Key your eyes peeled, as she sometimes offers her full Etsy Digital Selling Kit with a discount when you sign up for her free templates (the ones pictured above). These are the images that you use across your entire Etsy shop. Large & small banners, receipt banners, shop logo, download pages, and brand board.

✔️ Bonus – Gold City Ventures E-Printables Course

This last free PLR printables resource is a bit different. It’s Gold City Ventures E-Printable Side Hustle Course.

This course teaches you exactly (step by step with video tutorials) on how to make printables and market them for sale on Etsy. It’s a hugely popular course, where Julie & Cody have earned over $1 million in course sales (yes, it’s that good!)

You can take the course and learn to make your own printables and sell them on Etsy, and even become a PLR creator yourself!

Now, for the free PLR printables… In the course, they give you over 20 free templates (you need to add images or tweak colors to sell them, but it’s minor), and you get 30-day free access to their VIP Membership Vault; this is the free PLR part.

The vault has…

  • 100+ bonus videos, including guest interviews, technical training, and advanced strategies
  • 5 NEW free commercial-use template packs each month
  • Behind the scenes with 6- and 7-figure sellers
  • … and all the resources you need to take your shop to the next level

If you choose to stay in the VIP Membership beyond the 30 days, you will be charged $29 per month until you reach 100 sales. Then members of the “100 Sales Club” will receive free VIP Membership. So over a year, you’ll get 60 free PLR products (five each month).

Check out the E-Printables Side Hustle Course

Learn Printables for Free
gold city ventures free workshop
In this free 60-minute training, you’ll learn…
  • How to pick the best printables to sell for maximum income
  • How to 10x your sales to hit five figures in revenue
  • Their seasonal product secret strategy for selling printables
Gold City Ventures free ebook
In the Seasonal Product Secret free ebook, you’ll learn…
  • The secret list of best-selling products by month
  • How to capitalize on seasonal trends to make sales
  • Teach you the free tools to help you pick the best products

Free PLR articles

✔️ 9. PLR.me

If you’re into lots of different types of white label content, PLR.me might be just what you’re looking for. They have content in lots of niches, so be sure to check it out. They have 16,000+ PLR items (most are blog posts and articles), and 607 of those are free.

They market their site specifically to coaches, but I don’t see how it’s limited to that. You will 100% find something on here for your purposes.

I created an account, searched their free items, picked out a PLR article, and downloaded it in under 5 minutes! While the article isn’t very long, only 550 words, it’s a great jumping-off point for me to write a more in-depth piece, and as you know, getting started is the hardest part!

You can grab 10 free download credits when you use this link to sign up! (no subscription or credit card required).

PLR.me PLR categories
PLR.me categories

10. Publish for Prosperity

Publish for Prosperity is content made for the self-development niche. They offer quite a bit of free PLR downloads that are either articles, worksheets, or quote graphics.

Some freebies include…

Interestingly, they state that each freebie pack saves you five hours of work and that the cost would be $250. I’m not sure where they got those figures, it seems a little far-fetched for five pages of content, but that’s just my opinion.

11. Piggy Makes Bank

Unlike many of the PLR blog articles and ebook sites you see, Piggy Makes Bank is run by two friends, Tracy & Susanne. They focus solely on PLR articles in specific niches. They have full memberships, where you get 30 niche-specific articles a month, and a mini membership where you get five articles a month.

You can sample their work by getting their free PLR blog articles. Like the other sites, the articles are fairly short; I think the finance ones (my niche) were 400 words each.

Be on the lookout, as they sometimes offer PLR content for email marketing too. Below are just a few of their free PLR articles (there’s tons more!).

PLR ebooks free

Most of the free PLR downloads are free PLR eBooks, as they are the easiest and fastest to create (no video editing, not a lot of formatting, etc.). Knowing that many sites have the same eBooks as well as free eBooks. You don’t need to sign up for all the sites; just pick 2-3 to start with.

12. PLRDatabase.net 

PLRdatabase.net says they have over 26,000 products, but not everything on here is for resell; some are for personal use only, but each item states how you can use it. This site is good if you want content for your blog or eBook material.

Their free products, over 1,500, mostly consist of eBooks, but they have some courses with video trainings. I also saw a few music albums, audiobooks, and recipe books.

Easy Savings & Free Money

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  • Earn points on ANY receipt from ANY store and redeem for gift cards with the fetch rewards app.
  • Sign up with Inbox Dollars and get paid to read emails, watch videos, and take surveys. Easy peasy!
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  • Sign up with Cash App and get a $5 bonus when you use code “NRTZMHV.” You have to complete the sign up requirements to get the bonus! Read how to do this here with point #1.

13. IDplr.com

IDplr.com is a membership site with six main product categories, with eBooks bring the majority. The list 12,500+ items plus 200,000 articles. They do have a free section as well. BUT, don’t give them your email quite yet; read about the next site down below first.

Like other PLR sites, you need to create a free account, and then you’ll get two free credits to use on whatever you want. You then pay one flat fee and have access to everything.

14. InDigitalWorks

InDigitalWorks and IDplr.com have a lot of similarities in their content quantity, how the site works, and a lot of other small details. Maybe they’re the same company, which seems odd. So freebie looker beware.

I don’t need PLR content right now, so I’m not going to dig deeper into this site (as I’m a little weirded out by the site), but it may be worthwhile for you to keep digging.

Using PLR products is a fast way to get your printables shop up and running. But if you need to make money even faster, check out how to make money in one hour! Yup, we’re talking fast!

15. PLRebooksforFree.com

This site looks a little sketchy (that’s why I’m not linking it), and when you click on their categories, the redirect you to a different PLR eBook website, but nothing is free. My best advice is to stay away from this site.

16. PLRMines

PLRMines is another PLR membership site with free PLR downloads, but it’s one price for lifetime access. They have free eBooks, templates, music, and software available.

17. Buy Quality PLR

Buy Quality PLR, despite its name, does have some free PLR downloads, but not a ton. However, they have some good free article bundles which might be just what you’re looking for. It’s worth a look at least!

18. Free PLR Downloads

FreePLRdownloads.com is a site where all the have are free PLR downloads, (but it’s a little sketchy), so I’m not quite sure how they make money as a business (other than running ads on their site.

I did find a finance article bundle that I downloaded (no email address required), wow 50 articles! BUT each one is only about 400 words. Just as a reference, if you want to have any chance of ranking on Google, then your articles should be 1000 words at a bare minimum, but shooting for 2,000+ is better.

Again, you can’t be mad as they’re free, so I’d consider their free articles as starting points to help you brainstorm ideas and prep an outline. But that’s just the articles I saw; maybe their free eBooks, videos, and software are better.

How to use your free PLR downloads

The main point of using free PLR downloads is to help make money in your online business. Here’s how you can incorporate your free PLR products into your business…

  • Use it for digital marketing, as social media PLR posts drive people to what you are selling.
  • Buy PLR printables to sell in your own online business (i.e., Shopify store).
  • Added PLR blog content helps drive more traffic to your site, which means more ad revenue.
  • PLR email newsletters help keep you connected to your audience, which builds the know, like & trust factor that is essential for them to become buyers.
  • Turn PLR blog posts into an eBook as an incentive for them to sign up for your email list; then hopefully, they will become buyers and avid fans!
  • Convert the free PLR products into video or podcast content.
  • Create items to sell on Amazon KDP.

In addition to selling items and using them as content for your business, you can also give away the items for free! These can be bonuses for buying a larger product (hint – people love to buy things with “bonuses”).

Tips to get the most from your free PLR downloads

Always get PLR content from quality sellers

As we’ve mentioned, there’s a lot of low-quality PLR content out there. You want to make sure you’re getting quality content that will help you grow your business, not anger your customer base and cause you to get negative reviews.

Yet, when it’s free PLR content, you can’t complain too loudly if it’s not amazing. Or, you may have to weed through a lot of bad options to find a few gems.

Be sure to customize it

Just because you’re using PLR content doesn’t mean you can’t put your own spin on it. Be sure to add your branding, colors, and style to make it feel like your own. Besides, you don’t want it to look too generic or off from your usual style.

Since it’s free PLR content, you may also want to polish it up by making sure there are no grammatical or factual errors.

If using PLR blog posts

If you’re using PLR articles for blog posts, be sure to go through and keyword optimize the content for keywords that you can rank for. This will help the content be more easily found. You’ll also what to change some of the headings and break up the formatting, so it matches your other articles.

What can’t you do with free PLR downloads – know your licensing rights

You’re undoubtedly familiar with things like patents (exclusive rights) and the public domain (open to anybody), but there are a few more levels. We’ll start at the most restrictive and go to the least restricted license levels.

Personal Use (PU) – These items can only be used for personal use, such as reading, sharing (only if stated), or teaching. Products with PU cannot be resold or changed as this license restricts such acts.

Resell Rights (RR) – This means that the particular item can be re-sold to your customers (but they cannot sell it). Also, you cannot change the item. You cannot claim authorship or copyright it.

Giveaway Rights (GR) – Giveaway rights allow the content purchaser to give it away. The purchaser may not claim ownership of the content or charge for the content. In most cases, the content cannot be significantly altered. This is best used as a giveaway product. This type works well when using giveaways as an email list opt-in freebie.

Master Resell Rights (MRR) – This license allows you to pass resell rights to your customers. If you download a product with master resale rights and then sell it, your customer may resell the MRR products as you did. Similarly to RR, you cannot change the product, claim authorship, or copyright it.

Private Label Rights (PLR) – This is a license to a product. PLR gives the user the right to do just about anything they want to do with it. You can put your name on it as authorship, but you cannot copyright it.

This is the licensing that we’re focusing on in this post.

FAQs for your free PLR downloads

What’s the difference between PLR material and Public Domain?

PLR is different from Public Domain as PLR still has a copyright attached, whereas public domain does not. With PLR, you’re paying for the rights to use the content, whereas, with public domain, you’re free to use it without having to pay anyone.

What are white-label products?

A white-label product is a product or service produced by one company (the producer) that other companies (the marketers) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it. This term is a little old-fashioned, so you don’t see it much anymore.

The definition is very close to PLR, some would say the same, but others claim small differences. But for the most part, it’s the same.

Is PLR really legal?

Yes, PLR is definitely legal. You’re simply buying the rights to use someone else’s content. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions of each PLR package before you buy it, so you know how you’re allowed to use the content.

Using free PLR products and reselling it also completely legal too.

Are PLR articles a good idea?

It depends on what your goals are and the purpose of your content.

Yes, PLR articles are a great idea if you just want to be helpful and provide blog content as a courtesy; let’s say your main business is one-on-one coaching from word of mouth. In this case, using PLR articles can help you quickly fill up your website or blog with content without having to write it all yourself.

In essence, it streamlines the product creation process a lot. PLR material gets you 90% done, as you’ll want to tweak it a bit.

Yet, if you want to put a lot of blog content up to help you rank better on Google (which is what most people want). Then using PLR articles may not be your best option. You’d likely want to bulk them up significantly or at the very least change some of the text, formatting, etc.

You see, Google doesn’t like duplicate content, and it can penalize your site if they feel that you’re plagiarizing (they don’t care that it is PLR and it’s legal, they care that it’s the same as another piece on another site).

How to make money with PLR?

The easiest (and fastest way) to make money with PLR is to get a PLR eBook or PLR printables and immediately put those in your online store. You’ll still want to tweak it a bit so it fits your voice and theme, but that shouldn’t take long.

What are free PLR downloads?

They are any type of digital product that you download and then use as your own items. These can be eBooks, printables, articles, videos, audio content, etc.

Can I sell these free PLR downloads on Etsy?

While you have ultimate flexibility in selling in your own online shop (i.e. Shopify), Etsy does have some regulations about PLR. To sell on Etsy, the item needs to be handmade. PLR does not count as part of that umbrella – so no, you are not allowed to sell PLR on Etsy.

At the end of the day

If you’re looking for a way to quickly and easily create content for your online business, free PLR downloads can be a great option. They can be a great source of content for social media posts, eBooks, blog posts and articles, email newsletters, and printables. So if you’re looking for some new content ideas, give free PLR downloads a try!

Which free PLR downloads are you going to start using for your online business?

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  1. Have you looked at ultimate-bundles.com for plr resell? It keeps popping up on my Facebook. Wasn’t sure if the stuff they are selling is really plr or copied from someone else and don’t have the rights. I guess my question is how do you tell if the site has rights to really resell the plr to others to resell or if it is copyrighted.

    1. Hi Chris! Ultimate Bundles is a well-respected company, so I would hope everything is legit. As far as the rights go, they would need to have purchased Master Resale Rights – MRR; then, they would have the right to resell what they bought as PLR. But it’s hard to tell if they do indeed have those rights; your best bet is to email their customer service dept and ask.